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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


Pimp My Blog

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 03 2006 · 40 views
IPB Image
image by Air-Master

check it out. Links to places of mine in my blog or anywhere else. perhaps I'll put up a theme later, but I like it this way.
And I'm even advertising for some of my favorite blogs. be sure to check them out once you're through with mine. Omi and T-Hybrid did a pretty good job on their stuff. And I just like their blogs. And I met Chriskopaka back when he was Bionicle Master the Mighty.
Credit goes to Omi, T-H and anyone else with them for starting this. (And T-H put in a bouncer). So I hope you all can get into this for a customized blog!


-CF patriot.gif


Pimpin' My Blog

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 02 2006 · 32 views
So I'm online today doing my normal BZP stuff and I decide I'll take Omicron's challenge to pimp my blog.
So to kill time waiting for the web pages to load up (stupid dial up) I start to make banners for this.
I'll be putting up pictures up for different links. Each pic will lead somewhere special, either in the blog or on the web.

Here is one banner I made for the Lego catagory of my blog:
IPB Image

so the challenge is to make your blog unique, with a style that isn't normal.
And, yes, this seems to be a new fad.

-CF patriot.gif

PS: If anyone is wondering why it isnt' pimp'd yet, it's because I'm still making banners.


Big Zamor; Matoro; Brutaka!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 28 2006 · 27 views
So, I went to the Lego store yesterday. The one near me, most likely not you. It is in Tyson’s Corner Center Mall, Virginia, USA, Milky Way Galaxy, this universe. PM me if you live close by.

There I bought Toa Matoro, Brutaka, some Magnetic bricks, a Darth Vader Keychain, some peice bags, and some magnetic bricks. The two Bionicle sets are totally awesome! Perhaps I’ll post my own review on them...

So, at the Lego store, there is a bunch of Bionicle displays. And around all of these are big glass cases of zamor spheres. But not the little green plastic marbles, but big, four inch diameter foam, plastic coated balls, in green and dark green. So I immediately start juggling them, then talk to the guy at the counter:
Me: how much they are
Him: They aren’t for sale
Me: then why do you have so many?
*I forgot to mention there were more than 350 of these*
Him: that’s what Lego said. We can’t really sell them.
Me: blink.gif But you have so many!
Him: Sorry
Me: You could probably sell them for about $2.50 each!
Him: yeah.
Me: And Lego needs the money.
Him: well...

After that we get into a conversation about Lego’s money. Apparently they aren’t doing so bad financially wise. And Bionicle isn’t the biggest seller, it’s pretty much rounded out with everything.

Oh, and more good news: Lego has extended their contract with Star Wars! It was going to expire in 2007, but now it's still going 'til at least 2011! I hope they make some new sets, and maybe some stuff from the books. Lego would do fine with an expanded universe series.

Also, he is a member of WAMALUG, (WAshington Metro Area Lego User’s Group). He had a display of his latest work, just for the Lego store. It’s this factory, empty, (I guess night) and there is this janitor cleaning up. Behind him is this orange spider thing creeping up from under the grates. Really funny, but I didn’t bring a camera.

We also get into a conversation about Brickfest, and he’s going to be there. Yay! Two years ago I saw his work of this cathedral. But what made this church stand out was that there were statues/saints lining it, like a real cathedral. But these saints were all grey minifigs! Pants, shirt, arms, hands, head, headgear, everything. Some had beards like the Dumbledor and other wizards. Some had spears. But remember: They were all grey!

So, my experience was great there today. And I wore my BZPower shirt I made just an hour before. I’m going to wear it to BF this year. Of course I’ll post pictures after my vacation this weekend.

-CF patriot.gif


Brickfest 2006

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 26 2006 · 49 views
Yay! I'm going to Brickfest 2006!

I'm entering in THIS MOC, to start. I'm working towards putting in my Fused Piraka, and a minifig sized lawn mower.

Anyway, Brickfest is a big event that happens in Virginia, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy; August 25, 26, 27, standard Earth timing. This year it is at the Sheraton Premier Hotel in Tysons Virginia. Visiting hours are on Saturday (26) and Sunday (27) from 12-4, PM. $10 for both days, $7 for one day. There is a ton of rooms for every theme. The Bionicle Room is organized this year by BZP's Omicron! It should be great. But that's not all. There is a Mecha room, Space, Star Wars, Town, Train, Castle, Mindstrom, FLL, and the newest: Dark Room.

The Dark Room is a room that has its lights out. Then black lights are fitted in. The MOCs on display are planned for this, and contain transparent/luscent peices. This makes the MOCs glow eerily. This years theme is water/ocean/sea, etc...

So, I hope to see you there!

