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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


Animations have arrived

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 16 2014 · 90 views
pommy is free
I'm not talking about the Bionicle 2015 videos, but rather my animation that my group and I have been slaving over for the past 4.5 weeks. The one that nearly killed me? That one. I haven't slept in two days but it's done and it's great and the Department Chair loved it and we're so happy. It's a bit glitchy here and there but it's so minor and we are so proud of our baby.

Please give it a watch and spread it around if you like. If you've got any friends in New York, they'll love it for sure. The title alone got the room laughing here :P

I guess the Bionicle animations are exciting too, whatever :P

Oh, and Happy Hannukah to everyone observing!


My life is a train wreck

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 09 2014 · 105 views

Almost literally.

For the past 4 weeks, my teammates and myself have been working on the dreaded Train Project, the final assigned by the hardest 3D teacher the school has. And it has been a trainwreck indeed. System crashes, memory problems, renders that take half an hour a frame, vanishing geometry, broken lights, poor planning, wonky textures, the whole shebang. Our two classes doing the train project literally broke the freshman-sophomore-junior-senior render farm yesterday with all our scenes. The render farm that every senior in the department abuses with all their thesis movies. This is all combined with my finals for my other four classes, all enormous and terrifying as well. My heart's been in overdrive since last Thursday, I've barely had time to eat properly, I was up from saturday morning to monday morning, and accidentally fell asleep for 4 hours last night and the night before, I've been seeing things that aren't there, and because every moment that I'm at home or at school I'm in front of a computer animating this train and when I'm not it's because I am riding the train for an hour in either direction, I've started to lose my grip on reality. This much adrenaline and stress really should've killed me by now, especially in conjunction with all the other ways this deadline has been destroying my mental and physical health-- emotional health isn't even an option at this point, I've been crying left and right and definitely much more than usual. I'm not talking "the Terminator gives the thumbs up and I shed a tear because this movie has destroyed me," I mean like crying in the fetal position in the shower, and soggy pillows on the bed. The only reason I'm still alive and typing this right now is because yesterday the school had therapy dogs and cookies in the student center precisely because it's finals week and there's a very real chance that it can kill us. Those dogs were the cutest things I've ever seen and one of my partners and another friend and I hugged and petted and played with them for a good half hour, and then we got the remains of the last box box of peanut butter cookies. It was the calmest and happiest I've been in weeks and I'm pretty sure it reset my blood pressure. Thank god for that.

Thankfully, on account of breaking the render farm, a few hours ago our teacher said that he's decided to move the deadline ahead from two days from now, to seven. Which is a whole world of difference. So I am obviously overjoyed. I'm gonna spend the next 22 hours writing an 8 page Film History research page paper and make either a portrait of my director or a video to go with it, and then by monday I've gotta edit and re-render 6 videos for VFX, go to a museum and write a report for History of Ancient Civ., and meet with my group to write up a big complicated script with accompanying GUI for our Python class.

Train. Wreck.

Speaking of which, here's some samples of some of the renders and workspaces from different stages of our process; the video is about a regular subway train, just showing off the model and animation, and then the train's lights go out and come back on all colorful, a bars descend on the seats like a rollercoaster, claps fold out and hold the train onto the tracks, and it corkscrews out of the tunnel into an abandoned fair and it comes to life. It's gonna be wicked.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

And here's some of the cute little doggies that saved so many lives yesterday

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Thanks for listening. Good luck to everyone else doing finals or midterms!


The Rush

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 29 2014 · 92 views

In classic Pomegranate fashion, it's the end of the month and everything has piled up into one blinding, flaming deadline zooming towards me. In classic Pomegranate fashion, I expect everything to get done and meet that fiery end of the road with honor and probably a lot of screaming. Thankfully, Thanksgiving dinner completely knocked me right out and after many months my sleeping schedule is finally back on track.

I finished inking the entirety of my Thousand Likes entry so I'm painting it now, and when that's done I'm gonna model and texture a bunch of stuff for my animation project, fix up the graphics and timing on my VFX project; then on Monday I'm gonna scan my painting at the computer labs, and when I get home I'm gonna dump these carefully sorted bags of Technic all over my desk and whip up something pretty for the Golden Mask contest. And eat at some point. Awesome :D

Here's another teaser of my Thousand Likes entry; it's still not showing much but I really love the teeny tiny protectors in the corner :P I had this whole big design that I'm really proud of so I wanna wait to present the finished product to show it off.

