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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 28 2014 · 431 views
Bionicle, LEGO
All this quibbling over a reboot or a continuation of the Bionicle story has been getting overdramatic, IMO. I feel I have a much more simpler take on it that doesn't negate the 10-year story we've all deeply loved:

Think of the "reboot" (as it will inevitably be) in terms of an alternate universe (despite LEGO probably not ever admitting it's like that or doing a "crossover."). Look at Marvel and DC comics. They all have a main universe for most of their stories, but then they've branched out to other universes with the same/similar characters but with a few different traits in their characterization/portrayal/origin.

For example, many Marvel stories take place on "Earth 616." This is essentially our own universe but with superheroes. Every now and then we see someone hop over to another universe, with changes like other people being alive/dead that are dead/alive on Earth 616 or the social status/business position or someone (like a bad guy) being different. In 2000 Marvel started a comic book line called with the Ultimate universe, the Earth 1610 version of Marvel heroes. Things were different, but similar. Fans could enjoy the different stories now able to be told without worrying about continuity or repeating the exact stories (though sometimes the original story is retold with a twist somewhere).

DC Comics currently has Earth Prime and Earth 2, and every now and then we see Earth 3, or Earth 23, etc. Earth Prime is our Earth but with heroes and stuff, and Earth 2 currently has experienced a slightly different timeline. While there are many heroes that are recognized, they are vastly different from the Earth Prime heroes we know. They are getting entirely new stories without risk of rehashing things. Similar elements still might appear though, just with little tweaks.

So, I expect the same kind of treatment from Bionicle. We're going to see many similar things that remind us that yes, this is the Bionicle world we feel comfortable in. But we're also going to see many new things, from character armor* to bad guys and goals. Some of that is obvious with the whole "Mask of Creation" thing, some of it just might be wishful thinking in the hopes for change, familiarity, and some changes that are rooted in the familiar. Takua might not be the Herald of the Mask of Light, for example, but we might see the Avohkii pop up eventually. See what I'm getting at?

While a continuation of the story would be a great way to take what we know and grow with it through new stories, seeing a reboot will still take the familiar and still make new stories. And it makes it accessible to new fans ready to take in the new mythology.

-CF :kakama:
*Armor/looks isn't that big a deal. Superheroes change their outfit looks all the time. Even the Toa Nuva did it in 2008.


Review: Minifig Display Case

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 21 2014 · 167 views
lego, minifig, display
I was able to snag these for $10 each at Barnes and Noble yesterday, which is half off and a more reasonable price I was willing to pay.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I like them! They look great. I can fit two figs per section, mostly. As you can see here, I've (mostly) put custom figs up front and an official fig in the back (the more impressive fig, so to speak, shown off). They even have openings in the back to a wall-mount via screws. They also stack snugly. Unfortunately the top studs are slightly larger than 4 regular studs, so building something to fit on top will take a bit more work than just building a base with a 4x4 hole in it.

This isn't the final display. I'll probably move the Firefly figs back out onto my shelf. And even when I do that I won't have room for ALL the Marvel figs (and with the chrome Star Wars figs, which definitely need to be protected from dust and fingerprints here, they take up more space from DC figs not housed here).

While I would love to get more, having these kind of cases to display everything I want to show off would get extremely pricey. I think the next step is to get some small display cases, like one might have for model cars (or a LEGO DeLorean) and actually build some step-like features with staggering steps and figs, like I already do:

Posted ImagePosted Image
(Also featured: Lots of figs.)

However, all in all, I really like these and have no regrets purchasing them. It's just a matter of deciding which figs get to live dust-free.

-CF :kakama:



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 19 2014 · 116 views
lego, pirate, metalbeard
Ahoy! We can't be forget'n that today be International Talk Like a Pie-rate Day, aye?

Be sure to put yer sea-legs on an' wave at that horizon over yonder, and don't forget to give your timbers a good shiverin'!

Posted Image


-CF :pirate:


Mass Quantities

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 11 2014 · 136 views

Being in a LUG has its perks!

Posted Image
My favorite portion of this is 50 white lightsaber hilts!
I'll probably use the tan for another Pharaoh's Labyrinth, unless xccj and I make another Warehouse 13 collab, in which case it'll turn into a pyramid. The 1x2 grey and white slopes will probably be used on future space MOC endeavors.

