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Bzpower Dying

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 03 2011 · 267 views

Starting to get the impression BZP is slowly dying now, there were less people when the forums came back online, but there was a surge of people, which has gone now. The number of people viewing forums is down by my observation. Last year when I'm in BBC there's usually a good 10ish other people in the forum. Just now it was 2. Usually a couple of people in Epics last year, just checked there and it's dead. 4 people in GD, which is the most popular forum apart from COT, which I don't really watch over. It may not be peak time yet, but it's definitely quiet...

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I would say this is because of BIONICLE's death. All conversation has pretty much been milked out of the topic, really. And having 6 months of nothing isn't helping
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BZP needs to change it's name to something more "General Lego"

Also, CoT seems to have more posts than all the other forums combined. :/
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You could say that BZP has been "dying" for a while now, really.
But honestly I'm impressed how active it's been considering the forums were down for half a year.
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Honestly I felt it more dead before the downtime. I find it rather comfortable and enjoyable right now. It's not booming like it was in its hayday, but it's by no means dead.
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I dunno, the BRPG Forum is pretty active. Of course, its next-door-neighbor the LEGO RPG forum hasn't even been set up by the staff yet. :P

I expect that this could go three ways: one, the other forums slowly die out while COT and the Creative Outlet struggle along and carry the torch to maintain BZPower until Bionicle returns, or until BZPower is retooled into something less Bionicle-centric in a well-meaning but likely forum-killing attempt to draw in new members. The third option is that eventually even COT and the Creative Outlet give out because Bioncle has been dead for far too long and even the staff have left BZP, Greg no longer tends his account here, and one by one, all the members grow too old or too busy.

In short, unless Bionicle comes back, we are facing either a short, violent death of BZP, or the long, slow, agonizing end that awaits all dead-product forums.

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Just noticed that todays top 20 posters shows the number 1 person as having 4 posts. I have 2 posts, and that puts me at 4.08%. I know there was the database problem thing, but this forum is starting to look desperate...

EDIT: And Now I've seen the General Art forum. No posts for 5 days! That is a truly dead forum.
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