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Bloggarak Attack.


Well That's That.

Posted by Taipu1 , May 29 2012 · 202 views

First job application. One phone conversation.

Mucked that up :P


Ads By Google

Posted by Taipu1 , May 18 2012 · 282 views

If the adverts are based on my searchs on google, if I repeatedly put 'BZPower' into google, will it start advertising itself? :P


Dark Hunters

Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 21 2012 · 147 views

I've literally just made an amusing comparison. The Dark Hunters are a criminal organisation, who early on in the main storyline were represented purely by two completely incompetent people.

Remind anyone else of Team Rocket? :P


Just A Thought...

Posted by Taipu1 , Apr 02 2012 · 159 views

Has anyone ever managed to fit a Metruan inside two Toa Metru canister lids, without taking said Metruan apart?



Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 18 2012 · 198 views

Thankfully, it looks like the big name changing fad is over, although admittedly it was the second one in about a week, so it's always possible another one will come along. Frankly, I'm just pleased Black Six is Black Six. It's just difficult any other way.

Of course, April fools very soon...


Kudos Jb.

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 18 2012 · 316 views
That was an epic F1 season starter, and a well deserved win for Jenson Button. Pity Hamilton lost a place to Vettel who lucked out with the safety car though.

And a shame both Caterham's retired, their pace was good.

Now deeply looking forward to Malaysia next week. :D


Against The Rules

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 16 2012 · 200 views

Just because I live close to my school does not make it an excuse to go home during free periods. Why does everyone say I should go home, it's against the rules!

Or am I just a bit of a square? :P



Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 14 2012 · 154 views

I just spent half an hour making a sprite on Game maker, and then it stops responding! Why is Game maker so awesome, and yet at the same does it suck so bad.

How I ever made any kind of game in the past is beyond me!



Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 14 2012 · 132 views

I've gotta say some of the adverts on BZP are getting a little spammy. I know I'm not the sites 999,999th visitor, and if I were I doubt Black Six would give me a prize for it. And I know that area the page is advertising space, not my inbox. Not that I ever click on any of these adverts, I just find BZP an interesting choice for those kind of adverts.


Message Notification

Posted by Taipu1 , Mar 14 2012 · 152 views

Is anybody elses inbox telling them they have new messages when they don't, or is it just me? It's the second time in two days, and I freak out when I see I have a PM, I usually average about 4 a year, because I have no social life.

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