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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 01 2006 · 152 views
My Life Is Awesome
Well, I decided to go Trick or Treating with my little brother and sister.

I only got 1/3 of the candy I usually get, because for the past three years I've been in my friend's huge neighborhood.

Well, free candy.

I went as The Phantom Theif Dark, an Anime Character. I'll blog about him when I put up my Cosplay entry, because I cosplayed as him the other day.

Well, how was your night?

-CF patriot.gif


Bump In The Night

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 01 2006 · 184 views
So, I made this topic yesterday. Please check out my latest posted MOC. Like it? Post there and/or here.

A Bump in the Night

The Topic explains all.

-CF patriot.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 29 2006 · 183 views
My Life Is Awesome
So, who thinks Wikipedia is awesome?

I do!

For those of you that don't know what Wikipedia is, it is a huge online Encyclopedia. There is stuff there for essays and reports, and fun stuff, such as...The Bionicle Entry and The BZPower Entry!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Wikipedia!

-CF patriot.gif


To Trick Or Treat, Or Not To Trick Or Treat?

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 28 2006 · 165 views
My Life Is Awesome
So, the big questions comes up: Do I Trick or Treat this year?

Reasons why I should:
Free Candy

Maybe I shouldn't:
I'm 16,
Thus I'll probably get weird looks
One friend I usually go with might not be allowed to this year
(On Fun(?)) It seems easier not to worry about it, maybe buy some candy November 1st, and right now I'm thinking I don't want to. (but how do I explain that?--Seriously, what do I say to my 7 year old sister and my parents?)

So, this is a distress call to anyone with this kind of experience, maybe in the same rut. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

And in case anyone's wondering, I'm dressing up as Dark from DNAngel for Cosplaying on Monday, which I'll use for Halloween, but I'll be covering myself in Caution Tape if the school lets us dress up that day.

-CF patriot.gif


Board Message Or Fortune Cookie?

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 28 2006 · 172 views
Online on saturday morning, I got an anoying board message. But Binky or somebody has made them a teeny bit bearable with those random, crazy messages. I love them, as I love random quotes.

Well, this particular morning I got this message:
"Don’t you have some homework to do?"

Got me laughing, and thinking. I probably should do my homework. But, hey, being online is more fun.

-CF patriot.gif


Lego X-men

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 26 2006 · 184 views
So I was talking with my brother and we thought that LEGO should make soem X-men sets. They have done Spiderman and Batman, so why not?
It wouldn't be to hard either, on LEGO's part.

Set ideas:
  • The X-Jet
  • Part of the Mansion
  • City battle with police cars
  • Cerebro

Minifig Ideas:
  • Cyclops (minifig head contains visor)
  • Wolverine (New piece for hands: holds and has claws)
  • Storm (With cape)
  • Professor Xavier (with wheelchair actually built from pieces)
  • Nightcrawler (tail might be kind of hard...)
  • Jean Grey
  • Magneto (with cape and helmet)
  • Mystiqe (sp)
  • Juggernaut (big helmet)

And the sets have various arrangements of good guys and bad guys depending on the set.

So, what do you think?
Any ideas?

-CF patriot.gif


Stellar Kart

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 20 2006 · 173 views
My Life Is Awesome
So, on Sunday I went to this awesome Youth Rally. It was at my school and had some totally fun stuff.
(PS, I go to a catholic high school and this was a catholic youth rally, and I'm catholic. (The original!!!))

Cool stuff:
Catholic commedian Judy McDonald (very good)
Rock wall and inflatables
Stump the Priest

This awesome (christian) band Stellar Kart!

Yeah, their concert rocked! They had energy which gave the crowd energy which they fed off, and everyone was jumpin' and waving their hands and, oh, I loved it! I havn't had that much fun at a concert since...ever.

They did an awesome remake of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," and have two CDs full of rockin songs with some deep faith focus. They played plenty of songs, had some awesome parts, and fun fun fun.
In my opinion, they sound like ReliantK. They have a website (StellarKart.com) and a ########.
Catchy Songs and titles:
Student Driver
Gone Fishin'
Lose Control
I Wanna Live

And we all had "Life Is Good, Eternal Life is Better" stuck in our heads after ward.

How good are they? Let's just say that, besides what I already said, I bought both their CDs that night. (And got them signed!) Also, they havn't left my CD player since I got them.

So, I encourage you all to check them out. Christian Music not your thing? Well, believe it or not, it sounds good as well as everything else out there.

*"Procrastination," "Activate," "Lose Control," and "I Wanna Live" are on their new CD: You Can't Stand Sitting Down.
*It is wierd how some people have heard of some bands, but not ones right next to them.
*I did have a good time.

-CF patriot.gif


Blue Hair+ Crazy Clothes+ 70s= Spirit Week!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 19 2006 · 160 views
My Life Is Awesome
While I am typing this, I have blue hair. I do not normally have blue hari.
On Teusday, I wore a robe, my jeans inside out, and used a hiking backpack at schoo. That sure was wacky.
Tomorrow, I'm going to dress up as if I was a teen in the 70's.


It's Spirit Week! That week before Homecoming, where the school does crazy stuff. Teusday was Wacky Tacky day, and is one of my favorites. I got ton's of open mouths and stares using my big hiking backpack for the day.
(Wednesday we had the PSAT sad.gif confused1a.gif drooling.gif blink.gif rtfm.gif ohmy.gif unsure.gif wacko.gif )

Today was Spirit day. Basically wear a school shirt, or dress up with the school colors (blue, grey, silver, white) Ton's of people died their hair, including me. It was totally fun.