I also got these leftovers after our March LEGO event at work:
Posted Image

Luckily these are sorted. I still have a large box (for me) of pieces to sort soon.
-CF :kakama:


LEGO Buttons!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 21 2014 · 183 views

The LEGO button market is something that is truly lacking. I have some, I know some friends who have some, but I heard quite a few lamentations at BrickFair this year about how the lack of LEGO buttons is disappointing.

It just so happens that a friend has a button maker, so we punched these out, and a few others, at WAMALUG after BrickFair:
Posted Image

So who wants them? I think there's a real market for LEGO buttons at the BrickFair Yard Sale. $2 each, and deals if you get 5 or 10 or a large bunch. All kinds of themes, including whatever LEGO catalogs from the mid-2000s I have lying around contain.
Except...what's the legality of selling these? They are LEGO's product images, yet I want to repurpose them for my own profit. Where do I start to figure it all out?
(That said, PM me and I'll get you the Joker, Emmet, and Wyldsyle buttons for $5 (+ $2 shipping) and the Gandalf, Elrond, Urak-Hai and dead King for $8 (+ $2 shipping).)

I have a handful of LotR/Hobbit instructions, some superhero stuff and some LEGO Movie stuff, plus a bit of Hero Factory and maybe a few other things. I also have some catalogs ranging from 2000 to 2013, including Rahkshi and Metru Nui, plus my own instructions dating back from the 90s to today and anything LUG members give me for the button endeavor.

What kind of buttons do you want to see? These are an inch-and-a-quarter, which I think is perfect.

-CF :kakama:


Stargate MOC--New Pix!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 11 2014 · 222 views
LEGO, Stargate, MOC
UPDATE: BrickFair display photos!

It has been an ambition of mine to build as accurate of a Stargate as I could, and I'm ecstatic to finally have built one! Check out my topic in SBC to comment.

Posted Image

My BrickShelf has a few more photos, and my Flickr has the pictures featured currently.

This particular diorama is designed to fit right in with the Pharaoh's Labyrinth display at BrickFair VA 2014, as another portion of the Egyptian rooms leading to the pharaoh's tomb and treasure, such as the other two vignettes I've made.

Speaking of, here is what it looked like with everything else!
Posted Image Posted Image
(And my TARDIS.)
Posted Image

Next, I need some golf clubs to recreate the best episode ever!



BF14 Loot

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 07 2014 · 231 views
lego, brickfair
I strayed away from vendors most of the time (though next year I'm going to consciously allot some funds for sifting through parts bins for chunks of colors), but bought a few things that were on my mind and a few other things that popped out at the Yard Sale (non-vendors selling their stuff one/two evening(s)).

Posted Image

Some of that was free, some of that was traded, and some of that was bought. Not a bad deal there though, and I'm happy with my yield.

The crazy ax on the left is from Crazy Bricks' Munchkin stuff, as a prototype. Winners of my Munchkin card games Thursday afternoon also won a grey prototype piece! The specialty weapons are either from BrickArms (they have some cool sci-fi guns if you look past the young kids fawning over the military stuff), BrickForge, or BrickWarriors.

I also got a Star Wars planet for a dollar, for another hot air balloon. I was also able to get a pack of the Studs trading cards which included a few favorite builders of mine, so that was a win!

I don't know where that white smiley minifig head is from (help!), but I'm sure it's worth more than I paid for it.

More BrickFair stuff to come!

-CF :kakama:


10 BrickFair Themes

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 03 2014 · 171 views

This year I've managed to build for ten different BrickFair themes. I was hoping for more, but time got the better of me.

Still, I like my ten:
-Wind/ Air (this year's theme)
-Pop Culture
-Pharaoh's Labyrinth
-Great Ball Contraption

That said, my GBC module still has some kinks to work out and was not displayed. I'll continue to work on that, as well as some things for themes like Castle and Mosaic to display in even more themes next year!

I better get building, but first I have some sorting to do.

