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Language Of The Mad



Posted by Xinlo , Dec 25 2012 · 434 views

Posted Image

Immature titles aside, this christmas rocked in terms of gifts. We're in the process of moving right now, so we had no tree, no decorations, etc. So really this year christmas was just about gifts. :P

And family, of course.

Anyway, here's what I ended up getting:

-Ewok Attack lego set
-USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) 1:1400 model kit
-The Afterman limited edition Gold/Silver Vinyl pre-order by Coheed and Cambria
-So Far, So Good... So What! picture vinyl by Megadeth
-Master Of The Moon picture vinyl by Dio
-Dream Theater Majesty logo car sticker
-bunch of candy
-FINGER SPORK (I bought these for my family and I got one so IDK if it counts but FINGER SPORK)

And now, a bunch of stuff from my grandmother who means well and has been doing really well with gifts lately, but not so much this year:

-Air Guitar (quite literally. It would be awesome if I didn't play real guitar)
-Transformers watch
-light-up shoelaces
-more candy

I swear I'm missing some but you get the idea; it was great. I also have 4 lego sets and a record in the mail that I bought myself, so merry christmas to me from me. :P

Anyway, same sentiment to you all and I hope everyone had a great time with your family and/or friends and got some sweet gifts.

Posted Image


All the yes

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 20 2012 · 327 views

Posted Image

As soon as I get money over to my paypal I am getting this.

(For those not in the know, it's coheed and cambria's new double album "The Afterman" including Ascension and Descension on silver and gold vinyl with a harcover box and the full story of both albums song-by-song and signed guitar pics and fdhdahwoelfjvjd)


Days #16 & #17: Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 17 2012 · 234 views

Posted Image

Okay back up to date again, here's days 16 and 17 of both calendars:

Posted Image

For city, we get a little girl who also comes with snowballs like the little boy. Unfortunately, both the boy and girl have the same face. Really, Lego? you couldn't have even added eyelashes or threw in a different face? On the 17th, it's a catapult for larger snowballs much like the one Chols got last year. Woo, I suppose. :P


Posted Image

We get 2 mini vehicles from Star Wars this time, with the Naboo cruiser from episode I on the 16th and the little green speeder thing also from episode I. That makes 3/4s of the calendar so far mini kits from naboo. Don't get me wrong, Naboo had sweet ships and stuff, but really there's six movies and so far they've covered one and the intro to another. Kinda' lame but these are still pretty cool little models that represent their ships well.

Posted Image


New Spinny/Days #14 and #15

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 17 2012 · 386 views

Posted Image

Well... Today was my 8-year anniversary on BZP. I joined this day back in 2004, in my wee noobish years (I was 9, holy carp) and somehow stuck around through the madness and managed to have next to nothing to show for it (look at my post count haha).

So yeah... time to go admire the new spinny, and here's to another year, I suppose.


Posted Image

On day 14, we get a box and flames. I really hope this is an add-on for something later because box(?). The next day we get a third wall, with what appears to be a breather mask/visor and an oxygen tank. 'Kay.


Posted Image

Star Wars gets a jumble of weapons on the fourteenth, with a mostly useless "holder". Lightsaber would be a good foreshadow of what is to come if it weren't that Maul is right on the front cover of the calendar. :P There is also not enough weapons here to supply all the characters we've got so far. On the fifteenth we get a snow trooper in keeping with the current Hoth theme. Never cared for the look of snow troopers so I'm not too thrilled, but it's a pretty nice fig nonetheless.

And that's all. Christmas approaches, and excitement rises. Even without a christmas tree... <_<

Posted Image


Happy Birthday To Meeeeee (Also Days #12 and 13 of the calendars)

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 14 2012 · 408 views

Posted Image

It's official, I'm now an AFOL; I turned 18 today. Still not old enough to go to bars to see shows, but oh well. Next year. My birthday was... average, I guess, not like last year which was fantastic. But it definitely wasn't bad (just a bit too much bickering and whining for my taste; also I wasn't feeling very well most of the day).

But it got better near the end, and I got some really cool gifts:

-Guitar Pick punch-out thingy. Kinda' like a hole punch except it punches guitar picks out of random plastic. :P
-CAA membership (for if I get stuk in our dangerous winter driving conditions - also came with $20 free gas!)
-Lego CITY advent calendar (I opened it early for obvious reasons)
-Master Of Puppets (Metallica, but you knew that) picture vinyl
-Star Wars Sith robe housecoat
-KRE-O Battleship set

Yeah. The last two were from my grandmother, who had wonderful intentions but did not know the ###### quality of the kre-o sets. The headphones are also garbage unfortunately. However my mom has the receipt for the kre-o, so I'll be exchanging it for some lego instead.