Tomorrow is Decades Day--dress up like the designated decade. Freshmen-50s, Seniors-80s, fill in the gaps. I'm a junior, so I dress up from the 70s. I'm basically going to wear my Star Wars shirt. Wish I had some bell bottoms though.

So, that's spirit week. How have your's been?

-CF patriot.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 17 2006 · 198 views
So, apparently, my Anime Club is going to be cosplaying soon. I'm thinking of dressing up as Dark. This is the Phantom Thief Dark, Dark Mousy, Daisuke Niwa's other person, the DNA part of DNAngel. He pretty much dresses black, and has some awesome wings. So, I'd like to be him.

My idea:
Black t-shirt
grey long sleeve shirt
(I have all of these, so that's why I'm not buying black jeans and some other accesories)

I need:
Black angel wings
black gloves

I'm thinking of scrapping the wings, as it is kind of hard to find some. Perhaps I'll make some with wire and black fabric, but it won't look too good. So perhaps I'll just hold a black feather.
I'm also hoping a dollar store will have some cheap ($1) black gloves.

Other things I'm thinking of dressing up as:
Cloud (from Final Fantasy)
Problem: How do I put a lion head "door knocker" on my shoulder?

Kite (from Dot Hack)
Problem: I don't have orange pants, shirt, hat, anything else for his costume. So that is pretty much scapped.

Any ideas for Dark? Or on things to cosplay? I'm also thinking of using this for a halloween party.

-CF patriot.gif
ps, font in black today because of the topic of Dark Mousy


Philmont Practice

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 14 2006 · 184 views
So, today I went on a practice hike for Philmont, BSA's section of the Rocky Mountains that is used for some serious hiking.

Today, we walked a bit with our big backpacks, getting the feel of them. We cooked some Ramen to get a feel for the camp stoves (even though we had our own lunches). We also set up our tents, because that's important to try out.

Nothing too exciting, but fun.

Anyone been to Philmont?

-CF patriot.gif


Ark Angel

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 14 2006 · 210 views
My Life Is Awesome
Well, I just got a new Alex Rider book: Ark Angel. It's been out for a while, but I haven't been able to get it until now. But better news: I waited for a better deal, and got 25% off the hardcover!

I'm up to chapter 5, and Anthony Horowitz is doing a good job on keeping the suspense and all. Alex isn't working for MI6 now, but is out by himself with no help. (I bet MI6 will come in later)

So, I can't say much about the book yet, but the Alex Rider series is one of my favorites.

It all started out with Stormbreaker, and a short summary can be read in a previous blog about the movie.

-CF patriot.gif


Anime, Anime, Anime!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 13 2006 · 180 views
So I got some Manga today, and am so excited that I decided to use this opprotunity to introduce the new category of Anime. (Including Manga, J-pop, and Japanese culture)

The manga I got today were:
DNAngle 3
Full Metal Alchemist 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1

So I decided to start two series as well as get the next DNAngle I need.
I also like .Hack. That only has three manga to it (and then books).

On the topic of Anime, I am in my High School's Anime Club. We meet every week and usually watch Anime. We should have themed days for Manga, J-pop, and Cosplaying.

Even better news: I'm on the school newspaper and got to write an article on the club! I basically rocked the paper. (it's not out yet, but the club is really excited about it)

so, enjoy the new section. I'm off to read some Manga!

-CF patriot.gif


The End

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 13 2006 · 175 views
My Life Is Awesome
Lemony Snicket's 13th book of the Series of Unfortunate Events series came out today, on Friday the 13th. It's titled "The End"
My brother has it, and I'm going to have to figure out a way to read it when he isn't. Last year for book the 12th, I read a chapter a night when he was sleeping. That might work again this year....but he is very possessive/selfish.
Well, it's exciting it's out. Can't wait to read it!

Edit: Just to let anyone what wants to post, I haven't read it yet. Probabaly in about a month (hopefully sooner) I will have read it. (Basically a time period for people reading this in, say, a year. I would have read it by then)

-CF patriot.gif


Star Wars!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 13 2006 · 175 views
My Life Is Awesome
I am the founder of Star Wars Club at my high school! My friend and I created it last year and are about to have our first meeting next week!

We watch the movies/extras, discuss the books, play the video games, do trivia, jedi stuff. But a promissing thing we're looking at is having a Lightsaber duel! We plan on having the club in the gym that day with our lightsabers and have a duel! The only obstacle is getting permission to have something like this happen. I don't think the school will easily let us bring in lightsabers.

We also got an article in the school newspaper last year!

We are looking into getting club t-shirts as well. the front would say "Star Wars Club" and the back would say "May the Force be with you, O'Connell Jedi Knights" (the school is O'Connell and the mascot is Knights) It works perfectly!

May the Force Be with You
-CF patriot.gif


Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 13 2006 · 188 views
My Life Is Awesome
Well, I bloged about it last week. The Alex Rider movie. It seemes that it didn't come out here in america (or at least in DC). But the good news was that today's paper had an artilce on the movie and said it came out today!

so I'm going to have to figure out when I want to watch it.

-CF patriot.gif

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