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Skipping Across a Pond



Posted by Nara , in Minecraft Jan 03 2014 · 280 views

As people have called it, Naracraft is back online. Sorry about the downtime, though I'm sure nobody noticed. =P

If anyone new wants to be whitelisted, leave your minecraft name in the comments and I'll get you asap. There's not really any activity on the server but it's there if you want.

EDIT: Also, as the 1.7.4 Chicken Jockeys cause tremendous amounts of lag, mobGriefing will be turned off to prevent the zombies from picking up eggs. This will also prevent creepers from breaking blocks and endermen from picking stuff up. It'll stay off until there's a fix for the chicken jockeys, but if people really want we can revert the server back to 1.7.2.


Band Things

Posted by Nara , in Music, School Dec 18 2013 · 307 views

As in, concert band. =P

My concert band was invited to play at the Midwest Clinic, an international conference for band/orchestra. A professor from Cornell University will be conducting our rehearsal as an opportunity to show new methods of teaching to band directors and showing off how to use iPads and Google Glass during rehearsals.

She came in during school today to meet us beforehand, and she's hilarious. =P Google Glass doesn't look as silly as I imagined it, it's actually really awesome and I kinda want it now.

Oh, and one of the songs we're playing during the rehearsal is from Frank Ticheli, one of the most well known concert band composers. Plus, one of my favorite composers. Apparently he's supposed to be there and may be watching us play one of his songs. Excited and nervous as the same time. D=D


It's Strange...

Posted by Nara , in Life Dec 16 2013 · 592 views

How only the smallest connection to the deceased can cause such sadness. Not even part of the family nor the circle of friends, but a member of the circle's family. I didn't even know him personally, nor do I know his name. The same could have most likely been said for him. The overwhelming emotion that hit was unexpected.

I've noticed that the colors of the earth become more diluted with each passing hour, but the snow is more pure than ever.



Posted by Nara , in SciO Dec 13 2013 · 256 views

SciO season's in the air. :) That's Science Olympiad, and yes, I'm in it. =P

I've got another invitational tomorrow, third one of the year. This year, my events are Entomology, Geologic Mapping, Experimental Design, and Write It Do It.
  • Entomology is the study of bugs. In the event, a partner and I identify and answer questions about an insect (preserved or in a photograph) within 2-3 minutes, and we rotate around stations. It's been pretty easy so far, placed 1st and 2nd the past two invites.
  • Geologic Mapping is exactly what it sounds like, a partner and I are required to be proficient in geographic maps, geologic cross-sections, topographic maps, know geologic structures, and calculating stuff. I was thrown in to it last invite and we placed second to last. :P It's pretty fun, though, hoping to get in the top five tomorrow.
  • Experimental Design is an event where you and two partners are given a bunch of stuff and we have to design an experiment and write a lab report, in under 50 minutes. They score us based off of a rubric and they give the rubric out. I've consistently placed in this for two years now as well as the past two invites. I personally think it's the easiest event since all you have to do to place is memorize the rubric and do the lab fast, but it seems like other schools don't have it down yet. =P
  • In Write It Do It, one partner (me) sees a contraption built out of random things, and I have to write how to build it for my partner, 25 minute time limit. My partner then comes into the room while I exit and sees a pile of stuff, containing all the things in the contraption and extras. Scoring is based off of how closely your partner builds the thing, and it gets really specific. It seems like there's nobody who consistently places in this.
It's fun. This year my school's team has been pretty good, with varsity placing 7th out of 42 and 3rd out of 12. Hopefully we can make it to State this year, having missed it be less than a point the past two years. =P



Posted by Nara , Nov 17 2013 · 348 views

Completed the Kalos Dex, as a part of a Living Dex project. First time I've completed a regional Dex ever.
Now that that's done, I'm going on to breeding competitively viable Pokemon. Got two IV bred so far, 5/6 IV Phantump with Harvest and a 5IV breeding pair of Aron. Currently breeding for a 5IV female Froakie with Protean, it's a pain. Stupid gender ratio. >.> I did get a fully EV trained Starmie, probably with lackluster IVs, from the GTS though.
Also caught a shiny Trevenant from a horde, one of my favorite shinies. =D

Ohey I just bred a perfect 6IV male Froakie with Torrent.


Minecraft Server

Posted by Nara , in Minecraft Nov 07 2013 · 516 views

If anyone still plays. =P I opened a 1.7.2 server, pure survival. If anyone's interested, comment with your Minecraft username and I'll add you to the whitelist.
The server should be open 24-7. ^-^
I don't expect that there'll always be people on, but it's there if anyone feels the urge. :)


Final Fantasy

Posted by Nara , Aug 16 2013 · 323 views

After listening to the ending theme for Final Fantasy VI I wanted to (finally) jump in. I've started Final Fantasy I but don't have much progress; just defeated Garland and obtained the lute.
Playing the remake for GBA. I'm having a great time getting used to the controls and setup for a game released.. 10 years ago, I think? Almost 10 years now.
Anyway, this is my party setup:
Level 4 Theif
 -108 HP/0 MP
 -Leather Armor
Level 4 Red Mage
 -36 HP/31 MP
 -Chain mail Armor
Level 4 White Mage
 -65 HP/34 MP
 -Cure, Dia
Level 4 Black Mage
 -48 HP/50 MP
 -Fire, Thunder
I realize that I should probably have a warrior but meh. :P


BZPc #17

Posted by Nara , in Minecraft Jul 07 2013 · 306 views

Natural regen = false
Tons of fun, Orange Team nearly got a kill. :P I looked around in creative and found a spawner right near our spawn, Blade, with horse armor and saddles. If we found that, we probably could've gotten a kill.
Also, the seed we used was really something else. 4 Jungle Temples, 2 Desert Villages, and about 8 pink sheep in a swamp. Plus, a plains biome with a ton of horses and donkeys.
Excited for next time.


Updates: Animal Crossing, Minecraft

Posted by Nara , Jul 02 2013 · 349 views

Been a while. Got back into the country about a week ago, still having major jet lag, but it's improving.
So, like everyone else, I caved and bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf. First Animal Crossing game for me, got it about 5 days ago. Tortimer just invited me to his island, I don't know if I'm going slowly or fast. =P My villagers think I'm stalking them, since I just talked to them all day before I could get a fishing rod. =P
I got Cherries as my native fruit, but also have Apples and Permissions.
Friend Code: 1762-2682-8247
Shoot me a PM or comment if you want to be friends. c:
Minecraft. 1.6. Having a lot of fun playing around in Vanilla, it's a lot more fun than I remember. FTB-wise, I ventured into the Nether to get Ghast Tears, flew over some Pigmen in an new chunk. They randomly started attacking me, I died, and have no idea where I did at all since the death point seems to have tracked my death to OW coords, not nether. :c So yeah, reduced activity in that server, I'm ready  for a reset! xD
Also got addicted to the Minecrackers, but I think that happens to everyone.
I wish I could go to Brickfair too, but it happens at a horrible time for me. August is band camp month, and my band director will kill me if I miss anything. =P Oh well.


Little Things

Posted by Nara , Jun 16 2013 · 289 views

You know, it's the little things that you take for granted. Like lights that turn on instantly instead of ten seconds later, or air conditioning that you understand the working of. Or heck, even a fan in the bathroom.
Out of the country right now, wish I had a mouse but I left the USB for it at home. :c Not that the WIFI here is particularly strong enough for a lot of things anyway.

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