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Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum


Can Anypony Help?

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Apr 10 2011 · 86 views

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer demands reasons for why she should watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She won't even give it a chance until then! D:




Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Apr 05 2011 · 86 views

My Best Bronies.

Friendship is Magic~


How To Block Ads And Other Images

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Mar 24 2011 · 70 views
Lately, I've seen a good number of BZPower members complaining about some members' recent banners, and some disabling all signatures or even leaving BZP temporarily because they don't want to see them. There's no need! Since I didn't see any existing guides already, here's my tutorial on how to use Adblock Plus to block online ads and other images!

You've probably seen some members mention the Adblock Plus browser extension before, but you may not know what it is or how it works. This add-on (available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) makes blocking online advertisements dead simple, and has the added bonus of being able to block any additional images you tell it to!

First-off, I should make it clear that this extension is not available for Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, or other browsers. There may be similar solutions for them, but this guide only covers Firefox and Chrome, which are both excellent browsers you should consider trying out if you have not already done so. Assuming you've got one of those browsers, let's move on.

Step 1: Installing Adblock Plus
"Where do I get this wonderful thing?", you may ask. Well, unfortunately, pretty much every web page you can install it from has a link to a forum or an unmoderated comment section, which makes it against the rules for me to link to. Instead, I'll put some direct links to the downloads right here! (Note: for best results, click one of the following links in its respective browser so it will start the installation automatically.)

Install Adblock Plus for Firefox (DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK)
Install Adblock Plus for Google Chrome (DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK)

When the installation is done, your browser may need to be restarted (depending on which one you're using).

Step 2: Blocking Ads!
Once it's done, it will ask you for a "Filter Subscription". This is basically an automatically updated list of common ads it will block. Assuming you're in an English-speaking country, I would recommend you choose the "Easylist (English)". Add that subscription, and that's it! 99% of ads you'd normally run into online are now blocked! Easy, huh?

Step 3: Blocking Images
Now that your browsing is virtually ad-free, you can get to blocking any other images you'd like to hide. This could be an advertisement the Easylist missed, or a BZPower banner you would rather not see.

Right click the image you'd like to block. In Firefox, click "Adblock Plus: Block Image..."

Now here's the tricky part. In Firefox, the window that pops up will look really complicated and intimidating with all the options. By default, it will select the second option, which is to block all the images from the folder it's in. That would be a good choice for ads, but if you did that on a banner, it would block all of the user's images on majhost in that folder. Instead, you'll want to select the top option, which should be the full deeplinked URL.
Here's an example:

Google Chrome's is a lot easier. In Chrome, right click the image and click "Block Element". Simply make sure the URL in the box is the direct deeplink to the image, and hit Add.
Here's an example:

Quick note: if you block a Premier Member's uploaded avatar as well, it will stay blocked even when they change it because the URL remains the same.
And that's it! If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask.




Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Nov 01 2010 · 1,009 views
Real Life
Why, oh why do I never blog? I mean, it's not like I'm not on BZP much, 'cause I visit every day. I really have no good reason for not blogging.

Anyways, today's Halloween! My family doesn't really celebrate it that much, besides some pumpkin carving and dressing up in a costume for fun if I want to, though we don't Trick-or-Treat.

Now, I'm no expert in pumpkin carving. I've never done the shave-part-of-the-surface-off-instead-of-cutting thing due to my only light source being those dim tea light candles. I don't do super-complex patterns or enter contests. Heck, I don't even carve the generic spooky faces! I carve video game designs! In fact, last year I carved a pretty darn cool Half-Life 2 design on my pumpkin.

This year I spent hours trying to think of how I could top that awesomely geeky HL2 Jack o' Lantern. Staying with my VALVe theme, I finally came up with an idea and got it carved-- JUST before the Trick-or-Treaters started showing up! That's right, a Portal 2 pumpkin!

And here it is lit up!

And here's the template, if you'd like to print it out and carve your own! (Made from a vector image of the Aperture Science logo, and a portion of the Portal 2 logo)

So what do you think?



My Birthday Cake Is Not A Lie

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Aug 23 2010 · 861 views
Real Life
So I turned 20 today.

I still have no idea how I got to be so old. I'm like... OLD old.

I feel compelled to tell people younger than me how back in my day, I had to walk to school barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways; except I was homeschooled so it's not really true.

My birthday was largely uneventful, no party, no friends over; but I got a couple Hero Factory sets as gifts (Duncan Bulk, Xplode, Furno's Bike). Oh, and one of these, which my brother found in-package at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It's LOUD, too, which is pretty cool.

But you didn't click my blog entry to hear about my gifts, did you? You clicked it to see my cake.


It's not really a Black Forest cake (the kind the Portal Cake was modeled after), just a pretty simple cheap version my mom made for me. Boxed chocolate cake mix, crushed Oreo wafers, a can of chocolate frosting, white decorating frosting in a compressed can, and maraschino cherries.

And it tasted so good.

Oh yeah, and check out what I did with the Oreo frosting I scraped off the cookies!



Do What You Want 'cause An Oil Spill Is Free

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , May 25 2010 · 80 views

Obligatory blog entry since LM ordered me to blog in many font styles.

