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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


A painting, and a derp

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 19 2014 · 92 views
watercolor, im such a dummy
So I painted this portrait of my dad which was fun, but his eyes were too close together and the bridge of his nose too narrow (I really need to get back into the habit of stepping back and looking at the sketch from a distance, 'cause obviously it looks perfect close up) so it looks more like a caricature :P

Posted Image

Also I was cleaning up and realized I had forgotten about two small bins of LEGO that are literally right under my arm next to me on the shelf, which is ridiculous cause I dragged my large bin and like 5 big bags of LEGO right under them and I dunno how I missed those, I'm absolutely blind. Of course they're filled to the brim with a ton of tan and dark grey parts which would've been perfect for my contest entry elephant thing, and also the 2003 Kraahkan which I'd been looking for for a while. Awesome :P


A season and a half.

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 18 2014 · 84 views
breaking bad, homework, editing and 1 more...
A season and a half. That's how much Breaking Bad I've watched tonight while editing my videos for homework.

I vow to never ever ever do stopmotion again  <_< This twenty second video was a half hour of photography and like 7-8 hours of straight editing.

To be fair, this isn't the longest I've worked on a DV assignment this semester so I guess I'm just annoyed at how tedious and dull this particular thing was. Adjusting and aligning 300 photos by hand is not fun. I haven't been able to catch up on BZP today either, though.

Breaking Bad is fantastic though, wow. I was not mentally or physically prepared for all this gore but I guess eight seasons of House softened the blow.I think I'm more worried about Skyler and Walt's relationship than anything else :P 

Also! Saw the last two episodes of Agents of SHIELD after watching Winter Soldier and wow I am just SCREAMING IN CONSTANT ANGUISH AT ALL THESE TWISTS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US JOSS? WHY? ;~; These two episodes were just insane, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Anyways, it's just been a heck of a day for me, and one endless night. I'll prolly get some sleep on the train as usual, prolly nap when I get home. Friday night Magic awaits :D



Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 16 2014 · 96 views
woot woot
*throws confetti*

And it only took me seven years :P 




Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 13 2014 · 93 views
missing parts, captain america and 1 more...
So I've been missing my blue bohrok feet for yeeaaarrs and my Gahlok has been sitting on my shelf all this time with replacement black feet, and I'm so freaking excited 'cause I'd given up hope a while ago. Now it looks beautiful again :D

I'm gonna have to thank the SBC Contest for that, since I was digging through every single bin and bag and LEGO in the house for the last two or three days while building. It's like, this really weird idea that I had as soon as the contest was announced and I'm glad that I've actually been able to build it, considering I haven't built anything in System for like... years probably. It's an elephant with long thin dangling legs based on Salvador Dali's The Elephants (this), but with also a long sort of giraffe neck, and a big ol' propeller on its butt like Karlson (foreign children's story/cartoon, this), but it's more like big helicopter blades. I gave it a sort of mix of diesel-punk and surreal flair, and it's all tan and dark grey, with some light grey too. It's SUPER HEAVY and I built the elephant head SUPER COMPLICATED, so it comes apart if all 3 or 4 major areas of connection aren't locked in place, and the ears pop off a lot, but it's nothing too bad. The legs are really thin and delicate so I have more trouble with those, and at this point I took em off and will attach em last. Cause I can't suspend it on string for the contest, I had to make ginormous stands for it to keep it up, and my only peeve with those is that it'll interfere with seeing the dangling legs fully since it'll prolly obscure one of the back legs, but, oh well I'll work it out. I'm really happy with how it's coming out :D All I have left is to finish building the front and top of the body, stick on the propeller, and mount it on the stands and pray it doesn't break.

I had a nightmare last night about bullies completely demolishing my MOC while I was on the bus, since apparently I had to take a bus to bring the MOC to a physical location for the contest I guess. I woke up super angry, I think they also stole my ipod? It was a long complicated dream but yeah, that's how worried I am about this thing breaking :P

I also saw Captain America! It was INSANE oh my god, this movie changes EVERYTHING. EVERYTHIIINNNNG. I have no idea how it's gonna affect Agents of SHIELD because WOW UM how is this gonna work but yeah, blew my FREAKING MIND. The part where Cap'n Merica and that other character go into that elevator and see the things and then that character explains the entire conspiracy? I still haven't gotten over that. Terrifying.

