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Skipping Across a Pond


Happy Pins and Needles Day!

Posted by Nara , in Happy ____ Day! Nov 27 2012 · 320 views

Pins and Needles Day is celebrated on November 27th of each year to commemorate Pins and Needles, a musical revue with a book by Arthur Arent, Marc Blitzstein, Emmanuel Eisenberg, Charles Friedman, David Gregory, Joseph Schrank, Arnold B. Horwitt, John Latouche, and Harold Rome and music and lyrics by Rome. The title “Pins and Needles” was created by Max Danish, long-time editor of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU)’s newspaper “Justice”.

Originally written for a small theatrical production, the first production of “Pins and Needles” was directed by Samuel Roland. After a two week professional run, it was adapted for performances by members of the then-striking International Garment Workers’ Union as an entertainment for its members. Because Roland was associated with left-wing causes, he was asked by ILGWU president David Dubinsky to withdraw. The better-known ILGWU production was directed by Charles Friedman and choreographed by Benjamin Zemach. It opened on November 27, 1937 at the Labor Stage Theatre and then transferred to the Windsor Theatre on January 1, 1939, finally closing on June 22, 1940 after 1108 performances.

Skipping Across a Pond does not advise sitting on pins and needles.


Happy National Cake Day!

Posted by Nara , in Happy ____ Day! Nov 26 2012 · 283 views

It’s National Cake Day! On this day, we celebrate one of the world’s favorite desserts—the cake. The cake we know and love today evolved from early leavened breads, which were sweetened with honey, fruit, and nuts. Did you know that the word “cake” comes from the Old Norse word, “kaka,” meaning a baked flour confection?

Whether you prefer vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or even the pineapple-upside-down variety, grab a slice of your favorite cake to celebrate this delicious day! Happy National Cake Day!


BZP Age and Stories

Posted by Nara , in Writing, BZPower Nov 25 2012 · 333 views

It's odd, to me, that I am older than some people who I'd figure to be older than I. Join date wise, anyway. Maybe it's my post count compared to theirs.

In other news, I think I'm going to have a second shot at an Epic. My first one was back in my first year here, I think, and while I finished it, I don't really like how it's written.

Actually it may be one of the only stories I've finished. Ever.

So yeah. I've got a plot in mind, but there are also a mess of characters who are essential to the plot but may not be relevant to the story at any given point. Regardless, I'm going to try to give personality and background to these characters. However, there are sixteen and I initially planned on spending a week with each character to flesh it out more, but I don't think I can wait 16+ weeks before beginning to write. So I'll do it in pairs, since that's how they show up in story.

Actually it's kinda really eight characters with a partner but those are only the [currently] important Matoran/Toa. I currently don't have any Turaga created, and I envision there to be six. I also don't have any antagonists, and I'm debating on whether they'll be Dark Hunters or Makuta. Chances are, it'll be both, but not at the same time.


Happy National Parfait Day!

Posted by Nara , in Uncategorized, Happy ____ Day! Nov 25 2012 · 641 views

Parfait is a French word literally meaning "perfect" that began referring to a kind of frozen dessert in 1894.

An American parfait is a dessert normally made by layering cream, ice cream, or flavored gelatin dessert with other ingredients such as granola, nuts, yogurt, syrups, liqueurs, fresh fruit, or whipped topping. A parfait is normally made in a tall clear glass making all layers visible. The term parfait traditionally refers to an ice-cream treat similar to a sundae.

Currently, the term ‘yogurt parfait’ is being popularized by specialty retailers in America, being a layered concoction of fruit, yogurt and granola or other cereal. It is eaten for breakfast or as a snack.

Yes, this will be a daily thing. And yes, I did just copy and paste from a website.



Posted by Nara , in BZPower Nov 23 2012 · 329 views

I'm Premier! Feels good to give back.

Still working on the blog, doesn't help that I've changed it every anniversary I've had it.

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