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Capitalisation advise

Posted by Taipu1 , Jul 18 2012 · 225 views

I imagine this is pretty basic stuff, but I'm currently confused on where to use capitals in terms of writing species names in BIONICLE. Here's a short excerpt from the epic I'm writing (re-writing technically):

The matoran now spent his time in this dank room, staring into a lightstone, occasionally taking his anger out on the two skrall and the skakdi.

Should the 3 highlighted words have capitals in front of them or not?

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I capitalize, but seeing how they are a species' name, you don't need to.

Nobody really capitalizes human, or dog, or cat.
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Right, you definitely don't need to -- it is just like human or dog, etc. as Grochi said.

However, if you're saying "Matoran Takua" then matoran would be capitalized, as it's part of the name, so to speak. But otherwise it's not necessary, and in fact might be considered grammatically incorrect to do so. =P I'm not completely sure on that, but yeah, I do know that it's not needed at least. =]

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I'd say you should do, just because it looks better that way. I know you don't do it on human or dog or cat, but still. Lowercase just doesn't look right in this case.

- Tilius
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Elrond of Rivendell
Jul 18 2012 01:20 PM
The general english rule is: If the noun is a specific person, place, thing, or idea, capitalize it. For example:

Bob's Burger Shack

the burger shack that Bob owns

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