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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


What Happens Now

Posted by Pomegranate , Dec 14 2015 · 147 views

It's almost 2016, the 2016 bonkle sets will come out soon....

will all the 2015 sets be gone and impossible to get my hands on now? I only have three of the Toa and two Protectors, this is unacceptable but I don't have spare cash right this moment to get 'em (and I just detest having to order things online for some reason, it just bugs me; I much prefer to waltz into a store and find what I need and go through the whole process).

How does this stuff usually go? I'm mainly worried about the official LEGO Stores and their Bionicle 2015 stock when the 2016 sets pop in.

This is very important, I can't go another year without the full Toa team, it's criminal (although worst case scenario I'll get Kopaka, Pohatu, and Onua as Uniters and honestly that wouldn't be the worst compromise because they do look fantastic, but then they'll outshine the RGB Toa D: )


LEGO Doctor Who set!

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 01 2015 · 198 views

Posted Image

It came out today and I am both impatient and unstoppable, so I took a detour between classes and scooped it up! Kinda shocked that it's like $70 USD, makes me wonder why they even considered how 'child-friendly' it is at such a price point, but honestly I've been out of touch with LEGO's price dynamics for like a decade so I have no idea what's reasonable anymore.

Can't wait to crack it open and build it, but I will say right away that the box is gorgeous and very nicely made. That's my, uh, review. Nice box. 10/10 :P


EDIT: I can't believe I went through all the trouble I did before making this post to prepare a photo of the set and never actual put it in


LEGO Dimensions Expansions came out today...

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Nov 03 2015 · 175 views

And I am an impatient sucker, I went straight to the LEGO Store and picked this up :D

Posted Image

I don't even have the game yet, I'm just excited to get the figure c:

I'm gonna spring for Portal next for my brother.

Undergoing a difficult breakup right now so this was my little spirit lifting treat for myself.


New York Comic Con / Oh hey there

Posted by Pomegranate , Sep 19 2015 · 219 views

So far I only have Rebecca Sugar to look forward to, and that's gonna be super exciting! But what else is happening?

Does anyone know if LEGO has any plans to show up at this one? Perhaps something Bionicle will be involved? It was truly the highlight of NYCC for me last year, I think, so it's gonna feel really empty without Bionicle this time 'round.

Also if anyone else is going let me know!! :D

ALSO! Whoops, looks like I more or less vanished from BZP for the last few months or so. My bad! Busy, busy, busy. Traveled all up the US West Coast, was a camp counselor, got busy with school and work, lots of stuff going on. I'm gonna try to pop in more often, I did check up on the blogs regularly even if I wasn't logging in ^^


More like Happy Birthday BZ-Me

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jul 20 2015 · 155 views

14 years of BZP! And coincidentally, today makes the 8th anniversary of my registration! :D

I'm in awe that this is technically the second year I've been on BZP for more than half its life. Y'all are just great, it's really incredible looking back on all those years of Bionicle and BZPower and finding myself sitting here today, Bionicle alive and well again and BZPower still here for all of us. Life is really wonderful sometimes. Y'all are wonderful too <3


LEGO Dimensions is made by a bunch of NERDS

Posted by Pomegranate , Jul 08 2015 · 304 views

And they're going to make all our dreams come true :popcorn:

Posted Image


I'm a big kid now

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! May 04 2015 · 243 views

In the last week I have: printed business cards, gone to a big networking event to hand out those business cards, got a short but exciting summer job/glorified volunteer opportunity through the event, made a website and portfolio and social networking/media accounts (all with my full name in the urls! I'm so glad my name is ridiculous), made a demo reel, wrote up a resume, sent that resume with a cover letter to an internship I might get because it turns out I have connections there, aaaaaaand seemingly passed all my finals and officially finished my second year of college.

Now I can finally play with plastic construction toys :P


Vegans: Egg of Udon

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! May 02 2015 · 211 views

I can't believe this movie was two and a half hours long, 'cause it flew right by. Incredible. I love it. I'm just in awe. Gotta see it again just to really absorb everything cause there was so much going on.

I love all the tracking shots. They must have really enjoyed the big New York City tracking shot from the first movie that was so famous, 'cause there's like at least three more in this one and they're all even more ambitious. I desperately need to see those shots again. Just gorgeous.

I loved the Maximoff twins, they're really great characters. I loved that Wakanda featured, love me some Black Panther. Vision was perfect. The scene of Ultron's birth/awakening was incredibly chilling, creeped me out. Natasha and Barton were outstanding. Kinda wish they explored the visions/dreams everyone had a bit more, 'cause there was some really interesting stuff going on (especially Tony's) that I totally get and could extrapolate meaning from (definitely setups for Infinity War) but I knew that anyone who's not an enthusiast would be really kinda lost and felt let down by those crypitc hints being ignored as much as they were. Thor's especially, even I still don't know what was going on there, in terms of his reaction afterwards. Like I said, gotta watch it again to pick up on anything I missed and really enjoy everything properly.

What a thrill ride. Amazing. I don't know how any of us can go watch Ant-Man after this. Everything until Avengers 3 is gonna be a letdown.


Bonkles 2K15 - Episode 9

Posted by Pomegranate , Apr 25 2015 · 230 views

That was more than a little creepy. Summer villains confirmed for creepy ancient (possibly Toa) zombies?

What if the LoSS was guarding the city to make sure they didn't get out? :o (Nice job breaking it, heroes.)



Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Mar 18 2015 · 185 views

The hero pack stickers are beautiful and I don't know what to stick 'em on! My phone is my first instinct, but I don't think they'll stick well to my case and will prolly not fare well with all the handling and my pockets. Suggestions, please! What do y'all do with yours? :D

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