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You Know, I Think Blues Are Stupid.


Bosses And Minibosses

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 15 2009 · 20 views
Death Sword is the best (Aesthetically) Miniboss in Twilight Princess. Hands Down.

Otherwise it's either swimming Morpheel or armored Argorok for best looking Bosses.



Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 13 2009 · 21 views
Which kanohi would you say to be most similar to a Guy Fawkes mask? Jus' curious. (wanna do a V parody with it)


This Is Not Anarchy, Eve. This Is Chaos.

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 12 2009 · 17 views
o hai i herd u like name changes so we changed my name

and font color


Conceptual Beasties

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 10 2009 · 16 views
"Gapers": A small matoran who looks completely normal from behind. From the front, there are blackened pits where their eyes once sat and their lower jaw is disconnected from the rest of the head/mask, resulting in a permanent shocked expression. In addition, they have small mouths on the backs of their hands, which grin in a horrifying rictus as long as the matoran lives. When the matoran dies, the hand-mouths open to reveal the eyes the matoran previously had in their face. Needless to say, the hands are usually quickly destroyed before the matoran is killed. Usually work as guards. Prone to uncontrolled "sobs" and "pleas" emenating from the gaping maw.

"Dreads": Skakdi at creation, their frames are twisted and hunched over with wiry limbs and heads coated in bizzare symbols. Their name comes from the tattered remnants of their spines which, having been slashed apart dozens of times. These tangled messes resemble dreadlocks, giving these beastial mooks their name. Often prceeded by tortured howling which can be heard for miles. Always travel in groups of three to five. Their heads occasionally rotate 360 degrees whiled leaving the dreadlocks perfectly stationary.


Member Closed

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 07 2009 · 22 views


Naw, Frak.

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 06 2009 · 24 views
and 1 more...
Did You Just Punch Out Yog Shoggoth?


Hello, Adrian

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 05 2009 · 31 views
Yeah, I need various creepy monster descriptions from ya'll.

also please comment with your ideas. You'll be a great assistance to me.


A Conceptual Setting

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 03 2009 · 17 views
Ten different people from ten different time periods, technological levels, and even universes, are saved from death by a mysterious demonic being who keeps them alive using only their location's technology. These ten warriors form a group of mercenaries after slaying the demonic being who "saved" them and wanted to use them to rule all universes. They take on codenames based off different styles they embody. The heroes then set up shop in their would-be-ruler's pocket dimension.



Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Oct 01 2009 · 16 views
Clock: Short, bronze Toa with "Classical" (Metru) Mask of Shielding. Built like Kongu Mahri with thick arms terminating in bandage-wrapped stumps instead of hands. Feet are Spiked Inika-like, with legs thinner than his arms, but only barely. Heartligh replaced by complicated a gear mechanism, visible through several large holes in his chest. Colored in bronzes and grays, with sliver denoting extra-thick armor. Oldest team member and defacto leader. Optimistic still, and grandfatherly.

Steam: A huge Zyglak, the largest member of the team. Body is mostly filled with salt-filtering mechanisms, water containers, and boilers. Body is a mottled copper with chunks of iron gray armor where the copper plating has fallen away. Weilds a large spear with backwards-facing hooks for ripping. Has a gauge where heartlight should be, as entire body is keeping her alive. Second-oldest team member. Somewhat bitter towards Matoran.

Diesel: Loud-mouthed Skakdi. Dull brown, although he seems to cultivate the dirtied look, deliberately keeping his engine running badly. Kept alive by early internal combustion engine, with odometer where heartlight should be. Has smog constantly spewing from blackened pits in his armor. constantly smoking cigars. Wields a gun which is almost louder than him, firing bullets the size of his cigars, leading him to have one in his mouth if he can't have a cigar. Very rude and crude. Third oldest.

Bio: Very elegant member of Guardian's species, complete with armor which unfolds to form a black "cocktail dress". Speaks with a cultured tone, which Diesel ruthlessly mocks. Has an organic heart behind the hole here heartlight formerly occupied. Uses a Katar, or punching dagger. Is a bright orange most of the time, but has color-changing abilities. Is the fourth oldest member.

Cyber: Most technologically advanced member. Part of Sidorak's species, colored yellow with green lines of power running over and through his armor. Has Kukiri strapped to thigh (AND HE USES IT RIGHT, TOO =O). Arm blade is wickedly jagged, and his claw fires EMP rohtuka. Speaks with barely concealed disdain for the rest of the team. Can "speak" to any sufficiently advanced technology. Smoke constantly pours from his "tusks". Fifth oldest.

Dust: Only Bara Magna native on the team. Female Skrall, but lacks the psychic powers. Eager and bubbly. Wears a cowboy-esque hat and a duster, both of which are tan. Body is sand-blasted from years spent in the harsh desert, barely clinging to life. Wears a Vorox mask under hat most of the time. Is almost constantly grinning like a madwoman. Utterly fascinated by residents of the Matoran Universe. Fifth youngest.

Sky: Makuta from a seperate dimension, where the sea boiled away and everyone was forced out of the Mata Nui robot and into the skies, due to intense gravity on the land because of how close said land is to the core of the planet. Is locked in a purple, insectoid form that looks vaguely like Bitil's. He wields two guns that shoot out wicked harpoons with spring-loaded prongs on the end, normally used for swing over to another airship. Fourth youngest.

Atom: A Ga-matoran. Wears a cracked teal noble Ruru. Has tubes running throughout her body and uranium for a heartlight. Little else known.

Sea: Quiet-mannered Vortixx male. Wears skull mask over his face to represent his exile. Has painted his black armor in deep reds and blues as an act of rebellion. Is incapable of disagreeing with Splatter. Has saber jabbed through chest which he refuses to remove. Wields disposable single-shot zamor pistols. Fills spheres with liquid metal. Kept alive by complex water-powered devices. Has a bit of a crush on Splatter. Second-youngest team member.

Splatter: N/A at this time.


I'm T F 2's Francis

Posted by This Is Spinal Thirst , Sep 28 2009 · 22 views
I hate the following in TF2:
Scouts (Goshdarned bats)
Heavies (make me into pyro mincemeat)
Soldiers (Frakking comp blast ain't fast enough)
Spies (Backstab)
Snipers (headshot)
Engies (lvl2/3 sentries FRAK)
Pyros (my fires dun burn them D=)
Fan-maps I have to download

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