-CF patriot.gif


Happy Birthday Hapori Tohu!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 21 2006 · 44 views
Ah, BZPower. Home sweet home. My home in my home, or at school or a friend's house or the library.
My point is, we all love it here. And because of that love, BZP is still up and running today. I love it enough to renew my premier membership each year. And I keep my posts spam-free, and be nice to everybody. I also see others doing the same.
In hopes that nonpremiers are reading this,
I want you to become premier today!

[Hapori Tohu/Uncle Sam pointing finger at you]

Aparently BZP has it's history right after Bionicle started. The original site merged with others in the years to follow. And the result is what we have today.

I came to BZPower over 3 years ago. It was totally awsome.
Now, here I am blogging away. All because of BZP

Because of BZP, I have learned to type better, write better, MOC better, surf the web better, and more. It is such an awesome place. Without BZP, either I would be going crazy about not knowing all I know now about Bionicle and upcoming info, I might have lost my interset in Lego. And then where would I be? This is pretty much my life.

I've also met other BZPers:

So, here's to another great year of Bionicle and BZPower
bzrulez.gif haporitohu.gif biorules.gif


Rodney: Day 6

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 14 2006 · 45 views

Sailing: Great sailing weather today! Had a blast, stayed warm, and made it to lunch on time!
The rest of that day was in preparing for that night campfire's skit: The Sledg-O-Matic!

basicly, I'm the annoncer that gets the crowd all rialed up, and a stronger guy of the troop slams down this big wooden hammer (about 10 inches in radius diameter) onto various foods. More on this later, I plan to have another blog on this. But it was really fun, and my shirt got sooo messy with tomato guts, slaw dressing, and watermelon!

Another good skit:
narrator describes a bird walking around in its habitat: The Medicrin. then a hunter appears, takes aim, fires, and...The medicrin dodges it!
The hunter goes back home for the night.
Next morning, he comes back with a bazooka. He tries it out on a rabit, the first thing he sees. It doesn't hit. So the hunter goes home after not seeing the Medicrin.
The next morning, he comes back, sees the Medicrin, and fires. The Medicrin does some crazy Matrix move and dodges the bazookas missile. The hunter goes home.
The hunter then goes to Loon-Depot, and uses the loon as bait. He digs a hole, places the loon inside of it, and hides behind the bushes. The medicrin come buy, but doesn't go for the bait, because it doesn't quite like the loon by itself. The hunter goes back home, with only the loon.
Then the hunter remembers something his old hunting partner told him "A loon with sugar..." So the Hunter stuff the loon with sugar, because everybody likes sugar, and stuffs some more, and stuffs some more, until that loon was full.
The next morning, the hunter places the loon, with sugar, in the hole. The Medicrin comes buy, jumps in the hole, and enjoys the sugar loon. The hunter goes to the hole, and (using the sledge-o-matic he borrowed from my skit) knocks out the Medicrin. The hunter goes home happy with the Medicrin.

The moral of the story is this: A loon full of sugar helps the Medicrin go down

Up next: The Sledge-O-Matic!

-CF patriot.gif


Rodney: Day 5

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 14 2006 · 24 views

Sailing: We actually got out into the water today, and sailed! The only problem was that we sailed with the wind to start, so we had a bit of trouble getting back because we had to go against the wind. Our boat ended up getting filled with water somehow, and we basically couldn’t get back. So...we got towed back via motor boat!
And we get back to shore about 15 minutes after program was scheduled to end, then we have to help others get their boats back on shore, (hey, a Scout is Helpful!). By now, we are all freezing blue (literally) because we’re all wet and it’s a cold day. We finally get to start heading back to main camp, and lunch has already started. Luckily, the mess hall is in line with the sailing base, so we just have to follow the road. I get right before seconds start to be announced. I start to eat my ham and cheese sandwich, and realize that some warm soup would help heat me up. I go into the kitchen to get some, and they are all out. So I go back, eat up, and figure I’m warming up nicely already.

Campwide games were rescheduled to Tuesday because of the Fourth, so it’s free time! And what do I do in that free time? I do the Mile Swim! Starting right after dinner, we all rush up to the pool to be the first in line. Not that it matters. About an hour later, I’m out, and have to go to the bathroom really bad. Relieved, I then head off with my brother to the trading post to get a slice of pizza. But, the trading post is closed. This is usually to encourage people to go to campwide games, and they didn’t change the timing because of the move. Ah, well, there might be some food back in camp. (Infact, there was!)

There was a campfire for my troop that night, and probably the best part was when someone read out of The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Anyone heard of it? Anyway, it’s about this Flying Spaghetti Monster, or FSM for short, who created the world and is basically a god. He made a firmament, because he was tired from flying and he couldn’t tread water for long. But he decided that “firmament” didn’t sound to good, and when pirates say “firmament ho” didn’t sound too good either. So he renamed it “land.” In this land he made a volcano that spewed forth beer. He took a sip and went to bed. The next morning, he woke up with a hangover, and made some more land forgetting yesterday’s actions. And I’ll leave it at that and let you go to your library and find out the hilarity for yourself.

