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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


Newest Pobzpc--me!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 08 2006 · 245 views
_icon_joy_.gif Yay! I'm a POBZPC (which means Premier Outstranding BZP Citizen, full proto!) _icon_joy_.gif


Big Hapori Tohu

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 25 2006 · 467 views
So, a couple of days ago I said I really needed a really big Hapori Tohu pic. Well, I got one!

Big Hapori Tohu

I think it didn't turn out so badly. I put him up as my wallpaper.

So, please, enjoy, and use if you want. I certainly didn't make him for my self only.


America's Got Talent

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 21 2006 · 363 views
My Life Is Awesome
So I'm on BZP, and the TV is on to "America's Got Talent." It is basically a big talent show airing on NBC. So I'm watching and typing at the same time. (Multi-tasking!)

*So, my favorite so far was this ventriloquist who was awsome. He had two bird pupets, and he talked himself. But the best part was when he was talking about foreign movies, like Godzilla, where the lips move but there aren't any words, and vice-versa. It was very impressive.

currently there was this really bad impersonator. He did a bad Arnold Schwortsonager (SP) thing, but to make it worse, he insulted Yoda (me if you look at my pic), and tried to do Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

*But afterword, there was this great balancer. Totally Brilliant.

*Then there is this basketball group who were bouncing balls around, and to make it even better, were doing team slam dunks. (using a trampoline) One guy would bounce with the ball, then bounce the ball off the ground and another would bounce and grab it for a dunk. Then this was repeated over with more bounces, and flips!

after that was a guy that played a "nose flute." Probably worse than Yoda-guy.

Oh, there were also some singers, both good and bad. Good: That accapella (sp) group with current style was good, but the lady singing "God Bless America" wasn't good.

I did like that guy with the 25 bike horns attached to him

What I'm looking forward to is any good jugglers. There was already a bad one, but another coming up looks good. As a juggler myself, I'm always looking for good stuff.
OK, this guy just came up juggling really well: 3 balls, then suddenly 4, then 5. Great!

so; watch, enjoy, dislike or go crazy for. I've been looking forward to this for about a month.

-CF patriot.gif


Playing Onmy Computer* Needing Big Hapori Tohu Pic

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 20 2006 · 462 views
My Life Is Awesome
Ok, I actually don't know what to post here, so let's see if my day was interesting:

9:00 AM-Wake up
10:00-Finish Breakfast
Read some of my new Alex Rider Book: Scorpia
11:00-Decide it'd be best to go out and mow a lawn before it gets hotter outside
12:30-finish mowing the lawn, cool down while reading Scorpia
till 4:00-, eat lunch, read, play on the computer
4:00-go to the pool *ahhhhh*
5:00-Get back
play on the computer and read
After dinner-do dishes, then play on the computer and read
now-Blog on BZPower

As for Bionicle today:
*re-posed some MOCs standing around in my room. One has Lewa Nuva Swords, and looks pretty cool. I'll show it sometime.
*Actually, What I really need now is a big picture of Hapori Tohu. Seriously. Something perhaps 600+ Pixels. That would be really good. What do I need it for? I want to print it out, that big, for a summer project, like a collage. But there aren't any really big pix of hapori tohu around.

So, some HT help would be appreciated


Search And Find Fun!//star Wars//father's Day

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 19 2006 · 427 views
My Life Is Awesome
So I'm reading through my email and it says there is a comment in my blog by bonesiii. I'm thinking "Uh-oh, a Moderator posted."
But then it's all cool and all because he totally agrees with me on Stuart Sayger.

On a second note, congrats to Dulon, who is correct on the Star Wars Question. The answer is "THX-1138." It is the name of George Lucas's first film. The THX then goes on to be the name of the sound system that comes up at the start of many DVDs. (And if you're looking for it in the movies, it happens to be invisible, only appearing in darklight, or some sort of light, something special to reveal it.

And now, on to the search and find:
look at this
Fused Piraka
Kal and mini-fig
Dot Hack Manga
Tahu Nuva Pic
Star Wars Pic
Bionicle Books
Lego Builder's Guide
Harry Potter Books

The answers in another Blog
Have fun!