All in all it was a pretty good birthday. The metallica vinyl and sith robe are glorious.


Now, on to the advent calendars:

Posted Image

So on the twelfth day of the countdown we get a firelady, with very nice hair. :P I really like this hair mold and I've not seen it anywhere else and I don't have it. Could come in handy some day. otherwise she's mostly the same as the fireman, just with a radio instead of a megaphone (it also included two radios). Today's kit is a computer desk, which is pretty wonderful aswell. It comes with a keyboard-printed tile which is amazing, and the screen is done really well. The chair and height of the dek could've been done a bit better but not too big a complaint.


Posted Image

On the star wars end, we get what was predicted in the comments of the weird dish thingy, a generis rebel snow trooper. He's alright, but the face bothers me a bit for whatever reason, and the goggles look incredibly stupid while he's "wearing" them. So I'll just leave them up on his head there. Today we get a kind of silly gonk droid that has the same problem as the AT-AT: it's just a box with feet. Which, granted, that's what gonk droids are, but still. The way they used to build them for the star destroyers and stuff was much more pleasing.

That's all, thank you and goodnight.

Posted Image


Day #11: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 12 2012 · 309 views

Posted Image

Day 11, a bit late because Clone Wars all day. :P

Posted Image

So, that's what the tires were for. I really should've seen that coming. However, either way, I was pretty stoked on this one - who doesn't love little go cart things? It's deceptively simple, using less pieces than that mini Naboo starfighter a few days back. But I quite like it. (FYI the tires from yesterday go on it; it doesn't come with its own).


Posted Image

I have no idea what this is. It's pretty dumb, IMO. Hopefully it attaches to something? Can't really say anything else, it's a satellite thing with handlebars. Not even any wheels. yeah.


Posted Image


Day #10: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 11 2012 · 235 views

Posted Image

Day ten already, jeez. December's a third over already! Still have my birthday in three days though so yay. Also my BZP anniversary in six days - 8 years, I believe. Anyway, the calendars:

Posted Image

...yeah. Tires and a trolly. I'm grateful for the trolly as I don't have one yet, but... how is this christmas-y? Snow tires maybe? But for what vehicle? Some of these days have been really strange. Anyway yeah, you get four tires but the trolly can only hold three and it's red. That is all.


Posted Image

On the Star Wars side of things, we get (as I predicted) the mini AT-AT walker. It's... kinda' bad. I didn't like the look of it on the box, and I don't like it any more in hand. It looks like a box on tubes. I feel they definitely could have done a bit better.

Posted Image


Day #9: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 10 2012 · 161 views

Posted Image

Finally caught up. Today we get a minifig in each calendar:

Posted Image

Nothing exciting here. A mechanic with a wrench. Though the hat appears to be a new mold; it has a curved brim rather than the flat I'm used to. Came with two of those and two wrenches. Otherwise unremarkable.


Posted Image

And here we have an imperial gunner, it appears. He looks either like the dudes firing the death star or the guy commanding the AT-ATs; i remember neither well enough to say for sure. He's pretty cool I guess, but again nothing amazing. Though I'm predicting the mini AT-AT will be tomorrow's kit.


Posted Image


Day # 7 & 8: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 09 2012 · 293 views

Posted Image

Okay, we're up to date now, here's the seventh and eighth models for each calendar:

Posted Image

So, on the seventh of december, we get what is possibly the coolest model yet: an RC fire truck with a remote. At first I was thinking it was a kind of stupid looking car, but then I realized it was a firetruck and was awed. Kind of. It's a pretty cool little thing, I think. And today we get (brace yourselves) another brick wall. But this time with skis! Now the only thing I don't get is why does a fire hall (I assume that's what the walls are) have skis? We shall never know.


Posted Image

For Star Wars, we get two especially cool little ships; a Naboo starfighter on the seventh and an episode one Vulture droid that can actually switch from flight to walker mode. I'm pretty thrilled with these, they're nice in terms of detail and aesthetics (for being so small). My only problem is, aside from the star destroyer, every one of the kits has been naboo-related. =/

Posted Image


Day # 5 & 6: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 08 2012 · 299 views

Posted Image

Okay, days 5 and six for city:

Posted Image

On day five we get... a brick wall. Better than stairs? You decide! It comes with an axe and what I assume is a fire extinguisher (though why is it yellow?). it's okay I suppose... btu what does this have to do with christmas? I mean with star wars it's hard, sure, nothing christmas-y there, but really... all this fire stuff is strange. On day six we get a much more seasonal minifig, a little kid with an abundance of snowballs. This really adds to the feel so it's not just a tree and a bunch of fire stuff. :P I like this little guy.


