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Bloggarak Attack.



Posted by Taipu1 , Feb 02 2010 · 214 views
Vaccination booster today, for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio wacko.gif Bet I spelt at least one of them wrong. As is normal with everything, the wait was much worse than the thing itself. Arm aches though, and yet there doesn't seem to be a mark there confused1a.gif


Non-working Vle

Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 13 2010 · 258 views
Taipu1s school related rantings.
Snow started again, so I'm back off school (hooray). This time the schools put work on our VLE though. And half the VLE doesn't work! Not to mention it's slower than BZP is at really busy times. And that is slow.

EDIT: Now the VLE has stopped working. What a shame tongue.gif


Cross Country Run + Snow = :(

Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 11 2010 · 275 views
Taipu1s school related rantings.
Back in school again sad.gif. First PE lesson back, and there's still snow everywhere and the teacher says: "We're going to be doing our cross country runs!"

wasn't really cross country, just three times around our school field, which is pretty big. Doesn't make it easy though, particularly with all the snow.



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 10 2010 · 296 views
General Bionicle
Mazeka's moved to a new home - the mantel piece. His ball joint socket on his shoulder can't cope being touched and moved around any more sad.gif Mata Nui and his wrist might going the same way, and Solek and his kneck. why lego changed the style of ball sockets I don't know. Do they want them to break?



Posted by Taipu1 , Jan 08 2010 · 304 views
Been of school because of snow for the past three days, and I'm rapidly losing contact with the outside world. I have no one to enjoy the snow with, my dad won't drive unless he has to, and I'm too lazy to walk to a friends house. So all that snow in my garden goes untouched. Kind of.



Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 20 2009 · 299 views
Saw the movie 2012 today. Just thought I'd post my opinion randomly. It's a good movie, well worth seeing, but the survival rate seems a little unrealistic to my mind. If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean.


Irritating Assembly

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 10 2009 · 311 views
Taipu1s school related rantings.
In school we had this really irritating assembly. Apparently the teachers would go head to head in a little competion in specific areas. But all the teachers cheated by using calculators in maths, giving the students doing art pens that don't work and the student doing music a badly out of tune guitar. None of the students won. And apparently the moral was not that teachers are cheaters (anagram! biggrin.gif) but that we all need to bring good equipment with us to school.

Lousy teachers...


Huai Snowball Sling

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 09 2009 · 253 views
General Bionicle
Just been playing it. I love that game. I alway win biggrin.gif



Posted by Taipu1 , Oct 23 2009 · 305 views
Just a quick request to any good MOCers/Photographers out there. Everytime I put pictures up on BZPower, the quality of the pictures isn't the best it could be. Just wandering if anyone might have any advice to help me. This is my majhost folder of MOCs, if examples are needed. some of the pictures there are quite good, but a lot of them aren't.



Posted by Taipu1 , Sep 18 2009 · 170 views
Just a follow up question to my look and Leaving speech. Does anyone actually read and click on peoples sig adverts?

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