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Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum


Welcome To Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum...

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Feb 11 2009 · 876 views

...Known from coast-to-coast like butter and toast!
From headlines to deadlines, from schoolrooms to poolrooms!
No other place in the contiguous United States or other environments of the world!

Yep, that's right, I stole Laughin'Man's blog's old theme! (With permission, of course. tongue.gif )

So, yeah, I'm pretty much a huge Tally Hall fan. Hence my blog theme change, and my avatar and signature change. I've had plans to do this for a long time, but due to procrastination/indecision (remember last post? tongue.gif ), I didn't get around to it until now.

For those of you who don't know, Tally Hall is a rock band that was formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in '02, and since then they've become fairly successful, though not yet a household name. Their signature outfits are white shirts with different colored ties, depending on the band member. Their songs are pretty upbeat and catchy, and sometimes very random (in a good way, at least to me), and I've been told they sound a little like the Beatles in some songs. (Beatle-lovers on BZP, I'm not saying they are the same, nor am I saying I think Tally Hall is better. tongue.gif )

So I ask you this, BZPers-who-are-actually-reading-this-obscure-blog, have you ever heard of Tally Hall? Have you ever heard a song by them? One music video they made for a school project way back then showcased their song "Banana Man," and became very popular online, so you may have heard that.

If you are a fan of Tally Hall as well, by all means let me know! smile.gif (Minus Laughin'Man, who I made a fan. tongue.gif )

~ a.gif t.gif


This Is How Rick Astley Rolls.

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jan 25 2009 · 238 views

Hee hee, gotta love it.


On another note, I was GOING to change my blog theme recently, but someone took the idea totally exactly as I had it (name, blog image, first post intro), minus the long entry I had typed up in a Word file. They literally put up theirs within a couple hours of my plans to... >_>

Also, I've been procrastinating on thinking of a blog theme in the meantime until they change it to something else. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I should probably get around to changing my BZP info. Oh, and my interests. And my avatar. And my sig. And clear out my PM box. And get a life. ;.;

Procrastination + Indecision = EEEEVIIIIL

~ a.gif t.gif


Happy Some Year!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jan 01 2009 · 204 views
As I'm sure many, many, MANY people are doing, I'm posting a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" entry! ...Well, except for one thing. I'm not talking about 2009. I'm talking about a mystery year you shall NEVER KNOW. AHAHAHAHA.

Also, Laughin'Man brought to my attention a spam e-mail claiming to be from Bill Gates. I'm here to tell you it absolutely cannot be from Bill. You see, he's my buddy, and I should know, he doesn't talk like that in his e-mails! Here's a good example of one of the many e-mails he's sent me.

Now, obviously he's a good-natured guy who likes to joke around and stuff. He's not some internet newbie who thinks the Nigerian Prince scam will save him from some minor loss in the stock market. I won't let my good friend Bill get insulted like that. mad.gif

Oh yeah, he really didn't give me a couple million bucks. Really! *hides wallet*

~ a.gif t.gif


Gasp, A Blog Entry!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Dec 23 2008 · 287 views
Wow, has it really been since the 9th that I last blogged? I need moar ideaz...

For now, at least, Laughin'Man posed a good question chatting with me the other night. Anyone care to theorize on this quite interesting point?
QUOTE(LM on Yahoo)
Is Ackbar Spider-Man?

Comment away! biggrin.gif

~ a.gif t.gif


I Are Smarter

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Dec 09 2008 · 259 views
This entry is false.

~ a.gif t.gif


This Comic Is Win.

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Dec 05 2008 · 291 views

'Nuff said.

No, seriously, I have a TON of funny/random pictures; this cracked me up like you wouldn't believe when it was first posted.

~ a.gif t.gif



Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Dec 04 2008 · 437 views
Real Life
...My head...

Yeah, so, I didn't get enough sleep last night. I've got a job, though, that requires me to be out the door by 9 AM. (I run errands for my dad's business, like collecting mail from the P.O. Box and depositing checks at the bank later) Well, as it was, I was asleep at 8:55 AM, and pretty deeply asleep. My mom was walking upstairs, and called to me as she was walking past that I was late and needed to get up. Well, I did. In about a half a second. For -no reason at all-, I almost literally jumped out of bed (not out of fear at all, just me wanting to get up), and started rushing to get ready. It was only when I made it downstairs that I had the time to realize I had a pounding headache from waking up and jumping out of my bed in about a second. ><

Well, long story short, I got excused from going out the door by 9 sharp (which I could have done, but I'd have been half-asleep and that's not safe for driving on icy roads), so I used that time to wake myself up completely. Still have the headache, though.


Sorry I've not been blogging since I got my lifetime premier, I really haven't had much inspiration. LM, Turakii, and Takuma should be able to pound an idea in my head eventually, though. =)

~ a.gif t.gif


Guess Whaaaat?

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Nov 29 2008 · 256 views
Real Life

That's right, A couple days ago, I bought me a LIFETIME PREMIER MEMBERSHIP.

Now you may be thinking "It's about TIME...", or you may be thinking "Who in the world is this guy?", but it all comes down to this:

I again have access to a blog with which to spread my insanity and randomness as far as I can reach! And I can feel happy knowing I'm supporting my favorite site ever!


~ a.gif t.gif


Do What You Want 'cuz A Pirate Is Free!

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 27 2008 · 328 views


...or at least SHOULD be...

After searching about 3 stores yesterday, I FINALLY found one with the new sets! I got Toa Onua (Who is awesome), and Takanuva (WHO IS EXTREMELY AWESOME). =P

Yesterday I played for a long time on Pirates Online, and I even recruited a couple BZP members for it in the past couple days! At this point, our Guild (club) contains: Yep, there are a lot of us on there!

EDIT: I'll edit this whenever another BZP member joins our Guild. Yesterday, we added DJ Reidak.

Now, this may be the last entry I get to make, since BZP's birthday week is over today, just contact me if you have an account on Pirates or plan to get one, we love having BZP members around on there!

~ a.gif t.gif


Wow... Just, Wow...

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 23 2008 · 229 views

I've gotta say, The Dark Knight was AWESOME. I agree, it's quite evil and dark, but it made it that much more edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. It almost seemed too long to me, but that was only because I wasn't expecting it to go past a certain point, but I think if I hadn't thought it would end where I did, I would have thought the length to be perfect. [/confusing]

I loved the acting in this movie, especially that of (the late) Heath Ledger, he really formed an awesomely insane, irrational Joker. So many plot twists in this movie it was crazy, and I loved every minute of it!

I guess that's about it for now, I can't be on the computer for long before I go to youth group this evening.

Oh, yeah, one more thing....
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~ a.gif t.gif

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