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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


Ruby Sparks

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Dec 09 2012 · 142 views
movie, ruby sparks, movies
Posted Image
I finally saw Ruby Sparks! Wow, so good! Quite near being perfect (one little quip in the reply), amazing characters, well written to push characters to their limits and show them in various lights, and self-reflective on what makes a person and how you can't really change someone.
I slightly teared up at the end. I hadn't thought a movie could do that for me, but it did.

Quick summary: A writer who is terrible with girls starts writing the girl from his dreams, in hopes to get rid of his writer's block. Next thing he knows, she appears in his kitchen in the morning, freaking him out. Whatever he writes about her comes true. But should he use this ability to make her his perfect idea of a girl, or simply let her become the perfect girl for him, and vice versa?
It's definitely one of my favorite films of the year. Do yourself a favor and check it out at Redbox. (Look up a trailer or two if you're apprehensive. It's NOT a romantic comedy.)
Also, Zoe Kazan might be my latest celebrity crush. So cute! Also I can't wait to see what she writes next. (Knowing she wrote it also made me admire her acting at Ruby.)
-CF :kakama:


Reading The Two Towers, et al

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 28 2012 · 128 views
books, reading, lord of the rings and 1 more...
A big thanks to everyone in the last entry about reading a book versus listening to it on CD. There were many good arguments made towards the difference between enjoying a book through reading it versus listening to someone else read it (and Aanchir even wrote an essay. Bless. His English teachers must love him) and some points I had not considered.

So coming off of Eyru's suggestion, I'm going to focus on just reading at least 10 pages a day. I started that last night and eagerly want to pick up The Two Towers again today immediately if it weren't for some other things I had to do. (After the 10 pages, if I don't feel like reading more, I'll switch to another book I'm in the middle of, something more engaging.) At this rate, I should have TT finished in less than a month. I'll start Return of the King sometime next year and apply the same tactics. With any luck I'll be fit for rereading The Hobbit in time for the second movie.

I should probably apply this tactic to Cloud Atlas. And Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Both books are a little hard to get through at first.

-CF :kakama:


Books on CD: Cheating?

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 26 2012 · 215 views
books, lord of the rings, lotr
Is listening to a book on CD versus reading the actual book cheating?

Basically, it took me 5 or 6 years to read The Fellowship of the Ring. I didn't pick up The Two Towers for about 3 years later, and I'm still reading it off and on a year and a half later.
I'm a big believer in reading the book before seeing the movie, but my roommates had other plans. (But boy are the extended editions awesome.)

I figure I can spend about $35 on the trilogy on CD and take about 13 hours listening to the books. Though I realized this is the BBC dramatic reading for the radio and not the word-for-word unabridged edition (which is 50 hours and $70). But I like this idea because what is taking me so long are the long descriptions.

But a little bit of me dies at the thought of not actually reading the books. But at this rate I won't finish The Return of the King for a decade.


-CF :kakama:


SP3 Rainbow Helmets

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 21 2012 · 177 views
LEGO, Galaxy Squad, space and 1 more...
I've made it a point to get 2 of every helmet seen in the second wave of Space Police III (grey), the white and pink spacemen, the black cyborg, and Alien Conquest (weird light blue) (is that all?) in recent minifig history.
So if i want even just one of all the pretty Galaxy Squad helmets, looks like I'll have to get each set.
Which sounds like an awesome idea!

-CF :kakama:


No Shave Nov. Day 2

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 02 2012 · 164 views
beard, no shave november and 1 more...
No Shave Nov. Day 2 Just kidding. I haven't shaved for over a week. :P

-CF :kakama:

Speaking of November, I'm having a really hard time being motivated to start NaNoWriMo this year. I just have so much other stuff going on that I don't want to neglect by insisting I type on my computer for a few hours each day. That, or I don't have a story formed yet. If I did I'd probably want to jump right in. I was thinking of retrying one of two stories I've tried for the past two years, one steampunk and one sci-fi. And now I'm thinking I might just try both in one story! Maybe. *Sigh*



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 01 2012 · 154 views
books, stargirl
I just finished reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli! The feels! Such a fantastic piece of literature, it spoke to me in ways that reflect my appreciation for similar John Green books. It tore out my heart and broke it and put it together and ripped it up again and and and... uggg the feels!

Heartbreaking moments, happy moments, moments where you jump up and down in joy and others where you want to punch the main character in the gut because he's being a typical high school boy that cares more of what his friends think even though he's dating the coolest girl ever but the school hates her.

Though I am probably biased because I don't care what other people think of me, and even then in high school I didn't and I knew that in his shoes I would have made different decisions than he, even back then.

But the feels!

I avoided reading this back in 7th or 8th grade when my English teacher recommended it to the class, because at that age I didn't want to read what I thought was a "girl book." That being said, it's a boy narrator and the girl is awesome. But I don't think I would have appreciated that back then, whereas now I absolutely revel in young adult fiction that decides to toy with my emotions and ask the BIG QUESTIONS and have BIG IDEAS (see my John Green comment above. His books do that and I love them to death).

-CF :kakama:


The Awesome Steed

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 18 2012 · 140 views

Is there anything more awesome?
Posted Image
I thought not.

Current wallpaper too!