I'll get to my catch-up-on-everything-since-I-last-blogged stuff in some future entry, but for now, I've got something to show you!

A website posted this image showing the infamous Gulf Oil Spill from space, with added contrast and false color to see the spill clearer:

Now I ask you guys, what do you think that spill kinda looks like? As you've probably guessed by this entry's title, I see a pirate. You can see his hat, one eye, his moustache, beard, a sorta-mouth, and what LM noticed that appears to be a pipe. I, being the weird person that I am, decided to fire up MS Paint and use my laptop's terrible trackpad to create an ARTIST'S RENDITION of said pirate.
Take a look.




Hooray For Excessive Complicatedness!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Oct 23 2009 · 105 views

Hoo, boy. I guess I owe you guys an explanation for not having blogged since August.


ANYWAYS, life's been good. Working full-time for my dad's been great, I gots loads of cash. Which I haven't been spending. Yeah.

So I plan to remedy that by buying myself a $900 gaming laptop with Windows 7 that came out yesterday (which is veeeeery nice, can't wait until I buy it)! I also want to buy myself an XBox 360 Elite sometime, now that they've come down in price so much.

So what else is new? I got Scribblenauts. It is win. Get it. NOW. 2,000+ wordlist containing many, many memes makes me happy. Heck, Laughin'Man and I spent an hour or two yesterday just playing with the various memes on our games!

Also, I made myself a new, totally original signoff that I will most likely probably hopefully use! You may or may not have seen it yet. It's based off a signature idea I had for the BS01 Wiki back in 2007. Now this signoff is very, very unnecessarily complicated. And I coded it myself, by hand, no shortcuts.

So, behold... MY SIGNOFF!

And now behold... THE CODING BEHIND IT!
[b][color="blue"]~ ([/color][color="blue"][sup]A V[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]T[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]O[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]A[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]H[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]M[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]K[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]E[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]A[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]R[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]H[/sup][/color][color="blue"])[/color][/b]
If you want to use something similar for yourself, please give me credit for the idea. Thanks!
What do you think?

As for what I'll be blogging about in the future:
A blog approval. I need to make one. Or pay off someone to make one. Also, I had this idea to blog a series of four humorous spam e-mails I got, one per week. Hopefully that will keep me blogging this time. =P

And if I don't, bug me until I blog.

Until next time,



So, It's My Birthday!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Aug 23 2009 · 83 views
Real Life
For obvious reasons, I haven't blogged in a while. Hence, I'll have to write up another one of those huuuuuge what-I've-been-up-to blog entries to make up for it. In the meantime, though, quick list of stuff I got for my birthday (so far, but I'm not sure I'm gonna get any more):
  • $50 from my grandmother
  • Like 10 mini Reese's cups (my favorite candy EVAR, by the way)
  • Sandish-green T-shirt with oooold classic Mountain Dew logo
  • Blue T-shirt with a whole lot of reasons why being a guy is awesome (Example: being able to shower and get ready to go somewhere within 10 minutes)
  • White T-shirt with Mario Kart Wii logo
  • Yellow T-shirt with a Super Mario World design and Japanese text
So yeah, I'll try to get pics eventually, except of the money. =P


...halp Meh?

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 08 2009 · 66 views
Real Life
Okay, so you probably read my entry about coincidences below, right? Well, it got weirder.

Last night, I dreamed about Glatorian Legends finally coming out at my Wal-Mart, and the last part of my dream I was gawking at them on the shelf. I vividly remember all the Glatorian Legends cost exactly $12.66, except Stronius which I was planning to buy on this dream trip to the store. He cost $12.86, and I was upset in my dream about this strange 20 cents more he cost. Oh, and also, the regular Glatorian were on sale, but I don't remember how much. I wasn't focusing on them because I already had all of them.

So then I wake up, go through my morning routines, and sat down at my computer. First thing I do is open my browser, on which BZP is set as the homepage. What do I see as the top news article? This.

Somebody halp meh pleez D8

Oh, also, I posted this as close to 12:34:56 07/08/09 (Central time) as I could, in celebration of 123456789 Day! =D
Darn browser froze as I posted it. It was drafted by the right time, but not published until I could unfreeze the browser...

~ a.gif t.gif


Webcomics Emulating Life

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 07 2009 · 80 views
This latest comic is so totally me.

I was even planning on playing my new Half-Life 2 for the first time this evening before I read this!

Y'see, a couple months ago I bought Orange Box at a crazy $10 price it was selling at for only one weekend. I haven't been able to play it due to two things: My computer's not powerful enough, and it only had 1GB hard drive space left (each game can be about 5-6GB). I knew I wouldn't regret buying it, though, and I was right. As of a few days ago I have access to a computer I was delighted to hear was approximately a gazillion times better than my regular computer. I promptly installed my Orange Box games and have been playing through them! I beat Portal the other day, and practiced on Team Fortress 2 with Takuma Nuva, and I planned to try out my Half-Life 2 today!

Oh, the coincidence gets weirder. I was playing around with a tape measure not a half hour ago, and decided to figure out how far I could extend it without it bending and collapsing. I got to exactly eight feet. Then something occurred to me... Another strip yet again exactly like my life:

Any readers have crazy coincidences you'd like to share?

~ a.gif t.gif

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