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...halp Meh?

Posted by Avohkah Tamer , Jul 08 2009 · 89 views

Real Life
Okay, so you probably read my entry about coincidences below, right? Well, it got weirder.

Last night, I dreamed about Glatorian Legends finally coming out at my Wal-Mart, and the last part of my dream I was gawking at them on the shelf. I vividly remember all the Glatorian Legends cost exactly $12.66, except Stronius which I was planning to buy on this dream trip to the store. He cost $12.86, and I was upset in my dream about this strange 20 cents more he cost. Oh, and also, the regular Glatorian were on sale, but I don't remember how much. I wasn't focusing on them because I already had all of them.

So then I wake up, go through my morning routines, and sat down at my computer. First thing I do is open my browser, on which BZP is set as the homepage. What do I see as the top news article? This.

Somebody halp meh pleez D8

Oh, also, I posted this as close to 12:34:56 07/08/09 (Central time) as I could, in celebration of 123456789 Day! =D
Darn browser froze as I posted it. It was drafted by the right time, but not published until I could unfreeze the browser...

~ a.gif t.gif

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Tom Mc. Israel
Jul 08 2009 01:48 PM
You wouldn't happen to know if anyone selling custom Lego pieces (Brickforge, Brickarms, etc) has a minifig Bowler hat, do you?
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Avohkah Tamer
Jul 08 2009 03:11 PM
QUOTE(Sir Thomas of Black Falcon @ Jul 8 2009, 12:48 PM)
You wouldn't happen to know if anyone selling custom Lego pieces (Brickforge, Brickarms, etc) has a minifig Bowler hat, do you?

Not exactly on-topic. =P

No, unfortunately I do not, but if you find somewhere let me know! Bowler hats are always cool.

~ a.gif t.gif
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Jul 08 2009 06:09 PM
*music* 123456789 day comes but once in a thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years, 123456789 day comes but once in a thousand years, or so I'm toooooooold. *cut music*

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