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Language Of The Mad



Posted by Xinlo , Jul 04 2014 · 594 views

am I the only one who was recently converted by the korra premier?


I did a thing

Posted by Xinlo , Jul 01 2014 · 506 views

Posted Image

possible tattoo idea... we'll have to see what happens. Either way I like it as an image.

Props to anyone who can recognize at least half these symbols :P


Star Trek KRE-O

Posted by Xinlo , Jun 02 2014 · 437 views

So a few months ago I caved and bought some of these kre-o sets against my better judgement (because official TREK building sets???) and I forgot to mention it here. Was just messing around with them and thought I'd post 'em here with a little mini-review.

Posted Image

So yeah I ended up getting 3 sets, all small ones. From left to right: USS Kelvin, Klingon D-6 Battlecruiser, and USS Enterprise. They come on these funky little stands which light up when you squeeze the starfleet insignia base.

I noticed a few things about the klingon battlecruiser that weren't very well done (parts that could have been spun around to better represent the shape of certain sections) but then I realized that it's based off the D-6 ship which got like 30 seconds (maybe) of screen time in the 2009 trek movie, and not the classic D-7 ships from TOS. So that made more sense. Even so, I ended up moving a few parts on each model to make them slightly more correct.

The Kelvin is probably the most accurate of the three (and also the smallest piece count) because it's hard to mess up a saucer and two tube-like structures. :P My biggest complaint is the saucer's un-needed thickness and the squareness of the warp engine. But otherwise, you definitely know what ship it (and the others) are supposed to be.

In terms of quality, the parts stick together fairly well. Having had experience with both megabloks and best-lock, I can say these seem to be slightly better than both (though in fairness megabloks seem to be getting better). The ships stay on their stands, the parts mostly fit (a few slight gaps here and there) and they're nice little representations of some great ships.

Each of these cost about $10, and I was pretty happy with them for what they were. Not really screen-accurate by any means, but they're valiant attempts and nice desk models (and as I said those stands are pretty sweet). My biggest beef with these is the many things on the Enterprise model that could easily have been fixed to be more screen-accurate - like the needlessly wide engineering hull, the warp bussards being on the top of the engine rather than the front, things like that. But most of you probably wouldn't have cared all that much. :P

I did some tweaking to prove my point, and while it's not as good as it could have been because most of my lego's in storage, it does represent the ship a bit better and there's no reason they couldn't have done it more that way.

Anyway, these were fun and cheap, and I'd recommend them to any lego-loving trek fan even just for the novelty. I hope hasbro makes more ships like this when the next film rolls around - I'd love a miniature USS Vengeance!


Super-early birthday present from my sister

Posted by Xinlo , May 23 2014 · 444 views

Posted Image


so I got back into stargate recently

Posted by Xinlo , May 05 2014 · 473 views

picked up where I left off and now I'm almost through season 7

just watched "Heroes, Part 2" and I am so emotional right now why do shows feel the need to make me cry


First Year

Posted by Xinlo , Apr 17 2014 · 265 views

of college is officially done. Now I just need to wait and see if I did well enough to make it into my major next year. *fingers crossed*


Winter Soldier

Posted by Xinlo , Apr 06 2014 · 611 views

Saw this movie last night. I hadn't seen the first Captain America so I watched it a few hours beforeheand and it was really good.
Anyway, I was pretty stoked for this movie and it let me down a bit. I won't spoil it for anyone, and my thoughts on it are pretty simple, so here they are:
The story was great. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I wasn't sure who was the actual bad guy for most of it. Loved it in that sense - however, there was WAY too much "action" (notice the quotations). First of all I usually don't care much for fight scenes that last a really long time - but The Avengers pulled it off with some great choreography, a lot of humourous moments and just by being cool. This movie, however, was tedious at best when it came to the "action". Now the reason I use the quotations there is because I was astounded while watching how little was actually happening in these scenes; there was a lot of blurry camera flailing about and a bunch of unexplainedly-powerful enemies who kept causing stalemate after stalemate and you end up sitting through a good 7 minutes of punching and kicking until the bad guy runs off and nothing was actually acheived or thwarted. That and there were some truly ridiculous scenes , which is stupid because the dude's already a super-soldier who can withstand unbelievable amounts of torment. Why do you need to make that even more unbelievable?
My experience in this movie basically boiled down to checking my facebook during the action scenes because they were sooooooooo boring (and when I watch a movie I'm generally completely invested in it until the end).
So yeah, decent movie with a great plot, but wasted so much time it could have spent giving Falcon or the Winter Soldier some more character development (seriously for a movie called "the winter soldier" the dude was barely even in it). I just really hope these movie-making guys will finally cut down on this "bigger, faster, louder, crazier" attitude they have and actually focus on making a truly great movie next time.


