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Exile Blackwagon



Posted by Jodariel , Oct 23 2009 · 47 views
and 1 more...


Lobster Man

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 22 2009 · 65 views
and 1 more...


The Ring. Tone.

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 21 2009 · 42 views
When this song is over, you will die.
When this song is over, you will die.
This recording bears a curse, and it only will get worse,
When this song is over, you will die.

You've seen that scary movie called The Ring,
Except for this being The Ringtone, the same thing.
Ask not for whom the MP3 / may toll, it tolls for thee,
You're doomed the moment that I cease to sing.

When this song is over, you will die.
There's no time to complain or question why.
Three minutes and some change are all we could arrange,
When this song is over, you will die.

There was a monster at the end of Grover's book,
And he was too darn scared to even look,
Well, it turned out to be him, but your fate is much more grim,
And all that will remain is this song's hook.

When this song is over, you will die,
Its power chords will make your brainpan fry,
For good measure, in the bridge, we'll stuff your girlfriend in the fridge,
When this song is over, you will die.

It isn't Rock Band for Nintendo Wii,
The controller's not compatible, you see,
The only beetles to be seen are picking your bones clean,
And your tomb is locked, no way to change the key.

Have your body freeze-dried, wrapped in foil,
And planted some six feet beneath the soil,
This is your requiem, and it has no DRM,
You're iPod Shuffling off this mortal coil.

When this song is over, you will die,
Nothing left that you can do or try,
Take the record for a spin, then inform your next-of-kin,
When this song is over, you will die.

When this song is over, you will die,
When this song is over, you will die,
It's an earworm of a tune, but you'll get rid of it soon,
When this song is over, you will die.

When this song is over, you will die,
Thanks for listening, time to say goodbye,
Hope you've made out your will, now we're closing for the kill,
When this song is over, you will,
When this song is over, you will,
When this song is over, you will die!


Thank You For Joining Corporate Staff

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 19 2009 · 37 views
Need a name for a corporation in Bionicle, KK? Note that it's a regular corporation. Favorite idea gets used, others might as well.


Here's Da Plan: Win. If We Lose, It's Because Ya Didn't Follow Da Plan.

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 18 2009 · 124 views
and 1 more...

random entry is random


Because Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 18 2009 · 43 views
Livin' in Reality
Why the heck am I posting plans I'll never achieve? <<

Go to college
Leave the country (on vacation at least)
Fire a gun
Own a gun (preferably pump-action shotgun)
Finish a project on B-zip
Not get drafted/join the military
Get a gas mask
Wear a Guy Fawkes mask for a day
Not die a scruffy, unloved hobo inside a cardboard box


Bosses And Minibosses

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 15 2009 · 43 views
Death Sword is the best (Aesthetically) Miniboss in Twilight Princess. Hands Down.

Otherwise it's either swimming Morpheel or armored Argorok for best looking Bosses.



Posted by Jodariel , Oct 13 2009 · 44 views
Which kanohi would you say to be most similar to a Guy Fawkes mask? Jus' curious. (wanna do a V parody with it)


This Is Not Anarchy, Eve. This Is Chaos.

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 12 2009 · 43 views
o hai i herd u like name changes so we changed my name

and font color


Conceptual Beasties

Posted by Jodariel , Oct 10 2009 · 38 views
"Gapers": A small matoran who looks completely normal from behind. From the front, there are blackened pits where their eyes once sat and their lower jaw is disconnected from the rest of the head/mask, resulting in a permanent shocked expression. In addition, they have small mouths on the backs of their hands, which grin in a horrifying rictus as long as the matoran lives. When the matoran dies, the hand-mouths open to reveal the eyes the matoran previously had in their face. Needless to say, the hands are usually quickly destroyed before the matoran is killed. Usually work as guards. Prone to uncontrolled "sobs" and "pleas" emenating from the gaping maw.

"Dreads": Skakdi at creation, their frames are twisted and hunched over with wiry limbs and heads coated in bizzare symbols. Their name comes from the tattered remnants of their spines which, having been slashed apart dozens of times. These tangled messes resemble dreadlocks, giving these beastial mooks their name. Often prceeded by tortured howling which can be heard for miles. Always travel in groups of three to five. Their heads occasionally rotate 360 degrees whiled leaving the dreadlocks perfectly stationary.

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