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Bloggarak Attack.


Cheap rip offs and Jabba the Cutt.

Posted by Taipu1 , Jul 09 2013 · 986 views

I'd like to think I make sufficient an impact on the forums that people would notice that I'd gone on holiday for a week, but that's probably wishful thinking.  :P
Anyway, I've been in Cornwall for the week.  Most of it was beaches, playing pool, and having to drive far too much.  The one day I'll cover in slight detail is Friday, or at least I think it was Friday.  Me and my friends went to Truro.  While walking about the shopping area, my eyes were drawn to Hawkin's Bazaar, mainly as I thought the chain had gone bust.  It's certainly closed down where I live.  Anyway, inside the store, I saw a Lego-like display.  What it actually was, was this.  Sorry for the not particularly brilliant pictures, my friends wanted to leave the shop so I was in a hurry, and I was only using my phone as well.  The sets themselves resemble the Lego system, but thats not unheard of.  What was fascinating is taking a closer look at those cans on the top shelf.  Here you can see a very close resemblance to the Visorak canisters.  VERY close.  They're £5 each, so they're cheaper than Lego.  The set only bares a very vague similarity to Bionicle though.  There's a couple more pics here
The other highlight of Truro was seeing this place:P


Out of practice

Posted by Taipu1 , Jun 04 2013 · 592 views

My attempts to go without Lego while my exams were on failed, however they lasted long enough for my abilities with power functions to diminish somewhat.  Where once I could build a fastish, solid, good looking car, there is now a slow, slightly wobbly car with no bodywork at all.  And unfortunately I can't rectify this, because I still have exams and only have a little bit of time to devote to these things...



Posted by Taipu1 , May 24 2013 · 1,509 views

Sidorak I started making a revamp of Sidorak maybe a month ago, then I got bored and finished him off rather lazily, then took one photo before my rubbish camera's batteries ran out.  I had better uses for the parts, so I took Sidorak apart before I could take any more pictures.  Didn't think a single picture was topic worthy, so here it is in blogness. 


Matoran Language

Posted by Taipu1 , May 17 2013 · 1,413 views

Anyone know where I can find the font with the correct symbols used for numbers? I found a version on BZP, but that doesn't have the correct symbols for numbers.


Iron Man 3 Review

Posted by Taipu1 , May 06 2013 · 842 views

Yeah, this is going to be another one of those entries that says it was good.
Which it was.


A fond farewell

Posted by Taipu1 , May 04 2013 · 954 views

Today I bade farewell to the car I learnt to drive in.  Its been a firm friend, naturally there were good times, bad times, and of course, the time it took me ten minutes to get the bonnet open. 
So if on peoples worldly travels, you see a little blue Ford Ka registered KG03 OGN, say 'Hi' from Taipu1.  Although the likely hood is that it will be scrapped. :(
However, I have a bright future ahead of me with a Volkswagen Up!! :)



Posted by Taipu1 , May 03 2013 · 540 views

In preparation for seeing Iron Man 3 on Sunday, I thought it best to finally get around to watching the Avengers.
Brain has exploded. 
In other news, I'm getting a new car on Tuesday. :D


Akamai and Wairuha

Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 26 2013 · 665 views

I've been toying with the idea of MOCing Akamai and Wairuha, but with a less stunted appearance.
But with that: What colour schemes do you think would be good? My personal thoughts were Gold and Red for Akamai, and Silver and green for Wairuha, but that perhaps doesn't give much credit to the other 4 Toa involved in the process of forming Kaita. 



Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 20 2013 · 551 views

And my spinny has just ticked over to the 7 year ignika.
Geez, I now feel old. 
And I think I preferred how the Faxon looked. :P


Tohu Icon

Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 16 2013 · 770 views

Where can I find a Tohu icon file for my BZP desktop shortcut? I'm tired of having the standard Firefox shortcut icon.

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