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Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum


Hooray For Excessive Complicatedness!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Oct 23 2009 · 307 views

Hoo, boy. I guess I owe you guys an explanation for not having blogged since August.


ANYWAYS, life's been good. Working full-time for my dad's been great, I gots loads of cash. Which I haven't been spending. Yeah.

So I plan to remedy that by buying myself a $900 gaming laptop with Windows 7 that came out yesterday (which is veeeeery nice, can't wait until I buy it)! I also want to buy myself an XBox 360 Elite sometime, now that they've come down in price so much.

So what else is new? I got Scribblenauts. It is win. Get it. NOW. 2,000+ wordlist containing many, many memes makes me happy. Heck, Laughin'Man and I spent an hour or two yesterday just playing with the various memes on our games!

Also, I made myself a new, totally original signoff that I will most likely probably hopefully use! You may or may not have seen it yet. It's based off a signature idea I had for the BS01 Wiki back in 2007. Now this signoff is very, very unnecessarily complicated. And I coded it myself, by hand, no shortcuts.

So, behold... MY SIGNOFF!

And now behold... THE CODING BEHIND IT!
[b][color="blue"]~ ([/color][color="blue"][sup]A V[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]T[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]O[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]A[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]H[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]M[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]K[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]E[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]A[/sup][/color][color="#4169E1"][sub]R[/sub][/color][color="blue"][sup]H[/sup][/color][color="blue"])[/color][/b]
If you want to use something similar for yourself, please give me credit for the idea. Thanks!
What do you think?

As for what I'll be blogging about in the future:
A blog approval. I need to make one. Or pay off someone to make one. Also, I had this idea to blog a series of four humorous spam e-mails I got, one per week. Hopefully that will keep me blogging this time. =P

And if I don't, bug me until I blog.

Until next time,



So, It's My Birthday!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Aug 23 2009 · 260 views
Real Life
For obvious reasons, I haven't blogged in a while. Hence, I'll have to write up another one of those huuuuuge what-I've-been-up-to blog entries to make up for it. In the meantime, though, quick list of stuff I got for my birthday (so far, but I'm not sure I'm gonna get any more):
  • $50 from my grandmother
  • Like 10 mini Reese's cups (my favorite candy EVAR, by the way)
  • Sandish-green T-shirt with oooold classic Mountain Dew logo
  • Blue T-shirt with a whole lot of reasons why being a guy is awesome (Example: being able to shower and get ready to go somewhere within 10 minutes)
  • White T-shirt with Mario Kart Wii logo
  • Yellow T-shirt with a Super Mario World design and Japanese text
So yeah, I'll try to get pics eventually, except of the money. =P


...halp Meh?

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 08 2009 · 232 views
Real Life
Okay, so you probably read my entry about coincidences below, right? Well, it got weirder.

Last night, I dreamed about Glatorian Legends finally coming out at my Wal-Mart, and the last part of my dream I was gawking at them on the shelf. I vividly remember all the Glatorian Legends cost exactly $12.66, except Stronius which I was planning to buy on this dream trip to the store. He cost $12.86, and I was upset in my dream about this strange 20 cents more he cost. Oh, and also, the regular Glatorian were on sale, but I don't remember how much. I wasn't focusing on them because I already had all of them.

So then I wake up, go through my morning routines, and sat down at my computer. First thing I do is open my browser, on which BZP is set as the homepage. What do I see as the top news article? This.

Somebody halp meh pleez D8

Oh, also, I posted this as close to 12:34:56 07/08/09 (Central time) as I could, in celebration of 123456789 Day! =D
Darn browser froze as I posted it. It was drafted by the right time, but not published until I could unfreeze the browser...

~ a.gif t.gif


Webcomics Emulating Life

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 07 2009 · 305 views
This latest comic is so totally me.

I was even planning on playing my new Half-Life 2 for the first time this evening before I read this!