Today is hot! to make it worse, I had to mow a lawn today. Luckily it only took me about 45 minutes, but still...I was sweating big!

As for yeseterday, Father's day:
My dad decided to take us to Kings Dominion. Woohoo. I'm not exactly a roller coaster kind of guy. I had nothing to do 'cept hang around with my mom and 7 year old sister. I ended up reading for most of the morning. (Star Wars: Labrynth of Evil, good book) Then at lunch my dad told me there was a bumper car place, so I went to go check that out. So for two hours after lunch I'm doing bumper cars and another ride not to crazy to scare me away. Then I go to the pool and we go home. I did leave with a giant jaw breaker, which I haven't started yet.

please feel free to post about your father's day...(in comparison to mine...better, worse?)

-CF patriot.gif


Stuart Sayger...is Amazing (no Duh)

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 16 2006 · 703 views
So I was rereading my Bionicle comics today (like I do every day)* and picked up Volume 2, Issues 1 and 2 (issue 0 is on my wall). While reading, I acknowledged how awsome Stuart Sayger draws. Now, I have noticed this before, but I was just blown away once again that it inspired this Blog.
The lines were amazing. The piraka spines were aswome. His own personal Kanohi for the inslaved matoran were great. And the way he shows the Piraka acting together, it goes great with GregF's planning. (everybody on the team seems to give this their best effort).

So, if you haven't read the comics yet, hop to it! rtfm.gif Subscribe to Lego Magazing (it's free!) and enjoy the Bionicle storyline. (actually, read the books too, they have storyline info not told in the comics)

Actually, a while back, I was thinking I should probably go to a comic shop and check out other stuff by SturatS. It's sure to be just as good.

-CF patriot.gif

*J/K sad.gif


Ultimate Star Wars Question

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 15 2006 · 474 views
My Life Is Awesome
Yeah, I think this was in SW Trivial Pursuit, but no one in Star Wars Club (that I created at my school!) answered it.
The question:

What is inscribed on the back of some of the clone troopers' helmets in Episodes 2 and 3?

The answer in another Blog. If anyone even tries. If not I'm not answering it.

-CF patriot.gif


Today, Or Whenever

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 15 2006 · 384 views
My Life Is Awesome
Updated my quote!
Another person PMed me in hopes I'll make instructions for my Piraka. (The answer is yea)
Driving went OK today. My instructer had us park today, which I detest greatly. But I guess I have to do it eventually.

So, I was thinking, actually, I really don't know what to say today...maybe I'll trail off and just type about where...hey..look..a..butterfly...

I read OmiPack's latest Blogs. He went ghost hunting and got a really freaky pic of a "spirit orb"
He also has some other stuff there which it worth reading, along with ChrisKopaka's Blog.

Posted in "Fusion" topic
Posted in "A Moderdator Thing" topic

So I'm having trouble with some stuff. Or maybe it's good. Anyway, I have an awsome idea for two MOCs:
They are the Dark Hunters' Hunters. They fight the DHs. Stronger than Toa, but not exactly titans.
My ideas:
One guy, red and brown or red and tan or red brown and tan and probably with some gold armor, has a sword I'll make using bohrok eyes and a beam. His right hand will be built like Supernova's (Exo-Force) and his left will be like my Piraka MOC's. It would be big and strong and can crush anything (like the ground an create a trevor). The armor would be Exo-Force's Gate Assult's red robo's armor. The story behind his left hand is that he got his left arm ripped off in a big DH battle and had to have a new one rebuilt.

The other guy is green, light green, and white. His hands are like Lewa's/Krakua's. In his right is a sword. (the white Exo-force), his left hand carries a shield. Now this is not any ordinary shield. I'm making this shield with rods and beams. It's going to be awsome. The only problem is that I don't have enought beams (two plus rod long, thin) 'cause most of them are in my Piraka MOC.

