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Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum


Happy Nightmare Night!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Oct 31 2012 · 967 views

>Posts entry asking specifically for video game or pony-related pumpkin carving ideas
>Gets suggestions for Pumpkinception, MSPA, BIONICLE, Ninjago, and Doctor Who series 5

Posted Image

Well, at any rate, I found a design! Some of the details were extremely difficult, because my brothers somehow managed to break all of our pumpkin carving tools on their pumpkins, so all I had to work with was a dull steak knife and a small screwdriver.

All things considered, I think it turned out pretty darn great:

Posted Image



Midwestria, Days 2 and 3

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Sep 19 2012 · 680 views

Oh yeah! I was supposed to blog about Saturday and Sunday, wasn't I?

Saturday (9/15) was most definitely the high point of the con.

I started out in the artists/vendors room, bought a bunch of buttons and a Vinyl Scratch hat. Ran into a friend of mine from my local meetups who was selling some of his own handmade plushies, and bought a Twilight and Fluttershy.

I headed over to the game room, where we had about 35 people gathered for a massive game of "Are You A Changeling" (Ponified version of Mafia / Werewolf). BASELESS ACCUSATIONS AND SUSPICION is always fun!

I also attended several panels and discussions. Some were boring, some were really interesting. The Writer's Panels were great, and videos should be popping up online as soon as Everfree Radio gets a chance to edit them.

I went to the electronic artists' concert (with Eurobeat Brony, Chain Algorithm, Taps, F3nning, Seventh Element, and EHT), but technical difficulties forced them to delay the performance until later in the evening, so I headed off to karaoke!

Oh, karaoke. Friday was my first time ever visiting a karaoke, but Saturday was the first time I actually went up to sing. M.A. Larson and Amy Keating Rogers weren't there yet, so I held off on MLP songs, but I still went up a couple times to sing "Hakuna Matata" (Big mistake, I didn't know that song nearly as well as I thought) followed by "Mr. Blue Sky" (<3).

When M.A. and Amy showed up, me and my friend Shim rushed over to sign up on the queue for a couple MLP songs. As promised, we sang "At the Gala" for Amy (who wrote the lyrics for the song).

Her response?

She hugged me.


A few songs later, we also got to sing "The Flim Flam Brothers" for M.A.,who wrote it, and completely NAILED IT. The audience even joined in! A couple of girls in cosplay ran up and did all the Mane Six speaking lines for us (including swooning Rarity), and everyone chanted "CIDER CIDER CIDER" and sang along to the chorus! (And yes, I did Granny Smith's part too. =P)

I got standing applause and what must have been a dozen brohoofs after that, including from M.A., who called it an "extremely impressive" performance. I later discovered that he Tweeted a photo of me and Shim on stage during the song, and Daniel Ingram retweeted it.


After that, we mostly just hung around watching the other performances, but I did join in a rendition of the "Bad Horse Chorus" from Dr. Horrible and of course the inevitable "Bohemian Rhapsody" before heading off to the concert.

Since the concert was delayed so late, they just decided to merge the concert and late-night rave, which just made everything better. Seeing Eurobeat Brony perform live was amazing, especially with LASERS AND GLOWSTICKS AND RAVE DANCING. Oh, also they gave everyone free foam pony ear headband things! I got blue ones.

Sunday (9/16) was a lot more mellow, probably because everyone was tired from all the awesomeness the day before.

There wasn't a whole lot to do in terms of actual con activities on the last day, but I did attend the musicians' panel and got to ask a couple questions. After that, most of my time was spent hanging out with my brony friends, roaming the con looking for things to throw our money at (I bought a second hat! A knit Twilight Sparkle cap~), and playing several more rounds of Are You A Changeling.

Unfortunately, here's where the first and only bad thing happened: Some lowlife decided to steal my Fluttershy plushie out from under my chair while I had my eyes closed during the game. It really sucks, but the guy who made it offered to commission me a new one at a discount price. Oh, well. At least I still have my Twilight plushie, and I didn't spend too much on the Fluttershy to begin with.

And at last, the con was over, and everyone had to head home. :C

Speaking with the con staff afterwards, it sounds like everything was a huge success, and they can't wait to start putting together plans for Midwestria 2013!

This was one of the best weekends ever~



Midwestria Convention

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Sep 15 2012 · 713 views

Today marked the kick-off of the first Chicago-area brony convention, Midwestria 2012!

Holy crud. It's been amazing so far. Despite the fact that I only got to arrive pretty late in the evening, due to my job.

It's about 3:30 AM right now so I'll just recap a couple things and then go to bed.
  • MLP:FiM writers M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, and Cindy Morrow are in attendance, and just kind of hanging out with everyone
  • Not a lot of custom merch, unfortunately, but I'm sure I'll end up with at least one plushie and hat by the end of the con
  • Both M.A. Larson and Amy Keating Rogers participated in karaoke. Multiple times. They're pretty good singers!
  • Hangin' out around Final Draft and Joe Stevens of Everfree Radio
  • M.A. Larson randomly started talking to me, and challenged me to go up and sing an MLP song on stage. (Tomorrow, since the karaoke queue was full tonight)
  • Sweet Celestia, M.A. Larson himself is challenging me to sing karaoke (which I have never done in my life) of a Pony song.
  • He also wants me to sing one of Amy Keating Rogers' songs, like Smile or At The Gala, so she can hear it because she will be there.
  • Went to a rave. Like an actual rave. WITH GLOWSTICKS. AND LASERS. It was dubsteppy and pretty fun, though tiring.
  • Hung out with a bunch of my local brony friends afterwards and we hung out and played card games until 2 AM
  • oh my gosh there are still two days left of this
So yeah.