Posted Image

For the Star Wars calendar, on day five... um. We get this little mass of brown pieces that look kind of like a mouse droid? I'm going out on a limb but I BELIEVE it's meant to be the droid carrier tank, but the instructions showed it facing the other way which makes no sense at all so yeah. It's brown. And then i think day six speaks for itself; a battle droid. I forget what the red ones are - security? or is that just Star trek? :P

Anyway that's all. I know today's the seventh, so I'll get today's and tomorrow's up tomorrow.

Posted Image


Day # 3 & 4: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 07 2012 · 273 views

Posted Image

Welp I got behind as I knew I would. Work does that...

Anyway I've got days 3 and 4 here for you, and I'll hopefully have 5 and 6 up tomorrow after said work.

City first:

Posted Image

As you can see, we get a pretty cool looking tree on day 3, and then on 4... stairs. Yes. And a wand, which is actually meant to go on top of the tree as the star. Although I understand the point, I was fairly disappointed with day 4. But ah well, all part of the big picture I suppose. Also you can see a peek of day 5's surprise in the righthand corner.


Posted Image

For the Star Wars one, it's quite the opposite: I was right, and day 3 included the Gungan's weapons and a bomb catapult. It's kinda' fun, but kinda' disappointing too. Then on day 4 we get this wonderful mini star destroyer which is super simple but super cool. Funny how well they can interpret these ships in such a small size.

And that's all for now.

Posted Image


Day #2: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 02 2012 · 378 views

Posted Image

Welp, day 2. Again we'll start with City, but first that picture I promised of the fireman from yesterday:

Posted Image

Now, on day 2 we get a strange bit of pieces that make up a wonderful looking little chainsaw and log. It's a pretty neat design if I do say so, and the minifigures can hold it perfectly. I am a bit disappointed with the log, because as far as I know there is no tree bit to go on top, but I suppose that's not quite the point of the thing; more to be cutting for firewood. Still, though, even if they had maybe added more logs (which they might - it's only day two) it would work better.

Posted Image
Posted Image


Now to Star Wars, day 2 we get a nice little Gungan to go with the mini sub. The box shows him with his weapons, so I imagine they'll be in a different day, because he's just a Gungan. Looks like that captain guy whose name I forgot. Can't say I'm overly thrilled, not a fan of Gungans, bit it's a nicely detailed figure so it's cool enough.

Posted Image

That's all for today.

Posted Image


Day #1: Star Wars and City Advent Calendars

Posted by Xinlo , Dec 01 2012 · 379 views

Posted Image

Well, I'm gonna' kinda' rip off Chols' blog entries from last year, but with this time double the fun! I've got both the 2012 Star Wars and City lego advent calendars, and I'll be doing mini reviews on each day much as the aforementioned Cholie did for his City calendar.

So, we'll start with the City one.

Posted Image

So we open up the little box labelled "1", and this is what we get in a nice little baggie:

Posted Image

It's a pretty spiffy little fire man with what I assume is a megaphone and a hat (of which it comes with two of each). Nothing too special about this guy but he's a nice colour at least. I had a close up of the dude but my camera's being dumb and it's nowhere to be found. Sorry 'bout that. I'll get another pic of him and show you tomorrow. Here's one of the whole thing, though:

Posted Image


So, now for the Star Wars one.

Posted Image

Again, we open up the little number one box, and also in a nice little bag we find a cool assortment of blue, grey, and a tad bit of yellow pieces. What could this be?

Posted Image

And here's a close-up which did not get lost of (you probably guessed it) the Gungan Sub:

Posted Image

It's a nice little model that takes about 5 seconds to build with the back of the "door" to the box having 2-stp instructions. It's cool but I feel they could have done the "tail a little better. Otherwise though it's a fun little thing and decently accurate for such a small scale.

See you tomorrow.

