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Bloggarak Attack.


Formula 1

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 24 2012 · 770 views

Going out on a limb and making another F1 related Blog entry. The last one went down about as well as Kopaka in a curry house. So, does anybody out in the world of BZPower follow the racing series? What team(s) are you behind, and what do you think of the season so far?

I'll settle for any motorsport fandom, although I don't really follow anything outside of F1 and WRC.


Power of Three

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 24 2012 · 581 views

Just watched the most recent Doctor Who episode.

I did not care for it.


Sick of Waiting

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 19 2012 · 1,235 views

When is the video game industry going to get its act together, and finish making Star Wars Battlefront 3?



Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 18 2012 · 829 views

This evening I did an interview for my sisters University dissertation. I think she was expecting to be talking to somebody who doesn't answer just "Yes" or "No"

Mind you, I felt I at least had opinions on Online communities. :)


Nostalgia #2

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 16 2012 · 848 views

Wasn't expecting this to come up at all, but I was clearing out the garage this weekend and came across a certain artefact that I had "chucked out" years ago. It's a box that had my mums yoga equipment in it, and in 2003-2004 ish, I drew stuff on it to make it look like an Ussanui. Okay it looks nothing like an Ussanui at all, but it was a surprise to see the thing again after it had languished in my room for years and then been thrown out. The rectangle cut in the top used to have a flap on it, where you would put imaginary Kraata, or something like that. Then I could fit (Hard to believe now) in that gap at the back, and the world was Mangaia!


Nostalgia #1

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 13 2012 · 597 views

This is one of the most nostalgic images of my childhood. In August/September of 2005 I went to Legoland Windsor. I saw the Tower of Toa in the Big Shop, and convinced my parents to buy it for me for my birthday. Being cruel parents, they agreed to but I wasn't allowed to have it until my birthday. So they hid it in their bedroom. I managed to find it, it was on top of the wardrobe. Being only 10 at the time, I could reach it, but it was tantalisingly close to being in reach.

11 October, I got my results for the 11+ examinations. I had got 139/141, which was good. Being as how I had therefore got into the school I wanted to (Conveniently its a minutes walk from my house) I cryed. And then my mum said because I had done so well that I could have Tower of Toa early.

Needless to say, in my eyes at the time it was the best set in the known universe, and I have very fond memories of it. I also got the Visorak Battle ram for my birthday, which added to the sheer awesome factor.


Slave I

Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 07 2012 · 608 views

Spent the last two days trying to rebuild Boba Fetts Slave I, the 2006 version. It's a nightmare trying to find any of the pieces though. It must've only taken a couple of hours to build out of the box, but when you don't know where any of the parts are, its already taken 3 times as long and I'm barely over halfway done.



Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 01 2012 · 813 views

Sometimes think of changing my name to Tapuon. Kinda like Taipu1, but with an obvious pronunciation, and an illusion of originality.

Possible loss of recognition though?

September 2012


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