stress levels through the roof

Posted by Xinlo , Apr 02 2014 · 386 views

I apologize for this spew and you don't need to actually read it I just needed to get it all out

okay so let me break this down

I have roughly two weeks until finals. In the grand scheme, that means 3 weeks until I need to start job hunting for the summer or (heaven forbid it comes to this) go back to my old job. So that is a giant stress

but let's go more immediate

I have two large projects to do as finals, two large written tests, and three practical proficiency tests on top of the weekly homework they're still giving us. I have two weeks.

Now add to that the thin ice I'm on after nearly failing half my courses last semester, failing one of my midterms, and being behind in two other classes. Plus one of my projects is really huge (I need to transcribe a song into a score as well as individual instrument parts) and I just discovered what I thought was an easy 2-part horn line is actually a 5-part, which more than doubles the work I need to do on it.

I have my final road test tomorrow for my full license application.

I am going to a concert (which would be great but circumstances) for FOUR DAYS where I'll be able to get hardly anything done, the four days I have to practice my bass playing for the proficiency tests next week (for a class I passed by millimetres last semester. Passing it is also a requirement for my major next year. )

this also causes me to miss one of my finals which I will hava to make up the day after with a minuscule amount of preparation.

PLUS I bought a new bass that was easier to play and would really help with my tests but it had to go in for repairs which were supposed to be done saturday but aren't and who knows how much that's gonna cost

and finally my work ethic improved last week and I was attempting to get so much done and then I was hit with a chronic migraine that incapacitated me for 3 days halting all preparations for this stuff

the universe seems to be trying to do everything it can to screw me over and I have two weeks left. at this point I want to just give up


Tax Return Came In

Posted by Xinlo , Mar 19 2014 · 784 views

so naturally I bought some lego. Unfortunately the new Jedi Starfighter was sold out (again) but I got these 3 awesome sets:

Posted Image

I think this exo-force hero factory is really working well and I love this set. The lego movie stuff is obviously great (I HAVE A UNIKITTY NOW) and the new V-Wing is sweet aswell. Having all 3 V-Wing sets, I still maintain the (2009?) Imperial version is the best, though this one does improve upon some of the mechanics.


Coheed & Cambria cover

Posted by Xinlo , Feb 27 2014 · 384 views


just finished this instrumental cover of The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut for school.

Some things to note:

-it had been so long since I'd played this last that I forgot it was in drop tuning, so I accidentally recorded it in standard.
-I play bass, both rhythm and lead guitar, organ, and piano (what little there is of it) on here. The drums are midi, and sadly there's no vocals because I haven't found anyone to sing it yet. Working on that.
-I just realized the distorted guitar comes back in too late, so I'll be fixing that tomorrow perhaps.
-The solo's not quite perfect in a few areas, but most noticeably is the lack of a high bend near the beginning because my guitar didn't have enough frets. :P

Anyway yeah, pretty proud of this. Wanted to record it for ages and now I finally have,and I hope others don't find it too shabby either.



new macbook pro

Posted by Xinlo , Feb 07 2014 · 348 views

at this point I'm considering giving up on future human relationships and just marrying this computer.
it is the greatest computer I have ever owned.
if I want something done it just... does it
no fuss, no adding additional programs, no crashing, no messing about in the terminal, or anything else that goes with windows or linux. I'd almost forgotten why I loved these things all those years ago


mildly not-super-dull "adventures" in music college

Posted by Xinlo , Feb 03 2014 · 368 views

so in ear training class today someone had written "What a friend we have in Jesus" on the board, so one of the other guys stood up in the middle of the class, erased "Jesus" and put "Jimi Hendrix."

