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Bloggarak Attack.



Posted by Taipu1 , Dec 07 2011 · 37 views

Anyone know whats happening on there? It seems to be working again, but none of the images on pages seem to be working, and multiple pages seem to be missing. Is this just a routine problem, or has there been loss of data?


Random Island, Random Artwork

Posted by Taipu1 , Dec 03 2011 · 31 views

So I randomly went on Microsoft Paint, and randomly made this.

Didn't think it warranted an art topic due to randomness, and generally not much Bionicle. Also not that great artwise.

Anyway it's an island somewhere, similar to Mata Nui in terms of the island is separated into the areas of the elements, however this includes areas for all canon elements.the grey lines outline underground cave areas, village markers that appear within these caves are all below ground, with the exception of Le-Koro, although the cave beneath is part of the air territory.

Maybe I'll make an epic, or short story about this place sometime, but I doubt it.


Portly Moc Challenge

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 27 2011 · 42 views

Just a random idea I had, so I thought I'd put it to the skilled MOCists of BZPower. All humanoid Bionicle characters have muscular human proportions. However it's a well known fact that not all people are like that. What I want to know is, can anyone come up with a MOC that's, shall we say, more generously proportioned. So yeah, if anyone likes to casually MOC, and wants a challenge, I'd be interested in seeing a portly toa/glatorian/other, just to see whether it works, as I imagine it won't. Prove me wrong BZP!


Bzpower Dying

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 03 2011 · 105 views

Starting to get the impression BZP is slowly dying now, there were less people when the forums came back online, but there was a surge of people, which has gone now. The number of people viewing forums is down by my observation. Last year when I'm in BBC there's usually a good 10ish other people in the forum. Just now it was 2. Usually a couple of people in Epics last year, just checked there and it's dead. 4 people in GD, which is the most popular forum apart from COT, which I don't really watch over. It may not be peak time yet, but it's definitely quiet...


The New Bzpower

Posted by Taipu1 , Oct 15 2011 · 46 views
downtime, problems, changes
To those who were regulars to my blog before the downtime (I wasn't aware of any, but I can live in hope when I type my blog posts), you will remember I had a semi-ellaborate image of a bookshelf in the content box on the right (it's in the style of the bottom image at the bottom with the RIP notice, or you can visit my maj gallery here). It was used to link to my various comedies and epics which I had done in the past, and not finished mostly. But a little publicity doesn't hurt for anything. Unfortunately with the new BZP, the bookshelf didn't put it's various image components together in the organised way, so I set about making it so it would work. Unfortunately, in doing so I had to recover the links to my works from the forum archive. In order to find these easily, I needed to sign in for the archive. Now it turns out, you can't be signed into both. No idea why, but it's annoying as it took me a long time to eventually come up with the much less semi-ellaborate library now on the right. This is due to when I submitted the entry, I had been signed out, because I had signed into the archive. No matter, BZP is eager to help and had saved the post in the form of a big block of code for me to copy and paste. And as far as I can tell this code was completely useless! The button in the top left of the new entry box allows you to enter code, but enter BB code, whereas the code I was given to paste was not BB code...

I'm glad that BZPower is back, but at the same time, I miss the old one. Many would say (probably not those on BZP) that I'm now far to old for Bionicle, BZP or anything like that. And in some ways, I feel like I am older. I've had a look at some of my comedies, and I'd have to say that they don't do much for me anymore. Maybe I wasn't funny in the first place, but that's not for me to judge. My more recent work was epics, but I never had time to fulfil them to a conclusion. Not to mention they were full of typing errors, grammatical errors, and almost certainly plot and chronology errors. I haven't tried to get into Hero Factory, I hold an irrational hatred and think of it as childish, when I'm sure it's not more or less childish (except possibly in name, seriously don't like the name). It's just that I'm older and am not going to get into a new line of lego action figures...

The old BZPower was a refuge for me, the nerdy kid who played with lego when he was age 11, then age 12, then age 13 and so on. At age 17, I'm no nerdy kid anymore, I'm thinking about University and jobs, and my nerdiness is turning to an asset for my CV.

The New BZP seems like something thats trying to barge it's way into my newer life, it's more sophisticated and modern, and I think I dislike that. The old BZP I could slip into the nerd role, and talk about Bionicle, comment on MOCs, and write works of semi-ellaborateness for the epic forum. With the new look, I find it harder to slip into that role.

I just hope my views change, and that I'm still here in the future.


Premier Members

Posted by Taipu1 , Oct 14 2011 · 33 views

I'm no premier member, at least not anymore, just wandering if I can make a blog entry or not, seeing as the option to do it seems to be there...


Rc Moc

Posted by Taipu1 , Jun 20 2010 · 33 views
Once again, I post a question in my blog simply because I can't be bothered to find if there's a specific topic in the forum to ask it tongue.gif

But anyway, I'm looking to make an Remote controlled MOC of some kind, but I need a controller, motor, reciever unit and whatever in order to do it. I've had a little look, but I'm lazy and poor. tongue.gif So does anyone know whats the cheapest way to get these parts, what sets they come in or just how I can get hold of them in general?


Inika Heads

Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 12 2010 · 74 views
General Bionicle
I was reading the most useless piece topic, and a lot of people have said Inika heads and masks. I've seen them in a lot of other similar topics, what have people got against them. They're just as good as any other heads or masks to my mind.


Another One

Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 28 2010 · 23 views
General Bionicle
Mata Nui was condemned to the mantel piece today, his left hand just won't stay on when stored with other bionicles, so he's with Mazeka and his damaged shoulder now sad.gif. Now looking in to getting those parts replaced...


Lack Of Dedication

Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 18 2010 · 34 views
General Bionicle
Today I started going through the Expanded Multiverse story submission topic, and checking over the stories and adding them to the list of submitted stories on the recently created EM wiki. And the lack of dedication to these epics shocked me quite a bit. There are some cases where people don't have the time, and I can understand that people might forget about there epics, but a lot of the epics listed don't go beyond one chapter, some manage two. And this is the majority of the submitted epics I've checked so far. There are some that people are sticking to, some that are finished to good standard, but most of them were just left. It just shocked me and I thought I'd post it.

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