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Posted by Gavla , Jan 12 2011 · 238 views

So bread.

Whats your favorite type of bread?

In fact, what do YOU like to put on/how do you eat your bread?

For me, I like potato bread.

I like to make sandwiches out of bread.

Maybe toast it, add some butter or Nutella.

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I guess that'd be ordinary bread. I pretty much like every kind of bread, though. ^^

Due to an allergy of someone in my family I also got to know various kinds of gluten-free bread, which is nice, too...

As for what I like to put onto my bread... many, many things biggrin.gif
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Jan 12 2011 12:31 PM
Almost any bread except white bread. Blech. Anything that is "edible" that you can ball up in your hand or use like it's Play-Doh is just wrong. Plus it's bad for you.

But toasted with butter is a nice way to eat bread. And for sandwich's, PBJ is classic and good. cool.gif
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I used to make peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches on toast.

Best sandwiches I ever made.
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Gamzee Makara
Jan 12 2011 02:47 PM
Sourdough and Shepherd's Bread are my two favorites. That and cheese rolls. :3

And there is no limit to what I can put on it, as long as it's not condiments, because they always make the bread soggy. :/
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Cheese rolls.

You my good man, are a smart chap to name them.

They are excellence.

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Baguette (or any French bread-ish type thing =P), with butter.
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^ Totally in agreement.

For bread like that, I prefer actual Baguettes from real restaurants.

Store bought is not always so good.
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Sourdough bread.
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Feb 22 2011 09:29 PM
Potato bread. That stuff goes by fast at my place. It tastes good toasted. Very satisfying crunch.
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English muffins with Trader Joes brand strawberry jelly on a rainy day with a glass of orange juice.

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