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Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates


Grievous Bodily Harm

Posted by Xaeraz , Jan 06 2010 · 61 views
Sci Fi-in'
Why do movies always -ALWAYS- underutilize the cool characters or just kill them off?


Stupid Boiler, Scared The *censored* Outta Me.

Posted by Xaeraz , Jan 06 2010 · 63 views
Demos for games should NOT be this addicting!


I've Got A Creepy Employer.

Posted by Xaeraz , Jan 03 2010 · 55 views
SO, I finish burnin up that scout, yeah?


I'm Just An Agent Of Chaos.

Posted by Xaeraz , Jan 02 2010 · 61 views
Batman Arkham Asylum. Should I buy it without knowing if my new laptop will support it for a sheap price, or make sure and buy it at full price?


Still Alive

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 30 2009 · 63 views





Giant Combat Knives

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 29 2009 · 68 views
Sci Fi-in'
I know I can't be the only one who thought the bayonets on the mechguns in Avatar were a little rediculous, what with being so dinky in comparison to the guns they were attached to.

And also, why didn't the mechs have backup guns? Just, like, a hand-gun scaled up to fit or something.

still a GREAT movie, though.


An Answerless Question?

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 29 2009 · 70 views
and 1 more...
If you fail at failing, is it still a fail?


Big Bloggie Is Watching You

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 28 2009 · 98 views
So what, are the Blogs assigned bloggies to watch them? Because I've seen some blogs that are constantly reprimanded by the same bloggie, and others that get multiple bloggies reprimanding them.

E: lawl, forgot my coding AGAIN.


Prepping For The 'pocalypse

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 28 2009 · 65 views
Sci Fi-in'
No pix yet, maybe later.

-DSi I could probably convert for hacking
-Fencing Mask
-Swedish army uniform
-Wooden bat
-Epee that could be given a sharp tip
-Many-pocketed vest
-Screwdriver with multiple heads
-Supply of nails and screws in basement
-Laptop (Notebook, to be specific) and bag, again for hacking
-Camera for Documentation
-Headphones w/mike fo communication, with some modifications, of course.
-Access to pickup or Prius, and knowledge of location of supplyer of steel, etc. for armoring.
-Aerosol cans
-Kitchen knives


Christmas Haul

Posted by Xaeraz , Dec 28 2009 · 60 views
Bein' Materialistic
>Three Graphic Tees
>Two Polos
>Three Comic Books (Novo)
>Smash 'n Grab (Purple Ees DELICIOUS!)
>Galactic Enforcer
>Asus Notebook (New Laptop YOY.)

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