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Brony Meetup!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies May 05 2012 · 296 views

Oh, man, tonight was awesome.

I just got home from my first-ever brony meetup at a local Colonial Cafe restaurant! Around 25 people total showed up to hang out and discuss everything pony. (Photo*) (Also, try to guess which one is me)

We showed off our pony collections on a big table, jokingly argued over who is best pony, sang Winter Wrap Up (among many other songs), ate ice cream, and then afterwards about 10 of us raided a nearby Toys R Us for all their pony stuff!

Only I didn't actually buy any pony stuff, because they didn't have anything I was still missing from my wishlist. Still waiting for the new blind bag ponies wave 2-4, as well as the TRU-exclusive brushables that come out this fall.

So I walked a couple aisles over to the Lego section and they had several boxes of Series 7 minifigures!
I quickly dug through them and managed to find all 16 minifigs with no dupes, as well as Wolverine's Chopper Showdown set. Woo!

All in all, an awesome night. This particular brony meetup is monthly, and I am so attending again in June.


You're Walking In The Woods...

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Tally Hall May 04 2012 · 80 views
Tally Hall, Rob Cantor and 1 more...

There's no one around, and your phone is dead.

Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him:


Posted Image


Many of you who frequent the interwebs have probably heard this viral song by Rob Cantor and the meme it spawned.

What you may not know is that Rob Cantor also happens to be a member of my favorite band, Tally Hall! (Rob's the one with the yellow tie)

So yeah, I find this whole thing sort of awesome. Tally Hall has all sorts of crazy and catchy songs just like this, and PEOPLE MUST KNOW.

Seriously though, check them out if you haven't already.



You Got Ponies In My Bionicle! (Update: Response #2!)

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Apr 23 2012 · 1,312 views
and 2 more...
Posted Image
UPDATE: Here's an audio clip I threw together!
Andrew Francis is the voice of Jaller from Mask of Light, as well as Shining Armor from the My Little Pony season 2 finale.

UPDATE 2: And now his response to the audio clip!
Posted Image

There are actually a number of voice actors with roles in both the Bionicle movies and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I posted this in Aho's blog comments a couple weeks ago, but here's a list I threw together:
  • Tabitha St. Germain - MLP: Rarity - BIONICLE: Toa Nokama (LoMN, WoS)
  • Brian Drummond - MLP: Mr. Carrot Cake - BIONICLE: Toa Onewa, Toa Matau (LoMN, WoS)
  • Lee Tockar - MLP: Sea Serpent (Steven Magnet), Snips - BIONICLE: Makuta, Pewku, Kongu
  • Scott McNeil - MLP: Flam, Caramel, Chief Thunderhooves, Blue Star - BIONICLE: Tahu, Onua, Graalok the Ash Bear, Bomonga, Keetongu
  • Kathleen Barr - MLP: The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie, Queen Chrysalis, Hoops, - BIONICLE: Gali, Roodaka, Gaaki
  • Trevor Duvall - MLP: Prince Blueblood, Fancypants - BIONICLE: Pohatu, Toa Nuju, Iruini
  • Andrew Francis - MLP: Braeburn, Shining Armor - BIONICLE: Jaller
  • Chiara Zanni - MLP: Daring-Do - BIONICLE: Hahli


A Random Question For Everyone

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Apr 08 2012 · 96 views

Just so my blog doesn't get stale (again), I've got a question/discussion topic for you.

If you could have any ONE superpower, as yourself in your own life, what would be your choice and why?

Choose wisely.

Also I'm pretty sure this is my shortest blog entry yet.


1-Year Brony Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Mar 30 2012 · 421 views

So one year ago on March 29th, Takuma Nuva convinced me to watch Episode 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I then went on to watch five more episodes that night. That was the night I became a brony.

Posted Image

I did not get a healthy amount of sleep that night.

In the past year, I've bought pony merch, helped out a bit with several brony collabs and projects, and I even got to meet up IRL with a brony in my area for coffee! (He even gave me an amazing hand-carved woodwork Fluttershy!)

So, in celebration of an entire year filled with pony, I've decided to face my fears and upload a complete vocal cover I recorded of The Flim Flam Brothers Song. Enjoy!


Bumped because it was halfway through Page 2 today.


So, Um, About Legend Of Korra...

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Mar 23 2012 · 285 views
IS THIS THE REAL LIFE and 3 more...
You know how I said Avatar: The Legend of Korra premiers on April 14th?

Yeah, um...

Actually the first TWO episodes will be premiering.


No joke.

Posted Image


April 14, 2012

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Mar 15 2012 · 96 views

Posted Image


(Legend of Korra premiere: Nick USA, April 14, 11:00am EDT)


Happy Derpy Day!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , in Ponies Mar 01 2012 · 82 views

Posted Image


Today (March 1st) marks the second annual Derpy Hooves Day!

In honor of everyone's favorite mailpony, feel free to eat a muffin, mail somepony a friendly letter, watch some My Little Pony, mail somepony a friendly muffin, eat a letter, or whatever other Derpy-related activities you can think of!


Look What I Got~

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Feb 27 2012 · 434 views

(Entry title shamelessly stolen from LM's blog)
Posted Image
Michelle Creber (Voice of Apple Bloom from MLP!) recently held a Guess The Song contest on a social networking site, and I won second place!

That's right, Apple Bloom just said I rock.

Oh, and the song was "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers.

Image is a little warped-looking because this is actually a photo from my cell phone, not a scanner.


In Which Avohkah Tamer Spends Too Much Money

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Feb 16 2012 · 56 views

I just bought every one of the Series 6 minifigs in one shopping trip, without a cheat sheet and without getting any doubles/extras!

I swear, they must have had like 8-10 minotaurs in that end-cap display.

No photos unless you guys really want 'em, because I'm lazy and don't feel like digging around for my camera right now. =P

Welcome To...

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Posted Image

Who Is Avohkah Tamer?

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Name: David
Age: 22
Location: Illinois
Profession: IT Support Technician
Religion: Christian
Best Pony: Twilight Sparkle
Favorite Word: Defenestration
Interests: Computers, Video Games, Music, Ponies, LEGO, BIONICLE

Video Games:
PC: Valve games (TF2, Portal 1-2, HL2, L4D2), Minecraft, Mirror's Edge, LEGO games
DS: Metroid: Prime Hunters, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, Elite Beat Agents, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 1-2
3DS: Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time 3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii

Artists: Tally Hall, Jonathan Coulton, Jukebox the Ghost, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Lemon Demon, Cake, Weezer, The Beatles, Apocalyptica, Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold
Pony: Daniel Ingram, William Anderson, Steffan Andrews, Glaze, The Living Tombstone, DJ Alex S., PinkiePieSwear, SoGreatAndPowerful, Makkon, MandoPony, Replacer
Types/Genres: Video Game Soundtracks, TV/Movie Soundtracks, Alternative/Indie Rock, some Electronic/Dubstep (when done right), some Orchestral, some Classic Rock, some Jazz, some J-Pop/Rock, some Bluegrass/Folk

Current: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Code Lyoko: Evolution, Gravity Falls, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Person of Interest, Arrested Development, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Old Favorites: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Teen Titans, Invader Zim, Digimon (seasons 1-4), Stargate: SG-1, Firefly, Code Lyoko, Fringe

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