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Posted by Gavla , Mar 12 2011 · 281 views

You know, a long time ago when I was a bit younger I went fishing with my grandfather and uncle.

It.. it was really fun, one of the highlights of one of the summers. I miss fishing, I should do that again.

Do you chaps have any good memories of things you'd want to try again?

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Working compound mitre saws isn't high on my list. XP
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Mar 13 2011 01:13 AM
I remember the summer of 2002 I would go fishing for catfish at the local marsh with my Dad. Definitely a highlight of childhood, and I'd love to do it again with him.
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I remember one of the fishing trips, we caught some catfish. One stabbed my uncle in the hand. It was.. interesting, cha.
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Brappy Hour
Mar 13 2011 07:35 AM
And then he snapped his neck, correct?
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I used to go fishing with my dad sometimes, but since I didn't know how to swim (which I learned how to do over the past year, actually) being in the boat made me pretty scared. tongue.gif
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I've never been fishing.

Which is sad, because I live near a lake.

In fact, the whole town is near a lake.
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My town used to be near a lake, but then they took it away.
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..How do you "take a lake away".

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They drained all of the water out. tongue.gif It's an artificially maintained lake.
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