-CF patriot.gif


Rodney: Days 3&4

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 12 2006 · 44 views
On Tuesday, nothing big in sailing. There wasn’t any wind, so we couldn’t get out.
The afternoon wasn’t much either, just hanging around camp.

After lunch and dinner, the camp staff circle the dinning hall and we all sing a song. Sometimes they are fun, or not.
So this day, we sung “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” 1 third of the hall were the pigs, one third the cows, and one third (my third) the ducks. So, we start off, on animal at a time, chorus, then another animal and the other one, chorus, and then the ducks, then the other animals. But, the fun thing about doing this at camp with a bunch of boys is that it gets really competitive. People stand on chairs or sit on people’s shoulders and everybody is yelling, trying to be louder than the others. So on the second go-round, my group started shouting “quack, quack” after we sung, the same chanting for the Mighty Ducks movies. In the end, we were declared the winners and were told we cold leave first!

And since it was the Fourth of July on Tuesday, we had big campwide games. Tug-of-wars, relay races, getting soaked with water balloons. The best part was when the camp filled up, say, eight rain gutters with icecream, handed out spoons, and said “have at it!”

Low winds again today, so nothing in sailing. But that wasn’t the down side of the day. The down side was having to get up early to take the first-years showering. And not having to take the first-years showering either. The getting up early part.
And it rained alot today.

At summer camp, this is the time when my troop elects a new Senior Patrol Leader–the leader of our troop. I was up for the running, and almost won. I got second place last year, I later learned, and thought I had it in the bag for this year. But I lost. I was doing well though, answering all the questions with real feeling, saying what I thought they wanted to hear (J/K).
But the guy that won made me his AssistantSPL.

And that was wednesday at Camp Rodney

-CF patriot.gif


Rodney: Day 2

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 11 2006 · 22 views
Well, I didn’t get to get on yesterday, so I’ll post about Monday now and Tuesday later.
Got up (too early IMO) and went to breakfast. All breakfasts this week are served cafeteria style, and contain a pancake-like substance (or something else that syrup would go nice on), a biscuit-like substance, a bagel, fruit, egg-like substance, and other food-like substances for breakfast, including butter, cereal, granola, and apple butter. (Actually, the food wasn’t too bad, just dry in some parts, and I always left full for the morning.)

After breakfast, there is a morning siesta before activities/Merit Badge classes. It is in this time period that we have to clean up the campsite, make it ready for inspection. If we don’t do well on inspection, our leaders get mad at us, and we might not get the “Honor Troop Award.” Sadly, after inspection (by camp counselors), I found out right before lunch, that we were two points under. Not good.

So I went off to sailing that morning. Rodney has an awsome sailing program. We didn't sail that day, just set up a couple of boats to get the hand of it.
That afternoon, I hung around my campsite, and went to the trading post. Actually, the camp has two. There is some interesting stuff there. I ended up getting a cool Rodney shirt, which I'll put up later. I got some candy and went to relax in camp.

Then I went down to the sailing base with my dad and tried out his wind-surfer. (basically a surfborad with a sail). I wasn't too bad at it, and had a lot of fun.

After dinner, there wasn't much to do except hang around camp.
But when it got dark, I went out into the big field (my campsite is right next to it) with my brother, and threw around his light-up frisby. Really cool.

That was monday, here comes tuesday

-CF patriot.gif


Rodney: Day 1

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 09 2006 · 30 views
Ah, camp. No internet, no TV, no radio, and worst of all: no Lego.
Ah, camp. A week of fun, IMO, with all the activities and outdoors; camping, sailing, archery, shooting, climbing, swimming, astronomy, campfire, skits, the trading post. One of my favorite parts of my summer.
So, last week, I went to Boy Scout Camp Rodney, located on the Chesepeak Bay on the East Coast (of the USA). They have an awsome sailing program I took part in, and overall I had a great time. Over the next week, I'll be posting about what I did on that corresponding day.

I got up around 2:00. My troop went to our campsite (Beachcomber/Cheekakoo) and changed into our bathing suits. The reason of this was that we had to take a swim test. Before the swim test, we got a short talk about how important it is to drink water, check for ticks, and shower. We also had a short medical exam, just asking if we are healthy and if there was anything they needed to know, such as medications.

After the swim test, we got back to camp, chenged into our uniform, and stuck around for dinner, because our camp was right next to the mail feild with the flagpole. Dinner at Rodney on Sunday night is barbequed chicken, with accessories, in that feild. After dinner, we waited around for campfire.