Posted Image


Not Enough

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 27 2014 · 98 views

Why aren't there more slots for your pokeman team? Six isn't enough. I've already got a beautiful, strong, covers-all-the-bases team that I am in love with and I don't wanna ever give any of them up for the even more lovely pokemon I'll find and the HM slaves I'll need :c I've only got three badges so far, I think; I know I am in for a lot of heartbreak still to come ;~;

This game is absolutely cruel.

I'm also torn between focusing on the long, exciting story and running around doing that, and stopping at every single new area to talk to everyone, creep with with DexNav, fill my pokedex, enjoy some contests, do Amie and Training to get my pokemans properly taken care of. I'm not like, feeling like I'm missing the story, I like that it follows you everywhere, but I'm just anxious to experience it at all as much and as quickly as possible, but I also wanna be insured for the late game. ORAS is gonna tear me apart.

If anyone's curious, my team consists of:
Miso, the Marshtomp
Licorice, the Swellow
Plum, the Mightyena
Basil, the Kirlia
Lemongrass, the Shedinja
Metang, the shiny Metang


No respect

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 23 2014 · 176 views

I was over at Nintendo World with my best bud for their trade-in event, where the first 250 people to present their original Ruby or Sapphire cartridge would get a free corresponding ORAS game. We were there since around 7 AM, and the store opens at 11; the security people went around and counted the line several times and we were something like 222nd in place. Basically, we were guaranteed to get our free games. We spent a few hours having a good time, making friends and playing Smash and sharing cookies with the people around us. Unfortunately there are terrible people in the world and Nintendo World apparently can't do anything properly, so they only started giving out wristbands less than an hour before it opened--when I could look behind me and see that there were clearly waaayyyy more than 250 people on this around-the-block line--and a bunch of people cut the line at the front. When I say a bunch of people, I mean at least 50 or 60, because when they brought out the wristbands a security person counted up the line and let us know we were 222nd in line, still, and by the time the wristbands got to us... they didn't. They ran out 20-30 people ahead of us. One of our new friends made a big stink about it and recommend to the manager that they have the people getting the free game show their GBA cartridge at the counter to confirm that they weren't just passing one between each other to trick the system. Obviously, a number of classless heathens got turned away because they ended up not having a cartridge after all. So, that was a good call. What a shock that among the dozens that cut the line at the last second several didn't even have the one requirement.

So, that was a huge bummer. The Nintendo World staff were extremely rude and unhelpful about it, while the Nintendo representative present and the general security were very kind and cooperative but unfortunately couldn't do anything about it. It would be nice if we knew that we wouldn't be getting anything hours ahead of time when the line was already more than saturated instead of a half hour beforehand, 'cause it was cold outside and my leg was cramping up, but whatever. My bud exchanged friend codes with a few of our new comrades and we went down to the underground Gamestop to buy the game ourselves (Nintendo World was a packed mess, I couldn't even figure out where to buy the game and there was a massive line, and unsurprisingly I was a bit bitter and didn't feel like spending more time there) and we got a neat poster with it, too, so that's nice.

Posted Image

Yep. That was my day. I started Alpha Sapphire on the train and it really took me back :D What a lovely game, everything is so familiar.

I just really don't understand how some people can be so disrespectful and feel so entitled that they'd pull what they did. It's disgusting. I'm really ticked off at the people around them who let it happen, too. You don't do that, you tell security and you get them ejected. If you're that far ahead, you're one of the people that was waiting since 3 AM or earlier, you should know that these people don't deserve those spots in line and feel a responsibility for the rest of the line. Ugh. Bleh. People make me so mad. These aren't the kinds of values that Pokemon teaches.


Gone too far

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 21 2014 · 140 views

This is probably the most surreal thing that's happened to me lately.

I went down to my regular grocery store 'cause we were all out of beverages. I noticed that they had some big, dark, ripe and yummy looking pomegranates, way nicer than the sad pale ones at the store next to it. I need to save my money for some upcoming splurging, though, so I focused my willpower and self control and managed to avoid eye contact with the delicious fruit, quickly grabbing a couple bottles of seltzer water from their dedicated crates and moving on. I got to the back of the store, and I was about to grab some OJ when I noticed a shelf next to me was stocked with some amazing looking fruit juices - and I mean the good stuff, like when your lovely grandma picks the fruit right from her garden and you get a big jar of amazing with bits of fruit floating around inside. Of course, they had pomegranate juice, and I got really excited, but I know that's not what I came for and after longingly looking over the selection I got a thing of OJ, went right to the express lane, argued myself out of getting a pomegranate to eat tonight, paid for my stuff, and left.

