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LEGO Studios Backlot

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Sep 06 2012 · 4,016 views

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Jeez, Johnny, I'm two feet away. You don't need to yell.

Anyone here remember playing this on Lego.com way back in the day? Crazy to think it was over 10 years ago since it launched; less than a year after Bionicle started!

Several fond memories:
  • That one guy with the pointless three-question movie trivia
  • Running around delivering coffee to the movie crew
  • Spotting Takua in the Commissary (!!)
  • Being a stunt double, jumping across crocodiles
  • Falling off catwalks
So yeah. Good times.

Oh yeah, and guess what?


- If the first area is all glitched out and invisible for you, resize the window and it should fix it.
- Never hit the Escape key, it freezes the game.
- Hold Z to run (So much better than walking everywhere!)
- If you played a long time ago, your save file probably still works! Try logging in and hitting Continue.


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Aw man, I miss GameBoy Colour edition Takua.
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I remember the Studio Sets, but I was never aware of such a game. (Probably because my computer back then was so painfully slow that I didn't bother with such games.)

Might have to check it out now.

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Sep 06 2012 08:44 PM
Oh my gosh, I loved this game as a kid. XD I know it was at least still playable a few years back when last I played it (such a fun game).

Remember climbing to the top of that building to get a piece of pie for the T-Rex? How about that sign that said "Do not pick the flowers" so you immediately picked the flowers afterwards? Remember firing Johnny Thunder's fake rifle? Remember electrocuting that one dude by the cherry picker? Remember jumping over the wall and running towards the Hollywood sign? Yup, good times indeed. ^^
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This was amazing, much better than the new games on the Lego website.
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MNOG, Studios Backlot, and MNOG II were the best online games LEGO ever offered.

And their old PC games (Racers, Chess) were pretty darn fun, too.

Posted Image
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This game was dozens of kinds of awesome. Know what, I think I'm going to play it again right now. :rolleyes:

Mentos Fruit
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This game remains my favorite LEGO game ever.
I must've beaten it over 10 times. :P
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Aw, it says page not found. I've never played or even heard of this game and I can tell I've missed out.
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Avohkah Tamer
Sep 19 2012 08:31 PM

Aw, it says page not found. I've never played or even heard of this game and I can tell I've missed out.

Wait what the heck?! This link was live as of a week ago! WHY, LEGO, WHY??? D:
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