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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


Today is an unfun day

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Sep 24 2014 · 91 views

So I woke up an hour early, and went back to sleep cause I wanted to finally get that full 8 hours. I woke up 4 hours later, which would be a full hour after class has started, somehow having turned off my half dozen alarms in my sleep. Frustrated that I missed a whole class which I was looking forward to going to, I fell back asleep for another 3 hours. Now I'm sitting here trying to do my animation homework and I've been stuck for a half hour with this one triangle shape and I can't even get it to do anything I want it to so I'm basically stuck on step one, and while looking at this incredibly pathetic triangle I get an email about the Pixar internship applications which are crazy early this year and I am soooo unqualified for any of them. Why isn't there an internship for eating ice cream out of the carton with a tablespoon? I'm really good at that in fact I'm doing it right now. Also it's Rosh Hashana and my grandfather and little bro are MIA probably away on some trip already and my parents are somewhere in Europe, probably in Moldova by now, so I'm just gonna have to celebrate all by myself. I'll dip an apple in honey and call it a night (if I ever get any of this work done) :/

*collapses into a sad heap on the floor*



Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Sep 19 2014 · 63 views

I just got my package in the mail (thanks again Reya!) so I'm gonna be celebrating the 2015 announcement by building the Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, and Toa Nuva :D

This is a very happy day ^^



Posted by Pomegranate , Sep 12 2014 · 85 views

A very generous person gave me a download code, so I'm about to snuggle up with this 3DS and never sleep again :D

I sure hope I can remap the controls or something, 'cause my shoulder buttons are dead :P Oh thank goodness, one of 'em works!

Posted Image

I always knew he'd be the one <3

Edit: Please don't double comment!



Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Sep 08 2014 · 135 views

I finally got that seed that was stuck in my teeth!

haha get it cause you think its gonna be about Bionicle 2015 Im so clever


Christmas Came Early (I love my school Pt.2)

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Aug 08 2014 · 110 views

It's 3 PM, I'm almost done with my day at work, I'm all chill and looking forward to GotG in 5 hours. Then I get the text. Key words? "giving" "away" and "computers".

I never worked harder in my entire life and I flew outta that place a half hour early.

Apparently, the Computer Art labs are getting upgraded (I didn't even know tech could get better than the stuff we had) and they were giving away stuff on a first come first serve basis to Computer Art majors. I got there around 5, figured out where I had to go, and waltzed in there.

Computers everywhere. A few dozen, had to be, both Macs and PCs. Towers, monitors, an assormtent of cables, power boxes, software disks, some projectors, other stuff. We were allowed to take like one thing/setup, basically. I ended up walking out with a Mac and associated hardware, 'cause I really need one of those so I don't need to spend an hour getting to school/staying late at school to do simple work that I just can't do because of Mac exclusive software. I managed to get word out in time to a friend who lives in Connecticut but happened to be visiting the city starting today, and she made it over just before the room was closed for the weekend, and rolled away a nice PC setup on a longboard.

I'd never seen so much genuine joy before. It was beautiful. I would've cried if I believed I wasn't dreaming.

I think it is legitimately the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me.

My dad drove up with my mom and brother and we loaded the stuff in the car, and then we went to watch GotG at the school theater and it blew them away. Today was good :)


I love my school

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Aug 04 2014 · 101 views

"The [my school] Theatre and the Visual Effects Society present this free 3D screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for [my school] students, faculty and staff and their guests (up to four guests per [my school] community member). Doors open at 7:30pm. "

Got to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this way too, I can't wait c:

GotG was crazy the first time and I really wanna see it again. I may not get a job ever because I'm an art major and be totally homeless, but at least I get to see Marvel movies for free for my effort.

Life is all about the small victories :P

I also finally got my schedule fixed; my VFX class got cancelled and I got moved to a new VFX class taught by a new instructor that's on Monday instead of Friday, and I managed to move from my Friday scripting class to a monday scripting class, so I have an extra day off again and now I'm just excited for the new teacher, apparently he worked for a bunch of commercial companies in the last couple years and is now VFX Supervisor somewhere. We had a new guy with similar rep teach us Animation last semester for the first time (If you're into video games and watched E3, he animated the scenes with the big demon dude in the new Doom trailer, and showed us his work in progress on it months earlier, which was super cool 'cause I am a huge nerd), but I feel like VFX is easier to teach and we're not gonna get as screwed over by the new guy as last time. Woot! As for scripting, as the upperclassmen told me, "it doesn't matter who you get, they all teach it the same and it sucks because scripting is evil." :P


Tell Me Anything

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jul 24 2014 · 89 views

I'm not gonna answer any questions, I ain't no sucker; tell me all your secrets instead. Spill the beans. I know you're guilty.

Posted Image
just under 750 kb mwahahaha


Seven Year Spinny!

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jul 22 2014 · 87 views

Posted Image

Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh. NEAT.


Back from my trip!

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! Jul 08 2014 · 94 views

I'm way too tired to talk about it, so I'Il prolly post another entry about the actual trip later. I'm glad to be home though! And I'm gonna be catching up on what I missed this month (on BZP I mean). If there's anything important going on in the Bionicle world I'd love to get an update or something ^^



Posted by Pomegranate , in 2014 Onwards! May 31 2014 · 98 views

So, I haven't had wifi access at work for like a month now, so that's put a big dent into my activity, considering it's not only cutting me off from BZP but other websites, so I have to catch up on those first and make content for those so I end up not having very much time for BZP, and then I'm so worn out and beaten down that I don't really have the motivation to sit down and contribute here. Blah.

I'm gonna be gone for a solid month, visiting my girlfriend on the opposite coast, so that's gonna be fun and I'll prolly not get on BZP much in that time either. But when I get back in July, I am def gonna make some Bionicle arts 'cause I have been dying to get some done :D

 I promise I'm not gonna disappear for half a year again :P


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