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Golden Wrenches


A New Year

Posted by Gavla , Jan 02 2011 · 138 views

It's a new year, everyone. Second day of it, in fact.

Mm.. smell that?

It's rain. We over here near the sea get welcomed in.. with rain. Plus snow still on the ground but whatever.

Ya know, to be honest the only real problems for me this past year.. was the weather. Horrible heat in the summer (Plus add broken air conditioners ) and bitter cold in winter..

With broken heaters.

Seems all my problems were mechanical. tongue.gif


Creepy Neighbors

Posted by Gavla , Nov 22 2010 · 152 views

I don't like some of our neighbors, for various reasons.

Some being, why one would walk their dog in our yard.. I dunno.

Maybe she wanted our Christmas decorations.

Hard to tell, but it's creepy.

One of them walks around without a shirt sometimes. Blah.



Posted by Gavla , Nov 01 2010 · 230 views

No one came.

At all.

No one but air.

More candy for us, it seems.


Stormy Return

Posted by Gavla , Oct 04 2010 · 200 views

I'm back! From Texas!

It was so sunny there, the sky so blue.. so clear..

But I was sick going there. Blah. Happens on the extra long trips. Chicago was beautiful, you all should see the (I think it's the main) main street. Flowers.. so lovely.

So many things. I took a few pictures, might post them here later.

I'm all better now, but my foot from that fall the past week still bugs me.



Posted by Gavla , Sep 26 2010 · 211 views

Well tomorrow I go. Leaving for Texas by train. Going out west, as they say. Or.. something like that. When I went to New Mexico, I saw a lot of cows on the way. I hope I see more of those fine creatures. Moo.

Anyway, yeah. Going by train.

8:30, NJ-Transit

Near noon is the train to Washington DC. Then the train to Chicago.

Tuesday, train from Chicago to Texas. Get in on Wednesday.

Only for a week, I shall be gone. Yet still here. Chaha.



Posted by Gavla , Sep 22 2010 · 167 views

So. Uh.

I fell down the last three steps in my house and twisted my foot. Only hurts on the side, only when I really walk. Not when it's perfectly still.

So that's kinda the big news today, besides the pool getting closed. (Closed for the winter.)



Posted by Gavla , Sep 11 2010 · 211 views

Wow, I'm actually going to be leaving my house today.
The thing with my family, is when my grandfather is away on a trip that leaves my mother as the only transport.
Trust me, you don't want to drive with her.

Going shopping today, with a friend, and out to lunch.



Pm Box A Full Then Un-filled

Posted by Gavla , Jul 22 2010 · 181 views

If there is one thing I dislike about being a comic maker is the massive amounts of PM's about things, sprites, tips, PGS and GS spots..


I spent the last three minutes cleaning up any un-needed PM's. So if you chaps had to send me something, or reply to me for something, you can do so again now.

In other news, life has been busy busy busy!

Grandmother had teeth surgery, my leg's been bugging me, odd fixes of depression seeping in.

All very strange.

All very stressful.

As such, listening to piano songs for an hour or so seems to make me sad. Which is odd, cause I play Piano. Hmm.


Eyes And Rabbits

Posted by Gavla , Jun 21 2010 · 180 views

I don't like pollen, it aggravates my eyes.

Tomorrow should be fun, I'm actually going out and about with one of my friends to look for the HF sets and get new books and such.

Attempting to learn how to animate sprites too.

Oh, hey hey, guess what?

We have baby bunnies in our back yard.

They look so cute outside in the grass.


Alarming Alarms

Posted by Gavla , Jun 18 2010 · 167 views

I hate it when the smoke detectors just suddenly "beep".





-kinda awake-



It's worst when it's like..one AM.

So anyway, last night I awoke to the smoke detector in my room beeeeeping. Why? I guess..batteries? I dunno, but it stopped when my grand-dad looked at it.

-More alarms-

I was about..nine. Nine years old, and we were in an elevator. I found the "Big Red Emergency" button to be quite snazzy, so...



It's Summer, yet it's getting cold around here.

It's a sign of the next Winter.

I'm an Engineer.

Posted Image
Engineer Loadout(s)-
Unusual Engineer's Cap (Effect: Bubbling) (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Idea Tube (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Builder's Blueprints (Painted: Sinister Staining)
Engineer Strange Weapons-
Strange Wrench (Kills: 259 - Sentry Kills: 1134)
Strange Shotgun (Kills: 1455)
Strange Festive Frontier Justice (Kills: 134)
Strange PDA (Sentry Kills: 167 - Health Dispensed to Allies: 22021 - Allies Teleported: 198)
Strange Diamond Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 52 - Sentry Kills: 198)
Strange Blood Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 66 - Sentry Kills: 261)


Please call me G. , as it is a much more proper name for me.

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