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Golden Wrenches


Scout Bait.

Posted by Gavla , Aug 04 2013 · 413 views

I like to use Scouts as bait.
If I have the Intel and know a Sniper is watching one of the two exit doors, I'll let a team mate Scout go first, get killed and quickly escape as the Sniper reloads.
Posted Image


Blog Change.

Posted by Gavla , Aug 03 2013 · 396 views

This blog is now dedicated to my life as a Hat collecting Engineer.
Posted Image


TurtleNeck Misc.

Posted by Gavla , Mar 12 2013 · 449 views

Posted Image
I want this for my Engineer loadouts.



Posted by Gavla , Jan 23 2012 · 827 views

When I was younger, Crayola crayons went into their 100th year.

Because of this, they sold special Gold Boxes with 100 of their colors.

The other day my grandmother gave me one of these boxes that she found in a closet. It was mine, and since I was horrible at coloring I never really used them.

Looking on the back of the box, I saw there was a contest going on during their 100th year.

"We're bringing in four new colors, but to do so we need to get rid of four classic colors! You pick which of these FIVE CHOICES can stay in the 100!"

So yeah, they picked five colors, and asked us to pick which of the five would not be with the four sent away.

Looking through the box, I saw I still have all five choices. All intact.

Burnt Sienna

Blizzard Blue


Teal Blue

Magic Mint

..I dunno why, but I feel glad to still have these five colors you can't get anymore.

I think I'll keep them on my shelves.


The Yard Is A Mess.

Posted by Gavla , Nov 17 2011 · 373 views

My yard, everyone's yard is full of leaves.


Wet, brownish leaves all over the yards.

Such is the issue with living in a heavily wooded area. Though, it sort of looks.. pretty. Aside from barely seeing any grass.


It's One Of Those Days

Posted by Gavla , Nov 02 2011 · 314 views

Where I realize I still need to re-make the blog.

And that I'm very hungry. Even after dinner.

Time for some soup.


Blog Changes, Comics, Stuff

Posted by Gavla , Oct 24 2011 · 296 views

Big accident outside the parkway. Dumpster truck overturned.

Big mess, chah.

Anyway, I'll try changing up my blog at some point this week.

I love working on comics, yet the ironic thing is I miss not /doing/ them during the break. Odd how that works out.

Augh, I'm so tired at the moment that I'm making typing mistakes as I type. Yet correcting them. What the.


Blog Layout

Posted by Gavla , Oct 24 2011 · 263 views

I'm considering changing the look of this blog. Maybe.

I'm not sure, exactly. I don't /want/ to change the name. Red Hot Muffins is my favorite name for a blog.

I know one thing, a change to some layout would be nice. I guess.

Maybe some links, I dunno. What do you fellows think?


Gavla's Views On The New Hf Sets

Posted by Gavla , Oct 20 2011 · 285 views

  • Breez has heels. At least I'm assuming they are meant to be that in some way. I actually like that little detail.
  • Phantom really really makes me think of a fusion between Fire and ol' Neb. Like really.
  • Evo's helmet looking somewhat like his first is a very nice touch.
  • Furno doesn't seem to suck as much as he used to. I like the propellers added to him.
  • Jawblade is a shark. That's awesome in my opinion.
  • I really like the Rocka set. The gold coming back as gold is nice, but all those extra features like that ammo like belt/spear holder on his back are double nice.
  • Splitface makes me think of a mixup between two villains from before. I forget their exact names, but his helmet/face make me think that. He's red, too. Which is cool.
  • I'll say it, I HATE Surge having green. I like white and blue better. But it's nice to see his first form's sword/whatever in blue.
  • Thornaxx makes me think of the Nui-Rama. My favorite Rahi set. So that's super neat for me. Plus, TEAL.
  • Toxic's helmet is nice, and the green flames are nice too.
Side notes-

This group of sets seems a lot better from the past three groups. Each group had a bunch of stuff I liked, but I do like this new lineup the most.

The Heroes seem better built, and actually look strong unlike their flimsy 2.0 and 3.0 looks.

The villains are interesting, mostly Jaw and Thorn.

I still hate green on Surge despite the fact his eyes are green.

Stickers. I still hate those. But whatever.

Seeing the Thornax launchers with a bit of armor on-top this time makes them a bit more fresh and better to look at.

I do like those new cuffs.

Original line's helmets. So nice. I guess.

That's about it for what I can say.



Posted by Gavla , Oct 20 2011 · 349 views

..Was there an earthquake on the Eastern side of the states?

At all?
I swear I felt one a few minutes ago. Or at least something with a strong enough shake to move my chair and desk.

Just asking.

I'm an Engineer.

Posted Image
Engineer Loadout(s)-
Unusual Engineer's Cap (Effect: Bubbling) (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Idea Tube (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Builder's Blueprints (Painted: Sinister Staining)
Engineer Strange Weapons-
Strange Wrench (Kills: 259 - Sentry Kills: 1134)
Strange Shotgun (Kills: 1455)
Strange Festive Frontier Justice (Kills: 134)
Strange PDA (Sentry Kills: 167 - Health Dispensed to Allies: 22021 - Allies Teleported: 198)
Strange Diamond Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 52 - Sentry Kills: 198)
Strange Blood Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 66 - Sentry Kills: 261)


Please call me G. , as it is a much more proper name for me.

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