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Bloggarak Attack.


Mnolg Style Character Creation Kit

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 13 2012 · 291 views

Having waited ages for the MNOLG kit to be reposted, I am now slightly disappointed that it has. I feel it won't last long how it currently is. The topic only seems to have 3 Kanohi in it as of yet, and there seems to be little thought gone into what deserves to be reposted and what doesn't, some of it being pointless stuff, not necessarily "mnolg style" or even coloured correctly.

I mean no offence to those who helped to have it reposted, in fact, hats off to you, it was alway a fine kit and it is good that people took the time to get permission to have it reposted. :) But please don't let it degenerate into pointless stuff, without any real updates, that is what killed it in the first place (That and the forum downtime :P)


New Season

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 04 2012 · 172 views
F1, Caterham, Mclaren
So, Australian Grand Prix 18th March. I reckon it's gonna be a great season, any BZPers out there Formula 1 fans?

Also for the record, as a Brit, I want Mclaren to get the championship, specifically Button. However I am primarily a Caterham fan, and I'm hoping they can pick up some points this year, hopefully early on and at multiple races.


Another Peeve

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 02 2012 · 155 views

This time my peeve is archive links. Lately people are posting that a links goes to the archive, but after they've done the link.

Why don't you post this heads-up before you put the link! I click links before I read what comes after them!

And rage over :P



Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 20 2012 · 216 views

I'm having problems uploading to Brickshelf/majhost. Is there still a problem with the site, or am I doing something wrong. It keeps going on about none permisable characters, and I've saved the thing under 3 different names, using fewer characters and only letters, and I've tired bitmap and PNG format, and it just isn't working.



Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 20 2012 · 164 views

Been learning to drive for a couple of monthes now, and the thing I find most difficult is going downhill. I find it disconcerting the way you don't apply any gas, yet the car accelerates. I doubt my instructor thinks this is my biggest problem though...


The 1

Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 19 2012 · 601 views

A little peeve of mine, why do people not honour the 1? My display name is Taipu1, not Taipu! Yes, it's unoriginal, but it's what I've been known as for 6 years on here, so I'm not changing it.

But there is a 1 there!



Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 16 2012 · 152 views

Having now watched Inception a second time since it was released I've concluded that I deluded myself into thinking I understood because while I was watching it again, I didn't have the foggiest what was going on. Now I think I do understand, and think that it's simply best not to dwell on whether or not any of it makes sense. Cool soundtrack though.


Server Busy

Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 16 2012 · 473 views

Following my evenings experiences yesterday, BZPower is back in business. And by that I mean the server was busy. In a way I was pleased to see it, because it means the site was busy and it was kinda reminiscent of old times. But mostly it was annoying. I would've posted this yesterday, but unfortunately...the server was busy.


Star Wars 3D

Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 06 2012 · 216 views

Is it justifiable to see Star Wars 3D when you're not especially a 3D fan, and have all the Star wars movies on DVD?



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 24 2012 · 200 views

Are the BIONICLE movies entirely canon? Because I have a specific point that has been bugging me for a while. In the first 3 films, the Toa and Matoran all manage to stash things behind their backs. Is this canon, and is there a word for it, because I don't even know where to start looking for this kind of thing on BS01.

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