I'm going to bed now so I can get up early and spend THE ENTIRE DAY at the con tomorrow.




So, yesterday...

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Aug 19 2012 · 1,485 views
I met John de Lancie.

Also got his autograph.




Brony Meetup!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies May 05 2012 · 1,016 views

Oh, man, tonight was awesome.

I just got home from my first-ever brony meetup at a local Colonial Cafe restaurant! Around 25 people total showed up to hang out and discuss everything pony. (Photo*) (Also, try to guess which one is me)

We showed off our pony collections on a big table, jokingly argued over who is best pony, sang Winter Wrap Up (among many other songs), ate ice cream, and then afterwards about 10 of us raided a nearby Toys R Us for all their pony stuff!

Only I didn't actually buy any pony stuff, because they didn't have anything I was still missing from my wishlist. Still waiting for the new blind bag ponies wave 2-4, as well as the TRU-exclusive brushables that come out this fall.

So I walked a couple aisles over to the Lego section and they had several boxes of Series 7 minifigures!
I quickly dug through them and managed to find all 16 minifigs with no dupes, as well as Wolverine's Chopper Showdown set. Woo!

All in all, an awesome night. This particular brony meetup is monthly, and I am so attending again in June.


You Got Ponies In My Bionicle! (Update: Response #2!)

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Apr 23 2012 · 3,350 views
and 2 more...
Posted Image
UPDATE: Here's an audio clip I threw together!
Andrew Francis is the voice of Jaller from Mask of Light, as well as Shining Armor from the My Little Pony season 2 finale.

UPDATE 2: And now his response to the audio clip!
Posted Image

There are actually a number of voice actors with roles in both the Bionicle movies and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I posted this in Aho's blog comments a couple weeks ago, but here's a list I threw together:
  • Tabitha St. Germain - MLP: Rarity - BIONICLE: Toa Nokama (LoMN, WoS)
  • Brian Drummond - MLP: Mr. Carrot Cake - BIONICLE: Toa Onewa, Toa Matau (LoMN, WoS)
  • Lee Tockar - MLP: Sea Serpent (Steven Magnet), Snips - BIONICLE: Makuta, Pewku, Kongu
  • Scott McNeil - MLP: Flam, Caramel, Chief Thunderhooves, Blue Star - BIONICLE: Tahu, Onua, Graalok the Ash Bear, Bomonga, Keetongu
  • Kathleen Barr - MLP: The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie, Queen Chrysalis, Hoops, - BIONICLE: Gali, Roodaka, Gaaki
  • Trevor Duvall - MLP: Prince Blueblood, Fancypants - BIONICLE: Pohatu, Toa Nuju, Iruini
  • Andrew Francis - MLP: Braeburn, Shining Armor - BIONICLE: Jaller
  • Chiara Zanni - MLP: Daring-Do - BIONICLE: Hahli


1-Year Brony Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Mar 30 2012 · 1,732 views

So one year ago on March 29th, Takuma Nuva convinced me to watch Episode 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I then went on to watch five more episodes that night. That was the night I became a brony.

Posted Image

I did not get a healthy amount of sleep that night.

In the past year, I've bought pony merch, helped out a bit with several brony collabs and projects, and I even got to meet up IRL with a brony in my area for coffee! (He even gave me an amazing hand-carved woodwork Fluttershy!)

So, in celebration of an entire year filled with pony, I've decided to face my fears and upload a complete vocal cover I recorded of The Flim Flam Brothers Song. Enjoy!


Bumped because it was halfway through Page 2 today.


Happy Derpy Day!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Mar 01 2012 · 443 views

Posted Image


Today (March 1st) marks the second annual Derpy Hooves Day!

In honor of everyone's favorite mailpony, feel free to eat a muffin, mail somepony a friendly letter, watch some My Little Pony, mail somepony a friendly muffin, eat a letter, or whatever other Derpy-related activities you can think of!

Welcome To...

Posted Image
Posted Image

Who Is Avohkah Tamer?

Posted Image

Name: David
Age: 25
Location: Illinois
Profession: IT Support Technician
Religion: Christian
Best Pony: Twilight Sparkle
Favorite Word: Defenestration
Interests: Computers, Video Games, Music, Ponies, LEGO, BIONICLE

Favorite Games:
PC: Team Fortress 2 (and other Valve games), Warframe, Overwatch
NDS: Pokémon series, Metroid: Prime Hunters, Ace Attorney series, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Elite Beat Agents, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 1-2
3DS: Pokémon series, Super Smash Bros. 4, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Legend of Zelda series, Tomodachi Life
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing: City Folk
Wii U: Super Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker

Favorite Music:
Artists: Tally Hall, Jukebox the Ghost, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Lemon Demon/Neil Cicierega, Jonathan Coulton, Cake, Weezer, The Beatles, Apocalyptica, Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold
MLP Artists: Official show composers and vocalists, Replacer, SoGreatAndPowerful, Kreühn Pöny, Ponyphonic, Sherclop Pones, µThunder, PinkiePieSwear, Glaze, The Living Tombstone, DJ Alex S., JackleApp, Emkay
Types/Genres: Video Game Soundtracks, TV/Movie Soundtracks, Alternative/Indie Rock, some Electronic/Dubstep (when done right), some Orchestral, some Classic Rock, some Jazz, some J-Pop/Rock, some Bluegrass/Folk

Favorite TV:
Current: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Person of Interest, Arrested Development, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Psych, Sword Art Online
Old / Not Airing: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Teen Titans, Invader Zim, Digimon (seasons 1-4), Stargate: SG-1, Firefly, Code Lyoko, Code Lyoko: Evolution, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

My Steam

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