Then we progressed into a lesson on suspended chords and another kid at the end of the lesson changed it to "What a friend we have in Gsus"


The Gods have answered my prayers

Posted by Xinlo , Feb 01 2014 · 464 views


what is this, you ask? Only a mail-order subscription for a collection of nearly every ship ever featured in Star Trek as a little 6-inch desk model. They have over 65 ships in construction with more planned to follow.


guys guys

Posted by Xinlo , Jan 10 2014 · 559 views

Posted Image

it's rapunzel and flynn

in a scene from frozen

this makes me way too happy


Best of 2013

Posted by Xinlo , Jan 09 2014 · 431 views

I was gonna do this yesterday but I forgot, and now everyone's beaten me to it :P

Oh well. Here's what I think were the best of... stuff... for this last year:

MUSIC: First off, because it's my prime passion, this year was fairly disappointing for me, as so many of my favourite artists released less than stellar albums. Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Volbeat, James LaBrie, Queensryche and others (while some were pretty good and others were awful) all were varying ranges of a letdown. However there were a few gems, with Haken, Dream Theater, Coheed & Cambria, Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, Fates Warning, Fish, Katatonia, etc...

It's a hard choice between some of these albums, but in the end I'll have to narrow it down to:

Posted Image
Coheed & Cambria's The Afterman: Descension for its glorious balance of metal, prog, pop and so many other things, and finally fully returning lead singer Claudio Sanchez's high register to the mix.

Posted Image
This, tied with Haken's masterful third release The Mountain, which is the freshest breath of air on the prog metal scene; it brings in masterfully complex vocal harmonies, unorthodox instrumentation and a sense of humour that usually lacks from the genre.

MOVIES: This was, conversely, a brilliant year for movies, with such gems as Iron Man 3, The Hobbit, Catching Fire, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Frozen, The Wolverine, and many others. However, as much as I loved all of them, and as much of a complete die-hard star trek nerd I may be, there were two absolutely clear winners:

Posted ImagePosted Image

These two movies stood above the rest for completely different reasons, but the end result is the same: two absolutely brilliant movies that are the best I've seen in years. Catching Fire was an almost completely faithful recreation of the book unlike its predecessor (and most novel-based movies) and it was just awesome. Frozen was a heartwarming/shattering, happy/sad, goofy/hard-hitting (at times) film like only Disney or Pixar can make. Disney seemed to have lost their footing for a while, but this, coupled with Tangled (which Frozen is, IMO, superior to) seems to be the start of a new era. Also it has a wonderful soundtrack that even I, a hard rocker, have listened to over and over for days.

Requiring less elaboration due to there not being many choices, here's a few more:

BOOK: House Of Hades by Rick Riordan - The ninth installment in the Percy Jackson series, this book shook things up just as they were starting to get stale with the last one.

TV SHOW: Gonna have to go with ABC's Castle. Yes, I love Nathan Fillion so that helps, but it's taken a left turn in its sixth season after a somewhat unsatisfying fifth, to include Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunts, time travellers, and much more. It's been a really fun season so far, and unlike Doctor Who or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn't had many (if any at all) dud episodes.

and lastly, I have not played any games that were released this year, so I have no opinion on the matter. Really looking forward to Destiny soon, though!

Anyway yeah, xinlo out.

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Name: Lachlan

Age: Twenty-two

Country: Canada

Hobbies: Music, Drawing, Lego, Model Kits, Internet, Xbox, watching unholy amounts of TV shows

Music: Progressive rock/metal, thrash/heavy/gothic/doom/power metal, jazz fusion, synthpop, new age, blues rock, classical

Bands I've Seen Live

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-Boys Like Girls
-Avril Lavigne

GIGANTOUR 2012 (Feb)
-Lacuna Coil

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R40 TOUR 2015 (Jul)

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Albums Owned (Hard Copies) Part 3

Rage Against The Machine:


-Scheherazade (And Other Stories) (Vinyl)