Oh! And Passover stuff starts tomorrow (and I'm working) so I prolly won't be online as often as I usually am tomorrow and most of the week. Wishing a good Passover to any o y'all who observe it, and I think Good Friday is this week too, so, sweet, wishing a good Good Friday to any o y'all who observe that ^^ (Am I missing anything? Arbor Day! That's like usually in the last week of April and changes depending where you live, so happy preemptive Arbor Day everyone! :P )


I can see clearly now! - also, MtG stuff

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 11 2014 · 83 views
new glasses, mtg commander
So, I've never actually been prescribed glasses, and I've always had 20/20 vision, but I guess my vision started going a bit fuzzy in the last couple years, and I have found that I look really good in eyeglasses and always wanted to get some false lenses to wear as an accessory. Anywho, my friend brought me his old pair of glasses 'cause he still has 'em for whatever reason and I put 'em on and woooow wow wow wow wow I never realized how poor my vision actually was until I put them on. It's like upgrading to HD Vision. Well, like, Ultra HD from regular HD, I guess. Everything is so clear and crisp and I can read things from really far away now and I actually see the edges of things and don't get as much glare from the light and everything is less grainy and basically, yeah, I think I can confirm that while my vision is definitely really good, it's not 100% perfect anymore and I'm really happy I have these glasses now. And they look great, so yay.

And my friend and I were meeting up for our weekly MtG session at a little game shop. No FNM this week for us, we just split a Heroes v. Monsters Duel Deck (that foil Sun Titan is niiice) and after a little back and forth we played some Commander/EDH with the deck I built last week. I also fiiinally got yellow sleeves which are beautiful I love 'em :D My deck did pretty good, but he kept shutting down my commander in really frustrating ways and I never drew the removal I needed and spent most matches kinda unable to do anything, but I did win a few times so it's not awful. I'm gonna have to add on to it as I find better cards. My commander is Bruna, Light of Alabaster, and my deck is blue/white centered around control and auras and creatures that have good synergy with auras and such. I had a lot of fun with it. So woot, if anyone here cares bout MtG, I hope you enjoyed understanding what I'm talkin' bout :P


Waste of a semester

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Apr 11 2014 · 92 views
college, gimme back tuition and 1 more...
So far this semester, a combination of snow days, gas leaks, taxi accidents, and miscellaneous teacher excuses have led to all of my classes having been cancelled at least twice, some more. Today's animation class was cancelled for whatever reason, putting us a solid month behind in that class. Not only did we lose 4-5 weeks of the most crucial class to our future careers, but we were supposed to have the best computer animation teacher in the school (this guy won multiple Emmy's!) until he got in an accident/went on temporary leave right at the beginning of the semester, leaving us with a replacement teacher who, while he's good at what he does and has made a ton of commercials and stuff for Framestore, has never been a teacher before, ever, and does not know anything but animation and isn't thaaat great of a teacher and was, as far as I can tell, totally unprepared to be thrown into this. This guy is in his twenties, late twenties tops. He sends us funny emails with animated gifs at the end, and his gmail icon is an awesomeface-pikachu. He's taught us the heck out of animating balls, pendulums, walk cycles, and pose-to-pose animation, but this is all stuff we should have gotten out of the way in like a month and a half or two months at the most, and he cannot teach us basic modeling, rigging, lighting, or rendering. Basically, we are pretttyyyy screwed. I'm gonna have to spend my summer self-teaching through tutorials I'll have to steal from the computer labs' servers just to catch up to every other computer animation class :/

I'm just really, really frustrated. My grades prolly won't fare too well this semester either, 'cause I was dealing with the insane amount of work we had to do in our new digital video class and personal and work things, and started falling behind on my essays in literature class and started coming late to class and being absent once or twice in prolly every class besides art history. I know there's no way I'll match my 3.8 GPA from last semester, and I'm gonna do my best to make up for all the lost time and work in these last couple weeks and prolly do some hardcore pleading just to stay on the Deans List. I know everyone told me freshman year doesn't really matter as long as I don't fail pretty much, but I really really wanted to hit a nice 4.0 this time around and get as many merit scholarships as possible, and I just reeaally dropped the ball this semester and it doesn't help that all my teachers got lazier and I've been learning a lot less in those classes and my new classes are a bunch more time consuming and harsh than the ones they replaced. And the fact that all my classes got cancelled like a whole bunch of times.

*siiiggghhh*  :shrugs: 

Sorry for the rant. It's all really frustrating and I'm really worried about everything, and for around $40K a year I would like to get my money's worth. I know it's mostly just bad luck this time around, I'm sure everything will go a lot more smoothly next year. I live an hour away from the school so I'm far away from all my school friends and anyone who I could hang out with just for company and mutual angst, 'cause almost everyone else dorms, and being out of the loop of dorm life and fun stuff that happens in the area bums me out too.