Campfire included 2 fires, and then skits and songs from the camp staff. We started it with the Rodney Song, and then some skits.
A favorite skit was this:
Two friars are on stage. But these are evil friars! [you see friar be mean]. And worst of all, they are evil flourists. They had an evil plant. [person shows up, but a sleeping bag over him] They gave this plant acid rain, and instead of sunlight and rainbows, they gave it Painbows! And they fed it scouts. [you see scout pass by and it eats it, plant grows]
But one day, the camp master got worried, and sent out two brave scouts to find out about the missing, and now dead, scouts. We have Fred, and Hugh. They flip a coin to find out who will play the hero today. Fred wins, but he has other plans that night, so Hugh gets to play the hero! [Hugh puts on here cape and mask] He goes over to plant, yelling at it, depriving it of water and painbows. Then he pushes over plant! Saved! But then comes the evil flourist friars. Hugh defeats them too! Camp is saved.
The moral of the story is this:
Only Hugh can stop flourist firars!

And so ended day one of camp. Info about monday, coming on monday!

until the next blog,
-CF patriot.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 09 2006 · 34 views
My Life Is Awesome
Well, over a week ago, I got BL#3: Power Play
It is awsome
You have to go and get it, because it contains so many spoilers
The Inika fight dirty, but at the same time, Jaller could have killed Vezok, but let him live.
<!--SPOILER BEGIN--><div onClick="openClose('b3d5175f98cd836ec22c229f13a9ed63')" style="font-weight: bold">» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «</div><div id="b3d5175f98cd836ec22c229f13a9ed63" style="display:none"><!--SPOILER END-->Garan almost dies
Axonn and Brutaka are powerful, and don't hide in the shadows either.
Infact, Thok and Hakann absorb Brutaka's power, and are super powerful.<!--SPOILER DIV--></div><!--SPOILER DIV-->
Go read it.

I hope to do a review on BZP, so I'll have to re-read it and I can post some more then. But the review will have minimal spioilers.

On another note, I made a MOC that I posted about.
Behold Toa Bigfoot!

CF patriot.gif


I'm Back!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 08 2006 · 34 views
My Life Is Awesome
So, I haven't posted lately. The biggest reason is because I didn't realize when my premiership ened, (but at the same time the place where it showed dissapeared, so it's not enterly my fault). But even because of that, I just went to camp, so I couldn't post anyway.

So, I'm bringing a bit of camp to you with the quote of the day! This is a camp song that's pretty funny, and I like it.

I went' to Scout Camp Rodney, part of Del-Mar-Va Council. If you were just there 4th of July week too, I was the guy with the Yoda Jamboree patch, but even better, the guy that announced everything for the Sledge-O-Matic Skit. Yeah!

More later! It was a great week

-CF patriot.gif


Newest Pobzpc--me!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 08 2006 · 51 views
_icon_joy_.gif Yay! I'm a POBZPC (which means Premier Outstranding BZP Citizen, full proto!) _icon_joy_.gif


Big Hapori Tohu

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 25 2006 · 231 views
So, a couple of days ago I said I really needed a really big Hapori Tohu pic. Well, I got one!

Big Hapori Tohu

I think it didn't turn out so badly. I put him up as my wallpaper.

So, please, enjoy, and use if you want. I certainly didn't make him for my self only.


America's Got Talent

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 21 2006 · 39 views
My Life Is Awesome
So I'm on BZP, and the TV is on to "America's Got Talent." It is basically a big talent show airing on NBC. So I'm watching and typing at the same time. (Multi-tasking!)

*So, my favorite so far was this ventriloquist who was awsome. He had two bird pupets, and he talked himself. But the best part was when he was talking about foreign movies, like Godzilla, where the lips move but there aren't any words, and vice-versa. It was very impressive.

currently there was this really bad impersonator. He did a bad Arnold Schwortsonager (SP) thing, but to make it worse, he insulted Yoda (me if you look at my pic), and tried to do Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

*But afterword, there was this great balancer. Totally Brilliant.

*Then there is this basketball group who were bouncing balls around, and to make it even better, were doing team slam dunks. (using a trampoline) One guy would bounce with the ball, then bounce the ball off the ground and another would bounce and grab it for a dunk. Then this was repeated over with more bounces, and flips!

after that was a guy that played a "nose flute." Probably worse than Yoda-guy.

Oh, there were also some singers, both good and bad. Good: That accapella (sp) group with current style was good, but the lady singing "God Bless America" wasn't good.

I did like that guy with the 25 bike horns attached to him

What I'm looking forward to is any good jugglers. There was already a bad one, but another coming up looks good. As a juggler myself, I'm always looking for good stuff.
OK, this guy just came up juggling really well: 3 balls, then suddenly 4, then 5. Great!

so; watch, enjoy, dislike or go crazy for. I've been looking forward to this for about a month.

-CF patriot.gif

The Me Brick

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Roman Catholic
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BrickCon '13.
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