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Golden Wrenches



Posted by Gavla , Jun 13 2010 · 143 views

You chaps know I wear glasses. I mean come on, I'm like..half blind in my left eye.

But I hate cleaning them. I got this little cloth and spray for them from the eye doc and like every day I gotta spray em, and wipe em so they sparkle and don't look dirty.

Cause you can tell when they are in need of a wash.

Put them up on your head, near your eyes.

You get what I mean.


Busy Busy

Posted by Gavla , Jun 06 2010 · 160 views

Life is busy, day is busy, home schooling is busy.

Darn it, I've been getting so busy..I've lost lots of time I could of used to talk with you guys.

Ah well, it should cool down after tomorrow or so.

Some news like stuff-

The air conditioner broke the other day, so we had no cool air for a half-week. :/

Now it's all fixed, yay! Party in the cool air, yay!



Posted by Gavla , May 25 2010 · 119 views

Bleh, I'm back.

If you chaps were wondering why I've been so busy, let's talk about it.

One, trips. Lot's of trips.

Two, my uncle M passed away. Sad time for the family, so the past two weeks I've been busy with the events after his death.

So yesterday, I went to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) and got my ID. I needed one.

I feel so snazzy. biggrin.gif


Travel Blog 1

Posted by Gavla , Apr 17 2010 · 110 views

I'm a trip, so I'll mark my entry: Travel Blog 1

Ok, so basically we left on Wednesday.
Took about two trains to get to Washington DC.
Took Washington train to Chicago.

Got into Chicago on Thursday.
Shopped at one of the malls, had some really REALLY good ice cream. And other stuffs.

Got to Kansas City (Where I am now) at 11 at night on Thursday.
Yesterday on Friday-

Did stuff biggrin.gif

Now I sit here eating waffles on the second day in the city.

So wassup guys?


Almost That Time

Posted by Gavla , Apr 05 2010 · 180 views

Almost that time of year again.

That BIRTHDAY time of year.

Tomorrow, April 6.

Will be my birthday, like every year.

Should be fun, I think.

I dunno, might look for a lap top. Or somethin.



Posted by Gavla , Apr 04 2010 · 166 views

Happy Easter, my friends.

Go out and eat some candy.

And eggs.


It's All Smooth

Posted by Gavla , Apr 01 2010 · 117 views

Hey baby.

I'll never let you down.

I'll never run around and desert you.

Never gonna make you cry.

Never gonna say goodbye.

Never gonna tell a lie. And hurt you.


Cause I'm...

And you just got April Fooled.



Scent Of Burned Trees

Posted by Gavla , Mar 23 2010 · 186 views

Storm last night went on.

A BAD one. Like with thunder and all that.

A tree near our area got blasted. Oy..

Also, no power went out. Thank goodness! But my dog went insane over it. Oy..

Birthday in 14 days too, so that's exciting. I think 14.





Oy, New Mocs?

Posted by Gavla , Mar 18 2010 · 152 views

I'm quite proud how they came out.


The GameGirl
^She's meant to have all those counters tongue.gif ^

I like Dharuk the most. The best MOC I feel that I've done.

I have more pics. I should really do one of those MOC topics..


Blast From A Weekly Past

Posted by Gavla , Mar 16 2010 · 125 views



In all honesty, I dunno!

Well I'm having a good day, pancakes and such.



Comic Stuff going good, searching for some new sprites.

Ya know, I need more shirts.

Also, anyone remember those large Lego Bionicle 400 pieces buckets? Awesomeness.

I'm an Engineer.

Posted Image
Engineer Loadout(s)-
Unusual Engineer's Cap (Effect: Bubbling) (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Idea Tube (Painted: Sinister Staining)
The Builder's Blueprints (Painted: Sinister Staining)
Engineer Strange Weapons-
Strange Wrench (Kills: 259 - Sentry Kills: 1134)
Strange Shotgun (Kills: 1455)
Strange Festive Frontier Justice (Kills: 134)
Strange PDA (Sentry Kills: 167 - Health Dispensed to Allies: 22021 - Allies Teleported: 198)
Strange Diamond Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 52 - Sentry Kills: 198)
Strange Blood Bot Killer Wrench (Kills: 66 - Sentry Kills: 261)


Please call me G. , as it is a much more proper name for me.

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