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Skipping Across a Pond



Posted by Nara , in Pokemon Dec 15 2012 · 64 views

Progress on the RotR game.


There hasn't been much. I've inserted more sprites, but Drapion is giving me a lot of trouble by not working how it should. That put things on hold for a while and it's still giving me a hard time.

However, I have finished editing the info for all the Pokemon before it, so there's that. Movesets are based on B2W2 movesets, but since I can't exactly insert moves like a pro yet, there are some changes.

Pokemon with the most different moveset: Drifloon family
Pokemon with potentially overpowered movesets: Luxio, Garchomp, Lucario
Pokemon with lackluster movesets: Shieldon family
Changed Comet Punch to Aura Sphere.

32% of sprites are inserted as of now.


Hip Image of the Day

Posted by Nara , Dec 14 2012 · 122 views

Posted Image

It had to be done.


Naruto 613

Posted by Nara , Dec 13 2012 · 115 views





Posted by Nara , in IRL, School Dec 12 2012 · 108 views

Practice ACT, basically.

I got my PLAN back today, and I was mildly disappointed in my score. It is a 25 out of 32. Predicted to score a 27-31 on the ACT.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how good that is, since my school is weird. Almost everyone I know talks about their GPA and scores and academic stuff. And I'm not joking when I say almost everyone. Literally, almost everyone. =P

But yeah. Personally, I kinda wish that the score was higher, but oh well.


Somewhat Disappointing

Posted by Nara , in IRL Dec 08 2012 · 118 views

Maybe I should have a SciO category, because guess what, this entry is about SciO!

Our team had our first invite of the year today. It didn't not start off well. We only won in one event. =( I think that's going to really kill some spirit, but it might be motivational.

Though, on the plus side, we got to see our favorite Physics teacher again. =) He transferred schools at the end of last year and he's working for the invite school now. It was great. He showed us a bunch of stuff, including this random trap door cellar thing in one room; literally, you open up a tile on the floor, and you get to this huge underground room that's filled with random stuff. Apparently, nobody's gone down there for years.

Plus, we couldn't see the end of the wall with a flashlight poking our heads through, so maybe it's a good thing.



Posted by Nara , in IRL, School Dec 07 2012 · 89 views

For Science Olympiad, anyway. I am now in another event, Forestry.
Basically, you go around identifying leaves and answering questions about them.
Yes, it's as awful as it sounds. But I've been taking online quizzes and finally got my highest score so far, a 65%! =D
I will have a partner for the actual event, so hopefully she's got her stuff in order. Because this is one of the more ridiculous events.


Christmas Shopping

Posted by Nara , in IRL Dec 06 2012 · 108 views

I am done. Bought gifts for the family and it consumed about a hundred dollars.
  • Witty shirts for my parents and cousins.
  • Plush Peashooter that shoots a pea from Plants v. Zombie for my brother.
  • A plush talking Turret from Portal 2 for my sister.
Though, free shipping! ^-^
I was hoping to save a lot of money to eventually buy myself a nice new Cannonball Sax, but it's Christmas.



Posted by Nara , in Pokemon Dec 04 2012 · 119 views

I could swear that I had a Pokemon category. Hm.

Anyway, progress on this game. Xaeraz made an awesome trainer sprite for me, so thanks to him. =D

Now, on the game itself, I patched a FireRed to remove all scripts, basically, cleaner-than-factory-version Fire Red. I also managed to replace the NidoranF family sprites with Turtwig's family sprites. Going to edit the info soon.

I also found a way to "create" new attacks. As I don't think I'm experienced enough to just add in some attacks, what I'm going to do is replace them. I'm probably going to replace
1. attacks that none of the players in the RPG use, mainly
2. attacks that nobody use
3. stat changing attacks. Not all of them, just random ones like Meditate and stuff like that.

Sound interesting? Check out this entry.


Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day!

Posted by Nara , in Happy ____ Day! Dec 04 2012 · 90 views

[quoute]We can only assume that in order to adequately celebrate Wear Brown Shoes Day is to wear brown shoes. We dont think your brown shoes have to match the rest of your outfit, just as long as your shoes are brown. So, get out there and wear brown shoes.

It probably would've been better to post this earlier, but meh.


Some Pokemon Related Assistance?

Posted by Nara , Dec 03 2012 · 303 views

No, not that kind of assistance.

Everyone's familiar with Rise of the Rockets, right?

No? It's one of the most, if not the most, successful Pokemon RPGs we've had, but that's not saying a lot.

A few months ago, I proposed to Parugi an idea. I was going to turn this RPG into a game. A Pokemon game. Originally, there were going to be two. RotR: Liberty, and RotR: Rocket. However, due to the amount of sheer content in the RPG itself, I decided to split the games into four.

Two games focusing of Liberty's side, before and after the Manaphy Arc. Two games focusing on Rocket's side.

So there I began. I started hacking a Fire Red game as my base. Unfortunately, things kept crashing and not working as intended, and I was waiting on a patch to give access to all 649 Pokemon. However, even now, the patch isn't ready, so production kinda stopped.

But I want to start up again. I have the story map, national dex (edited, will not include all Pokemon), and key trainers all ready done. Now, all I need to do is work my way around the FR Base and edit it to my needing.

I will need to hack the thing a lot. But that's where you come in.

If you know how to sprite, can take music from Sinnoh/Hoenn and play it with a Kanto soundfont, or have any experience hacking a Pokemon game, I'd like to ask for your help.

Not only will the games help summarize and recap the RPG for new and old players alike, I think that it has the potential to be a great game.

If you're interested, leave a comment or PM me, please.

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