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-Young And Restless (Vinyl)

-Sheer Heart Attack (Vinyl)
-Under Pressure (Single, Vinyl)

-Queensryche [EP] (Vinyl)
-The Warning (Vinyl)
-Rage For Order (Vinyl)
-Empire (Cassette)
-Promised Land

Albums Owned (Hard Copies) Part 3

Rage Against The Machine:


-Scheherazade (And Other Stories) (Vinyl)

REO Speedwagon:
-Hi Infidelity (Vinyl)
-The Hits

Ringo Starr:
-Stop And Smell The Roses (Vinyl)

-Rush (Vinyl)
-Fly By Night (Vinyl)
-Fly By Night (Cassette)
-Fly By Night
-Caress Of Steel
-Archives (3LP Vinyl)
-2112 (Vinyl)
-2112 (Cassette)
-A Show Of Hands (2LP Vinyl)
-A Farewell To Kings (Vinyl)
-A Farewell To Kings
-Hemispheres (Special Canadian Red Vinyl Edition)
-Permanent Waves
-Moving Pictures
-Exit... Stage Left (2LP Vinyl)
-Signals (Vinyl)
-Grace Under Pressure (Vinyl)
-Power Windows (Vinyl)
-Power Windows
-Hold Your Fire (Cassette)
-Hold Your Fire
-Roll The Bones (Cassette)
-Roll The Bones
-Counterparts (Cassette)
-Test For Echo (Cassette)
-Test For Echo
-Vapour Trails
-Snakes And Arrows
-Time Machine (Live In Cleveland 2011)
-Clockwork Angels
-Clockwork Angels (2LP Vinyl)
-The Garden (Single; 10" Record Store Day Picture Vinyl)
-Vapour Trails (Remixed)
-Clockwork Angels Tour (3CD)
-R40 Live (3CD)

-Images At Twilight
-Heads Or Tales

Schramm & Kvarnström:
-Dolphin Dance

The Scorpions:
-Virgin Killer (Vinyl)
-Love At First Sting (Vinyl)

-Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray

The Smashing Pumpkins
-Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
-Siamese Dream

-Seasons In The Abyss
-Seasons In The Abyss (Vinyl)
-World Painted Blood

-Starcastle (Vinyl)
-Fountain Of Light (Vinyl)
-Citadel (Vinyl)

-Styx II (Vinyl)
-Equinox (Vinyl)
-Crystal Ball (Vinyl)
-The Grand Illusion (Vinyl)
-The Grand Illusion (Cassette)
-Pieces Of Eight (Vinyl)
-Pieces Of Eight
-Cornerstone (Vinyl)
-Cornerstone (Cassette)
-Paradise Theatre (Vinyl)
-Kilroy Was Here (Vinyl)
-Kilroy Was Here (Cassette)
-Soundtrack Of Summer (w/ Foreigner)

-Crime Of The Century (Vinyl)
-Crisis? What Crisis? (Vinyl)
-Even In The Quietest Moments... (Vinyl)
-Breakfast In America (Vinyl)
-...Famous Last Words... (Vinyl)

Swallow The Sun:

System Of A Down:

-The Great Radio Controversy (Vinyl)

Thin Lizzy:
-Jailbreak (Vinyl)

-10,000 Days

-Toto (Vinyl)
-Hydra (Vinyl)
-Toto IV (Vinyl)

-Kaleidoscope (3LP Vinyl)

Uriah Heep:
-Demons & Wizards (Vinyl)
-Abominog (Vinyl)

-Todd Rundgren's Utopia

-Chariots Of Fire (Vinyl)
-The Friends Of Mr. Cairo [With Jon Anderson] (Vinyl)

-Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil
-Beyond H***/Above Heaven
-Live From Beyond H***/Above Heaven (3-disc/DVD Special Edition, signed copy)
-Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Deluxe Edition)

Roger Waters:
-Amused To Death (Cassette)

Andrew Lloyd Webber:
-Jesus Christ Superstar (vinyl)

The Who:
-Who's Next? (Vinyl)

-Greatest (Vinyl)

Woods Of Ypres:
-Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (Limited edition clear vinyl)

-Sacrificium (Vinyl)

-The Yes Album (Remastered)
-Fragile (Vinyl)
-Fragile (Remastered and Expanded)
-Close To The Edge (Vinyl)
-Close To The Edge
-Yessongs (3LP Vinyl)
-Tales From Topographic Oceans (2LP Vinyl)
-Relayer (Vinyl)
-Going For The One (Vinyl)
-Tormato (Vinyl)
-Drama (Vinyl)
-90125 (Vinyl)
-Big Generator (Vinyl)
-Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
-The Ladder (2LP Limited Numbered Edition Vinyl)
-Fly From Here
-Heaven And Earth

3 Doors Down:
[i]-The Better Life