Being on BZP again has been great fun and it's been helping me out a lot with all the stress, so hurray, y'all are the best  :afro:


Yeah, this is my obligatory "I'm back!1!" post

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Mar 28 2014 · 97 views
been away, too long, maybe a year and 1 more...
I seem to make this post at least once a year :P I plan to stick around this time, though. I always say that too but I really mean it! I hope :P

I'm running a tumblr blog now so I'm just really torn between that one and this one. What do I post where?? :P I'll probably use this one more for day to day things, since I avoid getting too personal on there and focus on making gifs out of scifi shows and posting my artwork. Anyways, through tumblr I discovered a Bionicle community off of BZP (WHAT A DISCOVERY WOW) and so it drew me back here ^^ I can never stay away. Anywhozzles, I'm hoping to get reintegrated into the mix of things here like I used to be and relearn all the rules and stuff. Having spent a lot of time as a moderator on other forums, I've learned what it's like to be on the authority end of rule breaking and it is so annoying. 

I plan to start drawing Bionicle stuff again, and I still make MOCs now and then so I'll definitely be posting those up, too.

I really missed this place and all you guys, although I don't see too many familiar faces anymore, or maybe a ton of you changed your names and I haven't figured them out. Here's to new friends, I guess! *knocks back shot of espresso* Oh yeah, being a full time art student, furniture designer, and blogger has made me dependent on coffee. The stories were true ;~;


Bionicle: Into Darkness

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2013 Onwards! Jan 21 2013 · 105 views

However tempting it may be to make a Bionicle crossover with the upcoming Star Trek movie, this is actually about how I have been hit with nostalgia like a speeding bus and suddenly have the urge to rebuild old sets! Why the title? Because I shall have to dive into my parts bin, which besides occasionally being used by my little brother to find weapons for his Hero Factory creations, has long gone without seeing the light of day!

I'm confident that with persistence and the few days I have off, I'll be able to find all the necessary parts to reconstruct as many sets as I can, even using miscolored pieces if I have to. I hope to get a Toa Metru revived first, and maybe a Piraka. I'd be able to say with more certainty who I can and can't rebuild if my little brother didn't spend a good portion of half a decade completely decimating every socket and ball joint in sight :P

I'll put up pictures when I get them done, and maybe I'll even awkwardly try to play with them just to have the treasured memories flash back to me ^_^

Wish me luck! And tell me if any o y'all have ever succeeded in such a grand endeavor, I need to know that my quest is not a lost cause :)


The Lord of the Hiatus: The Return of the Inactive

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2013 Onwards! Jan 18 2013 · 145 views

The Lord of the Hiatus: The Return of the Inactive Wow! It's been so long! Aside from a very short visit last July, I haven't been here in, well-- I don't know! Perhaps a year? Perhaps more; two even? However long it's been, it has been far too long!

I'm back everyone! I'd be very flattered if any o y'all might remember me--I've gone by a few names over the years: dark hunter 554, The (Low-Carb) Dark Hunter, etc.-- because I sure as heck remember many of you! Coming back after all that time, and just browsing through the new topics and active members list, the good ol' nostalgia came flooding back, and I loved it ^_^

A fairly simple explanation for my dissapearing is that life punched me in the gut and dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the real world. 2011 was a relatively terrible year for me, and 2012 more than made up for it but was super packed with things happening. I pretty much spent my whole absence bogged down with my social life and relationships, schoolwork, volunteer work and college apps, and a lot of painting and sculpting; and, probably more significantly, I went through one of those perpetual not-quite-feeling-it phases where Bionicle sorta faded from my life. It happens to everyone; apparently it was my turn to grow up :P

Expect me to be back for good! I'll soon start posting art again, effectively crawling right back into my abandoned 'General Art' cave, and I hope to try my hand at the RPGs and short story writing again, if just to see how far I've come since the old days.

Oh, I love it here! The new layout has grown on me pretty quickly, since I didn't spend too much time with it when BZP came back from a 9-month downtime (makes my last blog entry pretty ironic in retrospect; I said I'd only be gone a week!). I love seeing the wonderful emotes again, and the wonderful proto-energy bar, and my shiny new spinny, and oh-me oh-my, it's all just so wonderful! This truly is my favorite place on the 'net :D

Welp, it's fairly late at night and I think I'll just leave this as-is for now; I don't think much more needs to be said. Please drop me a comment if you wish, I'd love to know you're out there and remember me if we're old friends or acquaintaces or you just remember me posting or something or other! I'd really appreciate seeing some familiar faces :)



Posted by Pomegranate , in Ancient blog posts! Apr 16 2011 · 68 views

I'm leaving for Spring Break, so I won't be on BZPower for a week and a half... I wouldn't mind seeing as it's not so long, but I still haven't solved the mystery of The Extra Proto Energy.

I have 2 proto... but from where? style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif This will haunt me forever! I'll wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, "Where did it come from?!"

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