Building them:
The sword is going to be built. So's the shield. The Green on will have light green Nuva Armor (exo-force) and I will build his arms with some peices. The legs are still in the works. The Red guy will have some personally made upper legs, with a made leg below the knee. But I'm not using double joints or upper rahkshi legs, just too generic. I'm also going to make bodies! The problem is I'm not the best at this. I have some ideas myself, but suggestions are appreciated.

If I don't do it today, I'll be updating some personal info. My pic, and maybe put up a "about me" in this blog.

-CF patriot.gif

ps, Chris, since you're the only one that seems to read this so far, perhaps you could advertise for me in your blog? Thnx


Updates, Stuff, And Rahizaku

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 13 2006 · 423 views
My Life Is Awesome
Well, here I am, my daily visit to BZP.
I woke up @ 10 o'clock today! tongue.gif Had breakfast and then biked over to my high school for in-car. (driving practice with someone other than my parents that's certified for this kind of stuff). Kind of funny, isn't it: Biking over for a Driving lesson. laugh.gif
So I bike home, cool off, and decide to get online. _icon_joy_.gif
Got a PM from a BZPer I met last wednesday (Kofan), replied, and came here.
Checked out ChrisKopaka's Blog, and read his funny latest. rtfm.gif
Then I added a box that will give off my random quotes. I'll be updating that each time I'm on.
And added a box for cool links I have

Today's quote is from RahiZaku, more commonly known as RZ, if you even know him. I don't expect some new members to know him, but if you were on BZP long enough, excellent. RZ was a master artist, and posted some awsome work on BZP. IMO, his most popular work is his RZKit. (Once again, newer members,as Kit is pixled Bionicle so you can build and color change in MSPaint. Awsome) He also had an awsome brickshelf found here. I recomend looking at "Kitbash" first, then the fisrt one of Takua over the planet. drooling.gif (don't forget, if you use his stuff, say so)
I recently thought about RZ, and checked out his profile. Sadly, almost enraged, he was banned. sad.gif Don't know why, don't know when, but I wish he was back. And probobly everybody else does too, except some staff who banned him. beg1a.gif bring him back!
So today's first quote is dedicated to him.
Why is it that allusions to Greek mythology are considered "academic" and "classy", but references to the Bionicle mythos are only seen as "geeky" and "obsessed"? IT'S NOT FAIR, I TELLS YA!!!

As far as Bionicle goes:
I have some small stuff that I want to get you guys opinion on. Tell me if it's good for BZP, or should stick to Brickshelf:
A Matoran made out of a Zamor Launcher
His back so you can make it yourself

And just for fun, even though I'm not intending on posting them, they look cool:
Double kanoka staff
Iruini Shot (considered "Art" by the weird critics)
Iruini "Art"
Look at what you can do with a Kaukau and a Huna!

Thank you, and have a nice day. Would you like fries with that? confused1a.gif

-CF patriot.gif


The 1st Blog Of The Pfbc Grand Prize Winner!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 12 2006 · 368 views
My Life Is Awesome
Thanx for comming in without knocking. (J/K)
So now that school's out, I will try my hand at this blogging thing using my time that would have been spent on homework when I was in school.

To start:
I'll be posting about my latest Bionicle Life. Basically, if I do something that deals with Bionicle, you'll know about it.
I'll also have random stuff up here so it will be totaly worth every minute of your time on BZP to read this.
I'll probably post links to stories and such and other blogs because I think they are cool.
I'll also show off some MOCs to get your opinions on before I post them to the board.
And there will be plenty of random quotes to fill a book. I love collecting random quotes. I also love collecting Kanohi and having long walks on the beach. (J/K)

And on a last note, please check out ChrisKopaka's blog, an awsome BZPer friend of mine whom I have actually met.

And finally, I am the winner of the Piraka Fusion Building Challenge! I'll blog on that later.

So reply on what you are like, looking forward to, and reply here on both and that you are reading my blog.
(And perhaps I'll look at yours)


The Me Brick

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Mosaic 2011

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(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

BḞ10: Mosaic

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Special thanks to Nukaya and xccj for getting this off the ground and making it work!

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