That was an hour ago, maybe two. Then my mom asked me why I bought pomegranate water.

The seltzer water bottles have red and pink decorations all over them and a very obvious pomegranate graphic on the front. And they taste amazing.

I guess I must not have noticed anything different when I grabbed the bottles 'cause they were hidden by the crate and I didn't really pay attention, but it's also possible that my intense desire and emotional journey in the store either A) warped reality and fused the water and the pomegranate products together in a complicated space-time event when I was trying to get my change into the right pocket; B) the fruit fairies did it; C) My powers have revealed themselves and I can finally pomegranate-flavor anything I want; D) Eating the entire thing of Pomegranate Swirl gelato the other day had unexpected side effects related to any of the previous 3 options or just put me in a coma and this blog entry is a part of it. My girlfriend just informed me that she happened to use Pomegranate hair conditioner today, so I don't know what to believe anymore. Is it a sign? A warning? Probably the gelato coma? Am I in heaven?

Whatever happened... I am very pleased :P


IGN reviews Bionicle 2015

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 18 2014 · 326 views

"Better than the original, all the sets are gorgeous, I had so much fun playing with everything. Seems like there's a Water character in every group of heroes. Okoto is surrounded by water. Too much water. 7.8/10"


*crunching noise*

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 16 2014 · 130 views

It's crunch time.

November is crazy and I have sooo many things I need to do. Both the Battle for the Gold Mask and A Picture's Worth a Thousand Likes contests end at the end of the month, so that's kinda looming since the only progress I have on the building contest is that I sorted all my technic/ccbs parts into about a dozen different containers and I'm ready to actually build something if ever get the time. I'm a lot more excited for the art contest, and that's going really great; I went out and got huge high quality watercolor paper and some new inks the other day, and I finished replicating the sketch on the big paper last night and started inking it today-- I gotta say, the old masks were so much easier to draw than these :P

The only problem I really have is that we just got assigned this HUGE project in 3D animation, and that's due on the 11th of December, but if it's gonna come out as amazing as the group and I hope, I really need to devote all my time to it. We're gonna repurpose as many old models as possible, but we still basically have to make everything from scratch and I'm the only one who really has any sorta confidence to do the actual animating, sooo that's nuts. My life would be a lot easier too if I could afford to skip work to work on all this, but I'm flying out to spend a few weeks with my girlfriend when Christmas comes around and I need as much spending money as possible for that. And with finals coming up...

I basically just gotta juggle all of these things and it's kinda scary but I'm just soooo so excited and I'm gonna do it all and it's gonna be awesome :D

That said, sneak peak at the progress I made today on my thing for the Thousand Likes contest c:

Posted Image

Also, on a side note, I discovered Pomegranate Swirl gelato in my freezer so that made my night a lot better aaand I also burned through at least two whole seasons of It's Always Sunny


Heartbreak is...

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 10 2014 · 150 views

...Getting excited for the new General Art contest, opening Photoshop, and watching Photoshop crash and then tell you that it finally realized that your trial expired long ago and it will no longer open.

Even though the same thing happened with After Effects a few days ago and that's working just fine.

Why, Adobe? Why me? Why today?


Looks like it's time to bust out the pen nibs and brushes and restock on colored inks and big watercolor paper. My month just got a little wilder :P



Posted by Pomegranate , Nov 02 2014 · 95 views

Guess who was at Brickfair today!

It wasn't me! :D

My younger brother came home half an hour ago and informed me that's where he's been all day; apparently it was a surprise trip with my grandfather.

I can't believe my own family would leave me behind like that :P

Apparently he had a great time, so that's cool.

I've decided I'm not doing NaNo this year, 'cause I really just have no idea what to write and I just don't have the time for it with all the schoolwork that's been piling up. Good luck to all of you, though!

Aaaand I caught the new Doctor Who, and it was amazing. Never felt such genuine dread from an episode before, the Three Words hit me hard. So did the part when the woman picked up Danny's phone. And when the water went down. I knew they were gonna be in the episode, but the whole exoskeleton thing went right over my head and I didn't realize what the Dark Water was hiding until the water had begun to bubble, and the top of their heads just confirmed my fears. The Missy thing made me mad for the sole reason that back in the very first episode, when she said her name, everyone basically exactly what she said when revealing her identity, and all this time I just thought that would be too obvious :P She's been creeping me out all season so I'm thrilled to see more of her. Can't wait for the last episode :D

Aaaaand on a final note, right as Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 came out, my signed DHMIS poster came in the mail :D I'm glad I contributed to that kickstarter 'cause the new video was awesome.

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