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Posted by Xaeraz , Jul 03 2013 · 210 views

Dangan Ronpa anime is coming out tomorrow and I don't feel like blogging about it on my other blog.
Here's hoping they mix up who dies and who kills and all that.
I don't think I could handle watching Case 4 unfold.

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But yeah for real I hope they mix things up.  The show could really go either way in terms of quality.

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Yeah, on the one hand, it's pretty cool that it's even happening, but on the other, have you seen Yamada's Design sheet?



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It doesn't help that I'm liking the SDR2 cast way more than the DR1 cast, so I'm kind of like "eeeehhhh I guess it'll be cool to see Kirigiri and Togami and Hagakure and Chihiro again?"

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To be fair, SDR2's cast is more or less better. DR was about 50% unlikable/bland/underdeveloped, I think, and SDR2 cut that down a good bit.

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Definitely.  Pretty much everyone in SDR2 is at least competent and proactive, whereas in DR1 a lot of the characters were just dead weight.  (Sometimes literally HEY-O)

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My favorite part about DR1's victims? The first two characters to die were killed off because the artists were sick of drawing them.

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Tell me about it.  We must not lose IHOP.  It's always open, always there to serve low-end, mediocre breakfast food to you, even when you're hammered on Irish whiskey at 4 AM and can't walk straight.


Bless you, IHOP.  May we never lose you.

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Hahli Husky
Jul 04 2013 01:13 AM


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The last time I was at IHOP, we ordered two rib sandwiches and a plate of salad. When they came back they said they were out of ribs. Then they said they didn't have any of the ingredients for a salad except two.. Then they brought out a plate of lettuce with a whole, uncut tomato on it. We reordered chicken, and they brought out a live chicken. We had to kill and cook it ourselves. Truly a terrible experience, would not recommend.
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Dear lord. Next thing you know, Longhorn Steakhouse is going to burst in here, too.

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I will not stand for this libel against IHOP!  IHOP is within walking distance of my apartment and Denny's isn't so therefore it is clearly the superior diner.  Do you have any idea how sobering a gigantic stack of waffles is.  Now pass me the scotch.

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Jul 04 2013 01:21 AM

Man, speaking of 24-hour diners and 4 AM, this entry reminds me about IHOP and how I used to go there with our crazy group of friends at goodness knows what hour in the morning that summer at Harvard. I think I ordered a pot of coffee and nothing else. I drank the pot too. And then when 6 AM hit we'd go to Dunkin Donuts. My point here is that IHOP served me coffee, and I was so tired I couldn't really taste it. But any place that has coffee is good enough for me. Also waffles, just like in that one Baudelaire poem.

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I love how quickly these conversations derail.
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The IHOP in Orem, Utah was about the only thing open when we were there, and when we went there in walked this deranged women who screamed at people. The folks who worked there didn't seem to care and after a few moments the woman walked out.


Also the place smelled like old bath water.

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The Lonesome Wanderer
Jul 05 2013 09:05 AM

This is a Derail. It is made of IHOP signs, coffee, and waffles with low-quality toppings. It's rim glistens with what remains of the original conversation.

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