-CF :kakama:


Hungry Hungry Hippos GBC!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 30 2014 · 179 views
lego, gbc, technic
I've been ambiguously revealing my progress on this for the past few weeks, but here it is, my completed Great Ball Contraption module:

Posted Image

Unfortunately it still has some kinks to work out. Luckily the GBC coordinator is a WAMALUG friend and very enthusiastic about the GBC, so is more that happy to help me and anyone else fix up their modules before the public arrives on Saturday. Will we get it fixed? I hope so, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if we keep it hidden until next year. It's just caused me so much stress the past week trying to figure it all out, I've just stopped caring at this point and want to enjoy the Fair without dedicating my time to this. (I should have done something less ambitious for my first year.) But hey, who knows? Maybe he'll have the magic touch and help me fix it.

-CF :kakama:


Generous Basket Condradiction

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 27 2014 · 128 views
lego, brickfair
Ug, it just keeps getting more challenging to make this thing work.

Posted Image

But that's the point, isn't it?

-CF :kakama:


LEGO Movie Voiceover!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 25 2014 · 119 views
lego, lego movie, brickfair
Now, everyone else is bringing their copies of The LEGO Movie, therefore I don't have to, right?

What we should do is play the movie on silent and then we do all the voices (and sound effects)! Though I think I'd need to watch it a few more times before to be able to do so. (Someone print out the scripts!)

-CF :kakama:


Greatly Boisterous Conundrums

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 17 2014 · 148 views
lego, brickfair
Except not? (That title actually kind of works now that I've written my entry.)

Progress on what is to come:

Posted Image

But man, I turned it on the other night and everything flew apart (not everything). I've still got work to do!

But I took a quick break from this to build two other small things weighing me down as "I have to get this done before BrickFair too!" so now almost all my focus is on this. (Almost all, because I still have all kinds of things I want to make.)

-CF :kakama:


The Plastic Prison

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 14 2014 · 136 views
That's the ultimate question: Take it out or leave it in the case?

Posted Image

I received this awesome Aquaman ArtFX figure (statue?) at work because Barnes and Noble is doing some cool "Get Pop-Cultured" events starting this coming weekend (including giveaways like $45 ArtFX figures for costume and trivia contests), and I know that's something many of us geeks here might be interested in (including Batman/DC days, Marvel Day, TMNT Day, and others). Right now I'm just racking my brain for cool trivia queries and figuring out my own cosplay to join in on the fun. If you're lucky there might even be some LEGO activities (probably for the little kids).

But here's my dilemma: Take Aquaman out and play with him or leave him in the box gaining value? Especially since I think I might just give it to my brother at Christmas, seeing as I already have not one but two Aquaman minifigures on my shelf. (Except my brother thinks I'm crazy for not taking him out and posing him.)

Such is the question of an avid fan.

In the meantime, go to B&N, have fun at the events, and pick up DC's the New 52 Aquaman graphic novels because those are some of the best things DC is putting out right now!

-CF :kakama:


BrickCon or BricksCascade?

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 10 2014 · 253 views
LEGO, conventions, life
Or both? (I don't think both is a responsible option.)

Last year I went to BrickCon for the first time, and it was awesome. I saw friends I hadn't seen for years, met new friends, experienced a convention on the other coast and got to visit Seattle again after too long away. I even got to visit Oregon for the first time through Portland which was also really cool. I had been planning on going back, even getting a rewards credit card for redeeming a portion of a plane flight bill.

But friends had been calling me to BricksCascade in March as well, in Portland. Slightly smaller, lots of prizes and free LEGO giveaways, plus the chance to visit another convention. It all sounds like great as to be expected.

But with all the tugging, I haven't chosen a direction (aside from West and slightly North). Help!

I am also considering skipping any of the plane travel and heading up to New York Comic Con in October. It sounds awesome, I know Sisen is going, and it'll be great to be engaged with all the LEGO stuff TLG has put there.

-CF :kakama:
The other option is sticking on this coast and going to BrickFair in October, or BrickFair in January. Decisions decisions.


General Bacon Controtion

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jun 17 2014 · 257 views
lego, brickfair
This post has nothing to do with bacon.

I've started something big:
Posted Image
And it'll be finished by BrickFair even if I'm pulling all nighters at the end of July!
-CF :kakama:

The Me Brick

Posted Image
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Chocolate Froggy Bloggy

Posted Image
Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Mosaic 2011

Posted Image

(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

BḞ10: Mosaic

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Special thanks to Nukaya. Without her this might not have gotten off the ground.

Other thanks go to xccj for making the pictures, and the members for making the squares!

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