Y'see, a couple months ago I bought Orange Box at a crazy $10 price it was selling at for only one weekend. I haven't been able to play it due to two things: My computer's not powerful enough, and it only had 1GB hard drive space left (each game can be about 5-6GB). I knew I wouldn't regret buying it, though, and I was right. As of a few days ago I have access to a computer I was delighted to hear was approximately a gazillion times better than my regular computer. I promptly installed my Orange Box games and have been playing through them! I beat Portal the other day, and practiced on Team Fortress 2 with Takuma Nuva, and I planned to try out my Half-Life 2 today!

Oh, the coincidence gets weirder. I was playing around with a tape measure not a half hour ago, and decided to figure out how far I could extend it without it bending and collapsing. I got to exactly eight feet. Then something occurred to me... Another strip yet again exactly like my life:

Any readers have crazy coincidences you'd like to share?

~ a.gif t.gif


Brickworld Photos

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jun 23 2009 · 499 views
Real Life
Finally got all ~400 uploaded.

*fist-pumps* =D!

~ a.gif t.gif


Piles Of Guns!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jun 20 2009 · 458 views
Real Life
I went to Brickworld for pretty much the entire day, and had a BLAST. I got TONS of BrickArms custom Lego guns, and took photos of almost everything there! It would have been EVERYTHING, but my camera's battery died after the 400 12MP photos I took... Gallery as soon as I can figure out how to batch resize 400 photos without killing my computer, and upload 400 photos at once without killing Brickshelf.

UPDATE: Here's my picture of my BrickArms collection, tagged so you know what's what! =D

Also, I halved the size of all my photos, bringing the filesize down to 33% of what it was. Hopefully Brickshelf won't mind 300 MB of file transfer in a zip...

~ a.gif t.gif



Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jun 15 2009 · 535 views
Real Life
...is full of awesomeness. Like, seriously.

(note: linked photos are all 2,000 x 1,500 pixel approximately 200kb jpegs (half the original size, XD), they may load slow depending on your connection speed.)

It was my first Lego convention ever. I went last year because it is extremely close to me compared to other conventions. I expected it to be some small thing with some tables showing off some Bionicle inventions. I walk in the lobby to pay to go in, and there are some cool Mindstorms-powered working slot machines someone made. I'm all "Cool, maybe they'll have one or two Mindstorms things that do some complex thing!". My dad pays up for him, me, and my brothers, and he also pays for some t-shirts (with this logo in b/w on the back) and pins for souvenirs. We walk down a hall on our way in, and I hear the sound of tons of people talking growing louder. I walk in the door.


It was nothing like I expected. I was greeted by a huge table with Jurassic Park scenes portrayed throughout the entire park. I was all "OH MY GOSH" and took tons of photos. Then I look up from that. The whole, huge room is FILLED with stuff even more awesome than that. Huge, ceiling-high models of buildings like the Sears Tower (and the ceiling in that room was very high). Crowds and crowds of people. Vignettes and MOCs of everything imaginable. Booths for stuff I never imagined existed, like BrickArms custom Lego guns (GASP WHY DIDN'T I GET A PHOTO OF THAT) and Kaminoan Fine Clonier minifig decals and custom minifigs. A guy selling people the opportunity to make custom minifigs out of this huge bin with pieces even as old as the original Space theme (but I got there late in the day, when those were all snatched up)!

Brickworld is coming up this weekend. I will be going on Saturday's open hours. If you live anywhere near Wheeling, Illinois, you HAVE to go. You won't regret it, I promise.

Who reading this is going / decided to go after reading this? =P

P.S., as an added bonus I included a link to a hidden photo of something mysterious! You're awesome if you found it on your first go-through.

~ a.gif t.gif



Posted by Avohkah Tamer , May 29 2009 · 250 views

As Dr. Seuss so well put it in one of his books, "It's a Great Day for Up!"

As most of you (should) know, Disney/Pixar's latest movie Up came out just today. Has anyone here seen it yet? Even though I've already entirely made up my mind and I'm GOING to see it and I WILL like it, anyone wanna tell me how it was (spoiler-free, of course)?

