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Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jun 15 2009 · 229 views

Real Life
...is full of awesomeness. Like, seriously.

(note: linked photos are all 2,000 x 1,500 pixel approximately 200kb jpegs (half the original size, XD), they may load slow depending on your connection speed.)

It was my first Lego convention ever. I went last year because it is extremely close to me compared to other conventions. I expected it to be some small thing with some tables showing off some Bionicle inventions. I walk in the lobby to pay to go in, and there are some cool Mindstorms-powered working slot machines someone made. I'm all "Cool, maybe they'll have one or two Mindstorms things that do some complex thing!". My dad pays up for him, me, and my brothers, and he also pays for some t-shirts (with this logo in b/w on the back) and pins for souvenirs. We walk down a hall on our way in, and I hear the sound of tons of people talking growing louder. I walk in the door.


It was nothing like I expected. I was greeted by a huge table with Jurassic Park scenes portrayed throughout the entire park. I was all "OH MY GOSH" and took tons of photos. Then I look up from that. The whole, huge room is FILLED with stuff even more awesome than that. Huge, ceiling-high models of buildings like the Sears Tower (and the ceiling in that room was very high). Crowds and crowds of people. Vignettes and MOCs of everything imaginable. Booths for stuff I never imagined existed, like BrickArms custom Lego guns (GASP WHY DIDN'T I GET A PHOTO OF THAT) and Kaminoan Fine Clonier minifig decals and custom minifigs. A guy selling people the opportunity to make custom minifigs out of this huge bin with pieces even as old as the original Space theme (but I got there late in the day, when those were all snatched up)!

Brickworld is coming up this weekend. I will be going on Saturday's open hours. If you live anywhere near Wheeling, Illinois, you HAVE to go. You won't regret it, I promise.

Who reading this is going / decided to go after reading this? =P

P.S., as an added bonus I included a link to a hidden photo of something mysterious! You're awesome if you found it on your first go-through.

~ a.gif t.gif

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That looks so awesome... I'd totally go if I lived close enough.

Also, I found the hidden link. Niiice.
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I found two hidden links: "Complex" "THAT", and "Hidden Photo". I don't see any other ones.

*looks at HTML*

I can has find pic!

-=< s.gif >=-

Edit by Avohkah Tamer:

Cheater. It would have been so much more fun to find it on your own! =P

Edit by Sumiki:

Okay, but it's hidden in this post as well. wink.gif
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Great. While i'm supposed to be making a fathers day card your preventing me cuz im trying to find the link.

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