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Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates



Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 14 2010 · 47 views
One of my favorite strategies in TF2 is to deman/request everyone on my team go engie. We actually did that one on PL_DonkeyKong. The screams of "gOTTAMOVETHATGEARUP" were as much music to my ears at Jarate+CritFlames.

When in doubt, smack them about.


Dreellz Here!

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 13 2010 · 44 views
Whoever makes "What happens when Delta gets his Drills" first wins.


How To Make The Flaregun More Useful

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 13 2010 · 44 views
Make it a revolver. Seriously. Give it six shots so the 2.02 second reload time is actually justified. As is, it's too hard to hit with, the flares go too slowly, and they can't be fired fast enough.



Mega Blocks Galaxy Gamma

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 11 2010 · 44 views
weeeeeeeeee invited


Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 10 2010 · 45 views
I've come to talk with you again.


It Made My Day #1

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 09 2010 · 36 views
and 1 more...
A while ago I was having a few drinks with some friends, when the bell rings to call in last orders, before the barman could even say a word a loud voice from the other side of the bar screamed "ICEBERG DEAD AHEAD!!!" it was so unexpected I cried with laughter and IMMD"

"While walking home from an extremely tiring gym session up 300+ stairs, I found out someone had spraypainted on a stair about halfway through “This is tiring”. IMMD"

"In my entrepreneurship class, we spent the entire time discussing the value of Sky Mall products. IMMD"

"I helped a customer at the airport with their dog carrier today, and ended up getting tipped 20 dollars for getting to fawn over an adorable puppy for a quarter of a mile stretch of parking lot. IMMD!"

"I’ve been trying to get my electricity hooked up for over 2 months now. When I called the electric company today to let them know the house was finally ready, instead of the normal 4 day wait, they told me that everything was good to go! The guys had left three hours before I called! IMMD!"


Aaaaaaah. The Atmosphere.

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 09 2010 · 53 views
and 1 more...


Ferrous Vir Ii

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 09 2010 · 56 views
Sci Fi-in'
Tony Stark has shown us what GMan has in his briefcase.


Yet Another Downtime Entry.

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 09 2010 · 42 views
Why is it my mind can come up with an opening animation for a TF2 anime? Especially, the Sniper shooting the Spy's cigarette out of his mouth with the huntsman? Or KUNG FU PYRO?


It's A Cook Book

Posted by Xaeraz , Mar 08 2010 · 46 views
Sci Fi-in'

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