That is all. B-)

-CF :kakama:


Sending BFair MOCs!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Oct 01 2012 · 205 views
mocs, brickfair
I am sending out the second batch of BrickFair MOCs today before work. Sorry it's taken so long--between two people receiving MOCs for two conventions, there was a lot to sort through and a lot of addresses, usernames, and MOCs to match up. And return shipping.*

So if you sent something to BrickFair or the convention in May/June, expect your MOC to arrive soon (unless it already did!).
Unless these are your MOCs, in which case I have no idea who they belong to and I need you to PM me. (Otherwise I get free pieces!)
Posted ImagePosted Image

Everyone has a prototype piece in their box. I wish some of you could get more than one (two arms of one color, etc) for having such cool MOCs, but alas that wouldn't be fair.

-CF :kakama:

*New rules for next year: Cash (rounded up to the nearest $5 increment) or paypal only. No checks, exact change, or stamps. Gosh stamps are the worst. And I don't like worrying about if the stamps enclosed are enough to get it back. Just one of many reasons it's taken this long.
And be sure to follow the procedure of pictures, name/username, address, please.



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 29 2012 · 171 views
doctor who, moffat, sci-fi
Waterworks And today the Whovians shall watch Doctor Who and experience heartbreak as we have never felt before.

My girlfriend and I are aiming for a BBC livestream so we can watch at 2:30 instead of abandoning our friends at 9:00. Or waiting a few days.

-CF :kakama:


mailed out 9 mocs

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 21 2012 · 165 views
lego, brickfair
I mailed out 9 MOCs today. I remember mailing Arpy's, Bunda's, and one to Sweden. But I don't remember the rest and don't have my list on me right now. :P

So until I get that list, and also mail out the other 9, let's assume it's yours that was shipped out. :P

-CF :kakama:


Yo ho ho!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 19 2012 · 164 views
pirate, doctor who
"Or do they not actually say that?"
Posted Image
Happy talk like a pirate day!

-CF :fear:
(No, wait, that one's not right...) :pirate:
(Also, today's xkcd: :wired: )


8 Figures of 8

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Sep 13 2012 · 114 views
lego, minifigs
Finally got some Series 8 minifigs today at TRU! How many? You guessed it, 8!

But half of those I'm giving away, so I actually got 4:
Two Alien queens, a businessman, and the diver.
The aliens are pretty awesome. I am pleasantly surprised at getting two pieces of fabric for the cape, and how the head/brain is two pieces with a minifig head inside. I'm experimenting to see what I can place the brain on that will look good. I also like getting 2 of every space figure.
The businessman is pretty much just for the black bowler hat so I can make an Inspector Spacetime minifig, but I'm having trouble finding the proper jacket. The new Monster Hunter Zombie chauffeur has a pretty good one, but it's ripped and whatnot.
The diver was just because it's awesome and different; another great idea from LEGO!

I also snagged the cowgirl for my sister, the thespian for my friend, the evil robot for my girlfriend, and the pirate for my brother (which my mom is putting into a Talk Like a Pirate Day care package to send to his dorm which will arrive by the 19th). I had no trouble finding any of these (or at least I assume--I haven't opened the three except for the fact that my sister opened her cowgirl).

Overall a nice pull this time around.

-CF :kakama:


If You Sent me BrickFair MOCs

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 23 2012 · 246 views
lego, brickfair, mocs
And by me I mean DV but I mean that I received them either at my house or from DV after the con and I have to send them all back...
Then I guess I should let you know where I am in getting those back to you.
Currently they are all sitting in a box downstairs.
If you sent them exclusively to BrickFair, they are probably in the boxes they came in. All your return postage is safe in my bank account. (Unless you still need to paypal me that. >:( )
Everything sent to Oregon is in one box and hopefully all the return shipping is there and that's why DV told you to PM me so I have all your information on where/postage.
Tonight I will sort through everything and tell Black Six how many prototype pieces I need to include in the returns.
Once I get those then I'll mail them out.
ETA: 3 weeks. So expect 4.
That's why I haven't been responding to PMs. Sorry.

-CF :kakama:


Meno Meno

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 07 2012 · 171 views
joe meno, brickfair
Didn't get to say hi to Joe Meno at BrickFair this year.
We go way back.
Like, to 2007.

-CF :kakama:



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 04 2012 · 220 views
bzpower, people, friends
If I call you by your username, it means I love you.
Or I don't like your real name.
Or your username is cooler.
Or easier to say.
Or I might call you by your real name too.
Like if I've known you for a while.
Or just feel like saying it for a change.
Or I know you prefer me doing so.
But sometimes I just don't care.

To me, a username transcends a person's identity. It becomes them. To me, I am ChocolateFrogs, a person, not someone named after a Harry Potter candy, but the term has changed meaning to be my name. Other names-- Sisen, Disky, Nukaya, Arpy-- are just as unique as a name given at birth, but instead is also one chosen by the bearer to be them.

I know some people don't like being called their username in public, which is totally fine, but it doesn't change that it is part of their identity now.

Of course, that's just my personal view. Maybe you look at me and think I'm crazy for choosing a name after the Harry Potter-verse. Maybe you would much prefer to call people by their real name, because it is perfect and also them. But when I'm out having fun, I have fun with your names too. And that is something we all share.

-CF :kakama:

The Me Brick

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Location: Northern Virginia
Favorite color: Guess
Favorite smell: Campfire
Interests: LEGO, Boy Scouts (Eagle), Geeking, Comics
First LEGO Set: Renegade Runner
Roman Catholic
Convention history: BrickFest '04, & '06
BrickFair VA '08, '09, '10, '11 & '12, '13 & '14.
BrickCon '13.
:flagusa: :kakama:

Chocolate Froggy Bloggy


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Mosaic 2011

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(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

BḞ10: Mosaic

^News Coverage^
Special thanks to Nukaya. Without her this might not have gotten off the ground.

Other thanks go to xccj for making the pictures, and the members for making the squares!

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