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Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates


No More Mister Nice Delta.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Mar 04 2010 · 37 views
Played Bioshock through twice as the nice guy. Playing through now for maximum evil.

Update: Wow, Gracie. Glass jaw much? I mean, ONE PUNCH with the friggin HACK TOOL and you go down like a sack of hypos.

Update 2: Wheeeeeee, punched a splicer to death with the hack tool on camera in Siren Alley.


Calling All Medics

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Mar 03 2010 · 50 views



You Are Now The Medic.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Mar 03 2010 · 50 views
So on my freinds list I've got a medic (Takuma), a soldier (E), a demoman (CillBosby), a pyro (Me), a scout (MillyBays)/Card Crusher), and a laggy combat engie (Soundwave224).

We just need a sniper, a spy, and a heavy to be a full team.


Brotha Flies, Grass Shines, Birds Grow, And Sun?

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Mar 02 2010 · 49 views
I hurt nature.

I'm a force 'a people!

If you were from, where I was from, then you'd be from, where I was from!


Jeopardy Teen Test In Under 20 Minutes

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Mar 02 2010 · 50 views
Livin' in Reality
Wish me luck! happy.gif


>send In The Vortigaunts.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Feb 27 2010 · 36 views
You cannot send in the vortigaunts, they are too busy helping Gordon Freeman!

Anyway, time resumes and you open the door you didn't come in through. It opens away from you, and you enter.

What do you do?


>grab Some Crazy Glue And Fix Your Ankle.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Feb 27 2010 · 37 views
You grab a tube of Krazy Glue, despite never having heard of it before, and pull your ankle free. From there, you grab a conviniently placed Health-Pak and smack it against your ankle, mending it and returning your health to 100. Suddenly, time stops, and a purple suited janitor walks in front of you, sweeps for a bit, and mumbles something about loseing his ointment.

What do you do?


>block The Door With The Chairs - Both Ends - And Ring The Bell.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Feb 27 2010 · 40 views
You block both doors with a chair and ring the bell. You hear a whistling and look up, realizing the office has no roof. A pod drops down from space, smashing your ankle into a thousand pieces. Through the pain of having a broken ankle, you manage to read the text on the pod. It reads, "HERO POD: 1920s communist: Russia."

Joseph Stalin's hero pod has broken your ankle. What do you do?


>enter Office

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Feb 27 2010 · 43 views
You step inside the office. You are in a waiting room with five chairs of assorted shaoes and sizes.There is a door opposite the one you entered with a doorbell next to it. You turn to look out the window and see a car go careening through where you had just been standing.

What do you do?


Conclusive Proof That Hero Factory Is Awful.

Posted by I Thirst For Spines , Feb 27 2010 · 53 views
"Oo, hello there. I see you've stumbled on our 1920s Utah outpost. Sorry we're not in the office right now, we're busy trying to get a foolish, bumbling leader into his destined role as the dictator of Germany. The door's unlocked, just come inside and visit us home in 2048 if you're interested in the job."

You are standing outside the office of a business called "Time and Space". You have just heard the previous recording. What do you do?

>Enter Office

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