REO Speedwagon:
-Hi Infidelity (Vinyl)
-The Hits

Ringo Starr:
-Stop And Smell The Roses (Vinyl)

-Rush (Vinyl)
-Fly By Night (Vinyl)
-Fly By Night (Cassette)
-Fly By Night
-Caress Of Steel
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-2112 (Cassette)
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-Permanent Waves
-Moving Pictures
-Exit... Stage Left (2LP Vinyl)
-Signals (Vinyl)
-Grace Under Pressure (Vinyl)
-Power Windows (Vinyl)
-Power Windows
-Hold Your Fire (Cassette)
-Hold Your Fire
-Roll The Bones (Cassette)
-Roll The Bones
-Counterparts (Cassette)
-Test For Echo (Cassette)
-Test For Echo
-Vapour Trails
-Snakes And Arrows
-Time Machine (Live In Cleveland 2011)
-Clockwork Angels
-Clockwork Angels (2LP Vinyl)
-The Garden (Single; 10" Record Store Day Picture Vinyl)
-Vapour Trails (Remixed)
-Clockwork Angels Tour (3CD)
-R40 Live (3CD)

-Images At Twilight
-Heads Or Tales

Schramm & Kvarnström:
-Dolphin Dance

The Scorpions:
-Virgin Killer (Vinyl)
-Love At First Sting (Vinyl)

-Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray

The Smashing Pumpkins
-Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
-Siamese Dream

-Seasons In The Abyss
-Seasons In The Abyss (Vinyl)
-World Painted Blood

-Starcastle (Vinyl)
-Fountain Of Light (Vinyl)
-Citadel (Vinyl)

-Styx II (Vinyl)
-Equinox (Vinyl)
-Crystal Ball (Vinyl)
-The Grand Illusion (Vinyl)
-The Grand Illusion (Cassette)
-Pieces Of Eight (Vinyl)
-Pieces Of Eight
-Cornerstone (Vinyl)
-Cornerstone (Cassette)
-Paradise Theatre (Vinyl)
-Kilroy Was Here (Vinyl)
-Kilroy Was Here (Cassette)
-Soundtrack Of Summer (w/ Foreigner)

-Crime Of The Century (Vinyl)
-Crisis? What Crisis? (Vinyl)
-Even In The Quietest Moments... (Vinyl)
-Breakfast In America (Vinyl)
-...Famous Last Words... (Vinyl)

Swallow The Sun:

System Of A Down:

-The Great Radio Controversy (Vinyl)

Thin Lizzy:
-Jailbreak (Vinyl)

-10,000 Days

-Toto (Vinyl)
-Hydra (Vinyl)
-Toto IV (Vinyl)

-Kaleidoscope (3LP Vinyl)

Uriah Heep:
-Demons & Wizards (Vinyl)
-Abominog (Vinyl)

-Todd Rundgren's Utopia

-Chariots Of Fire (Vinyl)
-The Friends Of Mr. Cairo [With Jon Anderson] (Vinyl)

-Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil
-Beyond H***/Above Heaven
-Live From Beyond H***/Above Heaven (3-disc/DVD Special Edition, signed copy)
-Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Deluxe Edition)

Roger Waters:
-Amused To Death (Cassette)

Andrew Lloyd Webber:
-Jesus Christ Superstar (vinyl)

The Who:
-Who's Next? (Vinyl)

-Greatest (Vinyl)

Woods Of Ypres:
-Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (Limited edition clear vinyl)

-Sacrificium (Vinyl)

-The Yes Album (Remastered)
-Fragile (Vinyl)
-Fragile (Remastered and Expanded)
-Close To The Edge (Vinyl)
-Close To The Edge
-Yessongs (3LP Vinyl)
-Tales From Topographic Oceans (2LP Vinyl)
-Relayer (Vinyl)
-Going For The One (Vinyl)
-Tormato (Vinyl)
-Drama (Vinyl)
-90125 (Vinyl)
-Big Generator (Vinyl)
-Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
-The Ladder (2LP Limited Numbered Edition Vinyl)
-Fly From Here
-Heaven And Earth

3 Doors Down:
[i]-The Better Life