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Skipping Across a Pond


Oh Look

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, School Jan 07 2013 · 510 views

Seems like the quote boxes are fixed.

I do like this a lot. =D

In other news, I should be asleep right now because winter break technically ends in an hour and school returns tomorrow. So meh, tired am I not.

But I did learn that two weeks without writing anything really messes with your handwriting. Not that mine was legible before, but now it seems difficult to write stuff. ._.


Amazing Book Errors

Posted by Nara , in IRL Jan 05 2013 · 683 views

Though I guess it's just an error. But it's a hilarious one and I found it while waiting in line at a store.

If it was socially acceptable to lol in public by yourself, I would've. Because how does this even happen?

Posted Image



Posted by Nara , in Pokemon, Uncategorized Dec 28 2012 · 350 views

For now, most of the art I'll post will be of my RotR characters. But I'll categorize it anyway.

Justin and Sparks Color
---Updated design for Justin. Again. Kind of a throwback to his original design, but with a haircut and cooler shirt.
Zac and Melon Color
---Updated design for Zac. I keep forgetting how old he's getting.
Eric and Slush Color
---Personally, I think he looks better without color.

..Yeah, that's all I got.



Posted by Nara , in Minecraft Dec 27 2012 · 239 views

Yeah.. I got the game today, and it's sadly the only thing I've been doing. Hopefully this won't push back a planned demo.

But to think of it in better ways: Now I know why all of you are always talking about it! =D


Operation Rally

Posted by Nara , in School Dec 25 2012 · 485 views
Operation Rally is the current name of the RotR game I'm working on.

And I created a topic for it in OTC, found here.

Please post if you see anything you like (or don't like, I guess)!


Merry Christmas!

Posted by Nara , Dec 25 2012 · 248 views

And Happy Holidays!

And New Year!



More Progress Updates

Posted by Nara , Dec 23 2012 · 394 views

I should probably make a RotR tag. Hm.
Anyway, more updates.

Hidden for those who want to play blind.

If you've got any suggestions, please comment. More likely than not I'll consider and implement it.
Should I make a topic in OTC? I'm not sure if it'd be allowed, actually, but I'm wondering. A topic would be easier to navigate than my blog.


Happy Updates ^-^

Posted by Nara , in School Dec 21 2012 · 299 views

School is over and since I haven't been notified about anything, I'm assuming everything went well. ^-^

The Gun Threat was indeed an empty threat, as many predicted. I wasn't going to push my luck anyhow, but I'm glad everyone's safe.

And with the closing of the school day, that means that Winter Break has officially begun! Joy!

Also, Progress3.5: I've decided to map instead of insert more sprites. Edited Cerulean a bit, Mt. Moon a bit, added to Four Island but haven't started on the Alamo.



Posted by Nara , in Pokemon Dec 20 2012 · 361 views

100% of the Gen 4 Pokemon are complete! Woo! Except for icons, but I'll get to that sometime

Other than that, there really hasn't been too much significant work on the game.

I'm debating on whether to start mapping or finish inserting the Gen 5 stuff. Leaning towards mapping so it looks like I've actually done stuff.

I figured some screenshots would prove that I've got stuff done. Granted, it really doesn't show much, but I've got stuff. =P

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image



Posted by Nara , Dec 19 2012 · 389 views

There's a gun threat at my school.

Scared senseless. It's said to happen on Friday. The staff and board know about it. In fact, they announced that there was no evidence of it whatsoever over the intercom.

But I'm scared.


I have decided to stay home.

Even though it's likely that the treat is empty, I'd rather not take a chance. Rumor says two different things, but both are potentially dangerous. One, it has to do with a gang of a kid who got arrested recently for fighting, and two, it has to do with someone who knows how our lockdown drills go.

I'm expecting the building to be stuffed with police, probably 10 officers at minimum.

But what pushed me over the edge was a pentagram and upsidedown cross smeared onto a locker. I know that I shouldn't be worried over something like that, but with recent events, it offed me.

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