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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


Lego Store Display

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Mar 16 2015 · 384 views

Hey, so, I haven't been very active at all in the last couple weeks; in case like two or three of you missed me, I've just had a very busy semester is all.

Last week I passed by my local Lego Store and noticed that they had really big new displays for Bionicle 2015 up (before it was limited to the regular tiny shelf space like every other theme) so I stopped by today to snap pictures of 'em, and finally pick up a Protector and a Hero Pack.

The displays were really quite large, and right as I was passing by one some businessman in a big pack of businessmen loitering in front of the Bionicle display (or maybe it was ust a breeze) knocked over the big Mask of Creation and I was there to catch it. Now, I'm not saying I saved Bionicle, but... I saved Bionicle. You're welcome, everyone :P

Posted Image

Posted Image

There was also a parts bin behind the second display and I think a little thing laid out for the target-shooting activity, but I wasn't paying attention.

Posted Image
I also noticed this on the calendar they stuck in my bag. It's so dinky, I love it. I will definitely drag my little brother over there to get us a poster :P Does anyone know anything about this yet other than what's in the ad?



Posted by Pomegranate , Feb 10 2015 · 306 views

Totally wanna make Keetongu, but I'm pretty sure I have nowhere near enough CCBS parts for any sort of coherent creation, let alone enough keetorange. Here's hoping! But yeah, wouldn't it be neat to see a CCBS Keetongu? If anyone else wants to give it a stab please do because I just feel in my gut that there's a lot of potential there and I'm worried nobody else will think of it for whatever reason.


Skynet is real

Posted by Pomegranate , Jan 30 2015 · 232 views

In this timeline, it's just known by another name: Amiibo.

I picked up a Zelda amiibo yesterday (my bud and I are going on a massive Wave 3 hunt this Sunday, I'm gonna get Megaman) and in less than 4 hours it went from being a baby that couldn't land a hit to an unstoppable killing machine that got 8 of the 11 KOs in a match that involved myself and two Level 9 CPUs getting obliderated and tossed around like dolls for a few minutes while this artificial monster just slowly walked around like it wasn't even trying.

I am scared. It knows where I live. I'm pretty sure it's gonna learn how to escape the Wii U in less than a week.


Re: Cannonization

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jan 19 2015 · 379 views

How did we go from this

Posted Image

to this?

Posted Image

They called it a Skyblaster but we all know what it really is, it even shoots to-scale cannonballs. We're onto you, Greg.



Back in Town + Gali

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jan 12 2015 · 265 views

I'm back home in the city! Flew in last night after a wild night/morning, and with the ensuing head-melting headache and queasiness and the following jet lag from the flight keeping me awake, I basically ended up going straight to class without much rest.

It was nice to be back, though, and I hopped over to the LEGO Store down the block right after class and picked up Gali, and she's standing all cool and mighty on my shelf now.

I've never owned a CCBS set before, so it was a very new build to me and I had a lot of fun, and she's a great set and I'm very happy with her, except I'm having a really frustrating time handling her due to the combined issues of: not being able to maneuver her head without the mask slipping off or getting caught on the shoulders; the axe being heavy enough to tip her over or interfere with posing even with all those friction gears; her legs sliding apart really easily at the hip while nearly all the other ball joints on her are really stiff and require much more force to move, basically making it incredibly hard to make small tweaks to her pose without completely messing everything up. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a bunch of really neat photos and I'm sure I'll get used to the nuances quickly. I apologize for the lack of a proper backdrop and all the clutter, I wasn't really snapping photos with the intent of putting them here but they ended up coming out too nice not to show off :P

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Hope y'all enjooooooy :D


Speculating It

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jan 08 2015 · 195 views

I wanted to say "calling it" but we know so little right now that I can't claim to be confident in this, but anyhow, I'm theorizing that the Toa came from the Ancient City or whatever-- like, they were sent up into space or wherever by the ancient Okoto society that made that the prophecy drawings that the village elders show us in the animations, or possibly by an even older group of Okotans. I just realized that's basically saying "I bet it's exactly like in the original Bionicle" but I forgot that's what they did the first time and I was thinking of something a lot less convoluted for this time 'round :P


The Sun Will Come Up

Posted by Pomegranate , Jan 04 2015 · 326 views


I saw Annie and it was really great, and I loved seeing all those shots of New York City cause I'm getting a little homesick. They mentioned pomegranates twice, so, basically, it's a 10/10 movie. Go see it right now.


I've been having Bionicle dreams like every night now, it's getting out of hand. I need those sets before I lose my mind. HOW IS THERE NO TARGET IN THIS TOWN? I've waited five years, I can't go any longer. They're so close, but so far.

