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Golden Wrenches



Posted by Gavla , Oct 20 2011 · 292 views

I like hashbrowns.

Or hash browns.

Whatever the correct term is, I like them.


Let's Talk More About Break. Such As The Weather.

Posted by Gavla , Oct 14 2011 · 249 views

Hello chaps.

Another interesting bit that went on during the forum downtime was all that craaaaazzzy weather!

If you live on the East Cost, you know just what I mean.

A certain earthquake, and then a certain storm.

I've lived here, in my state. All my life.

Raised by my grandparents, you see. So I've seen a lot. Such as storms.

But I never felt an earthquake before, and to be honest when that one happened? Not impressed. I honestly thought a tree fell in my backyard. (We have a lot of trees around my area, you see.)

And that storm. That big old storm did absolutely nothing to us. Now yes, I know it was worst in the upper part of the state, but for my part that has a lot of water around; it didn't do much. At least from what I saw. I mean, the power cut for an hour the night it happened and once again at 1:35, and got back on at 4:30 next evening. So we did loose power.

But in all, the weather didn't really.. impress me. For the first hurricane I was in, I expected a little' more "unf". It just seemed like a really dark drizzle storm. To my grandfather and myself, at least.


So It's Back, Life Has A New Part Again And I'm Still A Muffin.

Posted by Gavla , Oct 13 2011 · 187 views

So the forums are back, that's good. Now I have motivation to continue my comics again.

Though, I did enjoy the few month break. I played games, did stuff. Ya know, just stuff to keep my time filled.

My day isn't really interesting, it's bland and slow.

So I guess I'll go over some of the stuff that did happen.

I went to Tucson.

I played games a lot more to pass the time.

I got a lot of rest.

I bought some of the new LEGO sets.

I made word docs to help me re-post my comics when the forums come back.

I lost a friend.

Another friend didn't want to be my friend, too.

I enjoyed some pies over the Summer.

I guess that's it for now.


Happy Birthday

Posted by Gavla , Apr 06 2011 · 149 views

To me, Happy birthday to me.


-Anyway, yes it's that day of the year again. I'd ask for someone to make me a cake, but as I now know..

It's a lie. That darn, yummy cake. sad.gif


Money In The Bank

Posted by Gavla , Mar 28 2011 · 139 views

I'm still fairly new to keeping money from stuff in the bank, investments and such.

To the point I need to learn to not confuse the monthly invested cash(or whatever) for the total amount.

Case in point, I thought I had 14 bucks left when really, 14 bucks were added in.

To which I get worried and think "Oh no someone got my money".

So yeah.


A Busy End Of March

Posted by Gavla , Mar 24 2011 · 166 views

Ugh, hello!

My grandmom had surgery on her right eye on Tuesday, so I've been busy helping out after that.

She gets her left eye done next week, on Tuesday again. Then she's all better.

March leads into April, you know.

Which means my birthday is after next week. Should be interesting.

So how is everyone?



Posted by Gavla , Mar 12 2011 · 241 views

You know, a long time ago when I was a bit younger I went fishing with my grandfather and uncle.

It.. it was really fun, one of the highlights of one of the summers. I miss fishing, I should do that again.

Do you chaps have any good memories of things you'd want to try again?



Posted by Gavla , Mar 06 2011 · 170 views

Our water heater broke the other day.

Our living room carpet smells, the whole room does.

It hurts my nose.


Name Change?

Posted by Gavla , Feb 01 2011 · 162 views

I've thought for some time on changing the blogs name.

But let's be honest here, chaps.

Red Hot Muffins is simply the best name there is for my blog. tongue.gif

As for screen name, there is no way I'm switching from "Gavla" to something else.

It makes for the perfect gag.



Posted by Gavla , Jan 12 2011 · 213 views

So bread.

Whats your favorite type of bread?

In fact, what do YOU like to put on/how do you eat your bread?

For me, I like potato bread.

I like to make sandwiches out of bread.

Maybe toast it, add some butter or Nutella.

I'm an Engineer.

Posted Image
Engineer Loadout(s)-
Unusual Engineer's Cap (Effect: Bubbling) (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Idea Tube (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Builder's Blueprints (Painted: Sinister Staining)
Engineer Strange Weapons-
Strange Wrench (Kills: 259 - Sentry Kills: 1134)
Strange Shotgun (Kills: 1455)
Strange Festive Frontier Justice (Kills: 134)
Strange PDA (Sentry Kills: 167 - Health Dispensed to Allies: 22021 - Allies Teleported: 198)
Strange Diamond Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 52 - Sentry Kills: 198)
Strange Blood Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 66 - Sentry Kills: 261)


Please call me G. , as it is a much more proper name for me.

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