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Skipping Across a Pond



Posted by Nara , in IRL Apr 11 2013 · 92 views

I have a recent obsession over ties.


Unfortunate Event(s)

Posted by Nara , in School Apr 04 2013 · 101 views

So there's this kid at my school who tweeted, "I think Mrs.------ is single handedly the worst teacher". Probably thought it was funny until he came into class, and the tweet was projected to the front of the room, with the teacher posing in front of it.
Best part? She got a video of his reaction.
Sometimes, I really can't stand the English department in my school, but I've gotta say, most of the English teachers are the craziest, fun filled people I've ever met that know how to play up their sarcasm instead of avoiding it.
In other news, I'm having trouble finding an appetite for anything recently. This happens every once in a while, but I hope it passes over soon. >.<



Posted by Nara , in IRL Mar 18 2013 · 84 views

So, as a "reward" for basically making it through PE this semester, the week before spring break is going to be spent rollerskating. It sounded great at the time but very quickly I learned that I cannot skate for my life.
Seriously, if I had a pair of skates glued to my feet and I had to flee from a collapsing bridge, I would probably try to get away, fall to the ground, then fall with the bridge.
I must've fallen five times or so. Three of those were consecutive, from me trying to get back up.
It's going to be a long week. e.e


SciO: Regional Results

Posted by Nara , in SciO Mar 11 2013 · 108 views

This past Saturday was our regional. Nearly everyone on the team, Varsity and JV, placed high in their events.
However, history has a sad sense of humor. Last year, our team lost state by four points.
This year, it was seven we lost by. We would have made it, too, but our Thermo box got 10 points deducted for some reason that I don't fully understand.
Oh well! Better start studying for next year. =)
The list for next year's events is already out, and it usually doesn't change that much. So, assuming the list is "final," I'll be doing entomology, MagLev, Experimental, hopefully Write it Do it, and I want to try Mission Possible. I heard that it was probably the worst event ever, but it sounds fun. =P
Really hoping for Sounds of Music to come back in two years. As seniors, we would destroy the competition. =P


That was a scare.

Posted by Nara , in BZPower Feb 20 2013 · 111 views

I didn't realize that the blog tab moved over, so when I went to click on blog, I clicked into the tracker instead.

Only saw the two categories, assumed they were blogs, freaked out that somehow all of the blogs were deleted, and then saw Six's avatar on the side and the word blog, so I assumed it was an apology for the server having a hiccup.

But then I found the actual tab.

It was like a bad dream, man.


Well, Look at That

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, Pokemon Feb 16 2013 · 91 views

We're back on. ^-^

I kinda want to MOC again. Maybe in a while.

In Pokemon-related news, Sylveon has been official released. Probably won't be using it in X/Y, but nice to see we have more Eeveelutions. It almost seems like we're getting a lot of names with uncommon letters, but that's really only with Xerneas, Yveltal, and Sylveon.

Also, I plan on playing through each generation and remake. Pokemon Blue, Gold, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Pearl, HeartGold, Black, and White 2. Hopefully by the time I finish them all, X and Y will be released. =P


No no no no no no no nononono

Posted by Nara , in School Feb 06 2013 · 124 views

The school isn't allowing sophomores (me) to pick an AP English class for next year, and basically making all of us go to English 3 Honors next year and one AP English class senior year.

nononononononononononono NO. This is not good.


Assassins and Updates

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, Pokemon, SciO Feb 05 2013 · 113 views

No not assassin's creed.

So, our SciO team wins a spirit award at this one invite every year, and this year, we're winning it by having a game of Assassins. All day, secret alliances, winner gets a bag of skittles.

And I intend to win.

Also, that BZP countdown thing is nice. I like it.

Also, basically no progress on the RotR game. My chance to go to state for SciO is on the line, so.. yeah. Not to mention that I'm getting this odd glitch that I'm not sure how to fix, but the maps are done. I guess I could give out an awful demo, I'll put in some NPCs if you guys want.



Posted by Nara , in BZPower Jan 31 2013 · 123 views

What compelled someone to put the Amazon Cloud on BZP? If the rules don't even allow mentioning other forums, then they'd probably have a heart attack if they saw what was tagged. You know, being a kid-friendly site. If you get what I'm saying.



Why must you do this, school?

Posted by Nara , in School Jan 29 2013 · 129 views

I said last year (as in, November/December) that I knew what classes I'm taking senior year. Well, that's proven to be wrong.

There's a chance that AP Music Theory will be brought back next year, and I'm taking it. However, that means one less class, and unfortunately, I'm giving up art. Which means that I can't take the art class I really want to take senior year, because of prerequisites.

I can't even drop lunch to take the art class, because of AP Chem, which is a period and a half. I'd drop it senior year but I can't take the two concurrently.

I don't need to take a class that teaches me what I already know, in order for me to take a class to help for college and the like. It's silly to sit through a year of already-learnt information.

Sigh. I wish there were more hours of the school day.

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