New Years was really great, had a lot of fun and had yummy foods and the crushing disappointment of a Wal-Mart without bonkles was balanced by the joy of finding a really nice, ripe pomegranate and a lot of great snacks and bringing them back to a toasty hotel room with the only person I wanted to spend the holiday with, while fireworks were going off all over the place. 2015 is gonna be awesome :D

Also my hands are completely scratched up, but I refuse to stop playing with these cats. They are so lovely c:

Aaaaand I got cute new clothing things and a really nice nightgown and I finally got around to watching Django Unchained and the Mask of Creation game is really tedious but I'm having fun with it.

That's just what I've been up to. I think I got most of it. Just a little update.


Happy Holidays, everyone!

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 24 2014 · 202 views

I'm flying off to the other side of the country for the next three weeks, so I won't really be on the forum much during that time. I won't be able to get any of the new sets, either, which is a bummer. HO HO HO WELL.

Thanks for the positive and reassuring responses to my previous entry, y'all da best; I don't have time to reply to them all, but I'll say that I'll definitely try to stick around and hope that the revival of Bionicle brings in a flood of fresh, innocent faces to the fandom to drown out the stagnating nonsense and make everything way more chill.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a relaxing break, here's to an exciting new year! With Bionicle officially back, it's sure to be memorable.




Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 22 2014 · 675 views

What is it about plastic construction toys that make people so unpleasant?

I'm just trying to have fun and talk about magic robots but I spend most of my time tiptoeing around battlegrounds and eternal grudges, heated disagreements about things nobody has any business even caring about, avoiding saying the wrong keyword of the week like I'm avoiding a landmine, lest it revive a nasty discussion whose only real conclusion is the immediate and permanent derailment of any topic, or get myself on someone's naughty list and see my name pop up in random places in unflattering contexts.

I go to BZPower, tumblr, other unsavory and unfriendly sites, anywhere to just find a safe haven, but all the same calamities of the day are being blown up everywhere in addition to the general nastiness due to all the rivalries.

Do you have a personal vendetta against someone for whatever reason? Private message them and sort it out, instead of vagueblogging and making nasty passive aggressive remarks about them in all your comments and topics on BZPower, and waging all out war across several other platforms. Have a strong opinion about the Matter of Pure Personal Preference of the Week? Post to your heart's content in the relevant topic, but don't inject it into every other discussion, or cram it down anyone's throats and be extremely bitter about it for the rest of time, waiting for someone to bring it up again. Hate an entire community? Stop visiting it and ignore it like a rational person, instead of obsessing over everything they do and actively complaining about it and attacking anyone and everyone associated with it.

Keep it to yourself, or keep it between yourself and your target, and for broader issues keep it where it belongs and don't say it more than it needs to be said. It saturates and pollutes the entire community and it ruins the fun for everyone else.

There's a time and place for everything. It'd be nice if the default wasn't "all the time" and "most places". The Bionicle fandom has been more vile than ever, lately, and it's not even for anything actually Bionicle related, usually. Either lighten up or deal with your issues directly because the rest of us shouldn't have to see all the negativity and be left with no choice but to: join in on it and argue with the rest and get drawn into a nasty, hostile war; stay quiet and not enjoy ourselves, watching everything go horribly wrong around us; or just leave and find someplace nicer.

I'm close to just leaving. Lord knows I'm tired of the negativity and the hostility and trying to defend friends or diffuse arguments or avoid the hot buttons, and I definitely can't stand just watching everything go down and hang around and associate myself with it. Maybe I'll just buy my sets, watch my webisodes, post my fanart when I make it, and not check in on anything the rest of the time. I don't have it in me to start fresh with another (hopefully much more pleasant) core of the fandom, like the Russians.

Mata Nui, give me strength. I've tried so hard to ignore it and be patient and stay for the good stuff. Don't make me regret coming back in the first place.


Animations have arrived

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Dec 16 2014 · 235 views
pommy is free
I'm not talking about the Bionicle 2015 videos, but rather my animation that my group and I have been slaving over for the past 4.5 weeks. The one that nearly killed me? That one. I haven't slept in two days but it's done and it's great and the Department Chair loved it and we're so happy. It's a bit glitchy here and there but it's so minor and we are so proud of our baby.

Please give it a watch and spread it around if you like. If you've got any friends in New York, they'll love it for sure. The title alone got the room laughing here :P

I guess the Bionicle animations are exciting too, whatever :P

Oh, and Happy Hannukah to everyone observing!

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