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Bloggarak Attack.



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 18 2012 · 174 views

Being a UK resident, not really sure what this SOPA thing is, but I've seen wikipedia is down for the day, and other sites. Will it effect BZP?



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 17 2012 · 174 views

Anyone ever had a look at Cleverbot? It's really not very clever. Still I said to it "You are a Zyglak" and it replied "Yes." Not sure it has any idea about these things.


Back To The Real World

Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 16 2012 · 457 views

And I've just finished 5 hours straight playing MW2. The real world is much brighter than I remember it.



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 12 2012 · 513 views

Job application for Legoland Windsor was shot down :(. And my mate got through to an interview...


Brown Kaukau

Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 06 2012 · 363 views

Just been browsing bricklink. All the original Toa Mata Kanohi came in all the Mata colours, except the Kaukau, which seems to be available in Yellow, a strange light blue and orange. All the Mata colours are there except brown. Is there a brown, or are the yellow or orange ones the brown in trans or something?



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 06 2012 · 186 views

I hope the logging out thing with the archive gets changed at some point. I'm cool with opening the archive in a different browser when I'm searching for stuff, but when I click on a link in someones sig, it's quite annoying to find myself in the archive, and logged out of the forum...



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 06 2012 · 255 views

Anybody out there a Primeval fan? And following that anybody out there know more than I do about the status of series 6?



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 05 2012 · 257 views

Do they still give out proto for premier memberships?


.gif Help

Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 01 2012 · 607 views

Posted Image

So yeah, basically I'm working on a MNOLG style comics series, inspired to some extent by Takuma Nuva's series from way back...

Couple of questions though, firstly how can you sort out this blurry dot stuff when you make a gif image. For the record I put the comic together in MS powerpoint, save the slideshow as a GIF, then string the images together in a program called Unfreeze. Which leads me onto a second question, what would be a good frame delay? The above image has 3 seconds between each of its 3 frames.


Identity Crisis!

Posted by Taipu1 , Dec 31 2011 · 241 views

I've been calling myself Taipu1 for years, and it occurs to me that I might not even be pronouncing it right!

So is it "Tai-" rhyming with "Ray" or "Tai-" rhyming with "Guy".

I've been doing it as in "Ray", and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm entirely wrong about that...

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