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The Ice Cream Man

Posted by Chols , Jul 24 2010 · 105 views
Real life
Ever wonder how your local Ice Cream man can drive around all day long with the same old tune repeating every 20 seconds and not go insane?

Or maybe he is insane, and uses the money you give him to build giant evil robots shaped like ice cream cones.

Who knows!?


Oh Look

Posted by Chols , Jul 24 2010 · 115 views
Thanks to whoever enabled my ability to make blogs again. happy.gif

So uh, there was something else I was gonna say here, but I forgot what it was.

So I'm just gonna advertise this month's MOC topics here if that's okay. I made a lot more than usual this month.

Nathan Boxer
Polar Bear Cavalry


Member Spotlight

Posted by Chols , Aug 26 2009 · 168 views
Am I the only one who noticed how loooooong the main page is today? .___.

Awwww, trial's up. We need to make better conventional oven time machines.


Wait, The Trial Isn't Up Yet?

Posted by Chols , Aug 26 2009 · 149 views
Someone must have pressed the button. :O

*Runs around to see if clocks are still ticking*


The Ultimate Battle

Posted by Chols , Aug 25 2009 · 97 views
If a Toa with a Mask of Translation fought a Toa with a Mask of Untranslation, who would win?

Bumped because I might as well before the trial ends. =P


Shameful Excuse For A Blog Theme

Posted by Chols , Aug 25 2009 · 109 views
You would not believe the lack of good MM pictures out there. And not having Photoshop/GIMP doesn't help any. D=

But it's better than leaving a bad Weegee edit up for two years so whatever.


Fierce Diety Link Outside Of Boss Rooms Riding Epona In Clock Town Glitch

Posted by Chols , Aug 25 2009 · 171 views
Video games and such
No wait that's 3 or 4 glitches.

Not so fun though since Fierce Deity's stuck in first person mode and can't use a bow. D:

And yeah, that means I beat Majora's Mask. :D FDL made it too easy, but it looked too hard without him....


Don't Want To Give Up Your Trial Blog Tomorrow?

Posted by Chols , Aug 24 2009 · 117 views

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