~ a.gif t.gif



Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Mar 30 2009 · 540 views
Real Life
Yeah, I'd blog way more if I had more ideas... So I guess I'll just give you some random updates of me! tongue.gif

TV shows I've been watching:

For the last several weeks, I've been borrowing the DVD box sets for MacGyver from a family I know who has every single season. It's awesome watching a classic old show for the first time. I'm almost done with season 4! Richard Dean Anderson is awesome as MacGyver and as Colonel Jack O'Neill from Stargate: SG-1. Y'know, that show really makes me want a Swiss Army Knife...

The Unit is a slightly less family-friendly show, unfortunately, but I enjoy a lot of aspects of it. My dad bought seasons 1-3 on DVD, and I already finished them. It's a show depicting this elite special forces group who thwarts terrorists and rescues people and such. Thing is, they're totally top secret, and therefore can't get any credit for any things they do. They're basically supposed to be the best of the best picked out of the U.S. Army. This show probably wouldn't be as interesting to me if I hadn't been playing the free first-person shooter game Combat Arms. I can pick a lot of comparisons on how they operate with how I just normally play my game. Since I'm best as a sniper on Combat Arms, you can probably guess that episodes involving snipers on The Unit are my favorite ones. tongue.gif

Lately, I've been watching Doctor Who episodes with Turakii #1 Lavasurfer and Laughin'Man in an interesting way. You see, I like downloading episodes of TV shows I like, and I happen to have every episode of the current Doctor Who series (all 4 seasons and the Christmas Specials) on my computer here. So, I file transfer the episodes to Turakii and LM, and we start watching them in sync, giving our comments as we watch. Turakii and I already have seen all these episodes, we're watching them for LM's sake, so he gets to see all the episodes like us! =D We just finished all of season 1 the other night, but he's seen various other episodes throughout the other seasons.

Video Games:

I haven't been playing as much of my games on Wii or DS as I'd like to, these past few weeks, but I do have a couple updates regarding my gaming. First off, a couple weeks ago, I hacked my Wii to play homebrew applications (fanmade programs designed to install on your Wii if it's been hacked to be able to do so)! The hacking was actually way easier than it sounds, don't think of me as some "über-hacker" for being able to do this. I literally followed instructions online, and I used a glitch in the game Twilight Princess (which I borrowed from a friend for this) to install the Homebrew Channel application. Now all I have to do is load apps onto the SD card and run them! I've got a mapping app, a port of Doom, a port of Quake, and -tons- more.

Next off, last week I bought myself Pokémon Platinum, which I am very much enjoying! I'm still trying to get Laughin'Man to get it too, and he says he'll probably get it near the beginning of April when he's got money. NOT SOON ENOUGH, I SAY! >8(
If anyone familiar with Diamond or Pearl (or even Platinum) is wondering how far I am, I'm at Pastoria City training for the gym. I've beat 4 gyms so far.

As I mentioned before, I've been playing this Combat Arms PC game for a while now, and I've gotten pretty good. It's awesome that I get to play alongside Takuma Nuva and Torhuki. Anyone who reads Takuma's blog should know that he recently posted his latest caption contest image, which depicts him so kindly about to headshoot me. I'll have you know that I made a screenshot at the same instant! Check it out!

Real life:

Very strangely, though it was warm for a long time beforehand, it snowed yesterday morning! We got a couple inches, enough to cover the grass completely. By mid-afternoon, though, it was gone! Vanished into thin air! Poor Mr. Snowman left home yesterday to go on a business trip, but when he returned home, everything was gone! Poor Mr. Snowman, all alone in the world...



Well, that's all, I hope I didn't kill you with this remarkably long blog entry. Hopefully I'll think of more (short entry) ideas to blog about soon. tongue.gif

~ a.gif t.gif


I Am Insane.

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Mar 08 2009 · 210 views
Real Life
Completely, entirely insane. Clinically insane.

Why, you may ask?

Gaze upon my awesomeness!

Yes, that is what it appears to be. No, it is not 'shopped. Just an extremely good sale at my local Wal-Mart.

Oh, yeah, if any of you were planning to steal some, don't bother. I've got the perfect defense system activated and guarding them. Behold my Lazorcat Defense System!


EDIT: Hey, well whaddayaknow? I found another Axalara not pictured here just in the other room. Go figure! =P

~ a.gif t.gif

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