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A Blog With a Mahi


Artwork Ill Is Now Immortal

Posted by Tavakai , Nov 29 2011 · 201 views

Oh yeah.

oooooohhhhh yyyyeaaaaaahhhh

As some of you may/may not know/care, I've recently realized that since I kind of don't have much of an interest in Bionicle anymore (I blame Greg for killing Makuta; continuing the storyline after the main villain is killed makes no sense to me), I might as well shift my focus a bit to non-Bionicly comics. So therefore, I created a new series where I have it be about anything I want it to be about (comics here and here; there's a third but it's NSFBZP).

So anyway, yeah, having no revival date on my BZP comic topic really makes it easier to handle both of this stuff at once. I'll be having my main focus on Ec Tetra (not now, sometime later) and drop by every now and then to add in comics. I might eventually tell the entire story that I thought of like two to three years ago after all! Of course, to do that would take long enough for me to make two seasons and a movie all in my spare time. And I am extremely skilled at demolishing spare times. Like right now, when I should probably be working on my lab for AP Chem, which I'm only slightly over halfway possibly somewhere actually probably in between halfway and done with, and instead I'm going around to different places talking about how great this thing is that Janus did.

Which reminds me, the subject of Janus. It does. It reminds me. It reminds me of the subject of Janus. Which I shall now reflect on.

Oh, when the Great and Mighty Tentacled One, Lord Globomodawesomerator Pohuaki, left the realms of Artworkland to do greater things among the Wherevers, I thought all was lost. We all thought all was lost. Except for the people who didn't think all was lost, but they don't count.

This Janus--he could never compare to Pohuaki's level of awesomoderationnessitude. If he tried, he would probably die in the process in a flaming ball of flamey death fire of doom death. That's what we thought, except those people I talked about who don't count.

But then, out of NOWHERE, Janus did what Tentacle Man had never done in all his years of his awesome rain of awesome tentacly awesome--something suggested to Pohuaki time and time again only to be batted aside by one of his oh-so-awesome tentacular limbs...

He slaymanated the revival limit for Artwork III, thus plunging the forum into a pool of immortallizationary win.

And in doing so, he immediately gained respect in the eyes of the Comicrafters, myself included, as well as the rest of their body parts too. Except for my little toe. He hates everyone. Very nasty guy. I tried to take him to therapy but he threatened to kill me.

Aaaanyway, Janus respect comicpeople eyes yeah that's where I left off.

Although he could never get near to Pohuaki's level of awesamazingnessuperifficationitude without dying in that flaming ball of flamey death fire of doom death we talked about, he got as close as he could without that happening to him. And for that, he earned all of our respects. Hopefully he will someday travel to a land where respects are redeemable as cash, for if he did he would be a very rich man. Actually, I'm not quite sure what the exchange rate for respects to moneys is, so he might not be. But he'll definitely be richer than before unless it's worth less than actual money, in which case I would be very sorry for all of the people who live in such a land where respects are not worth anything, for that would be a very disrespectful land indeed.

oh wait i just remembered that i was talking about how i was supposed to finish my ap chem lab oh wait whoops got to go it's a quarter before a quarter after one and i've got to finish my homework now



Posted by Tavakai , Nov 07 2011 · 181 views

So it's my birthday today.

First time I've had to go to school on my birthday in forever. :P


Tv Trouble

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Oct 23 2011 · 141 views

So, a couple weeks back, our TV quit working. It wouldn't turn on; acted like it was trying to and there was this light flashing.

So yesterday, me and my stepdad went upstairs to grab another TV (we have several; not because we're rich or anything, we just had a couple my mom and stepdad each had before they were married, and some we've gotten from other people over the years for some reason--only two have cable), and we took it downstairs. Then we turned around the broken TV, unplugged the stuff from it (we have a pretty complicatedly-wired stereo thing with a FiOs box, a DVD player, a VCR, and a Roku box all hooked up to it) and plugged it into the other TV. I got it to work, then happened to press the power button on the FiOs remote--which also affects the TV--and the broken TV turned on.


So yeah, then we hooked everything back up to that TV and carried the other TV back upstairs. We did all of that annoying carrying-a-TV-up-and-down-stairs work for nothing.

Oh, and an hour or two ago the zombie TV died on us again. XD


I'm An Epic Procrastinator

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Oct 17 2011 · 135 views

So, due Monday I have two lab reports for AP Chem, a quiz for history, some questions for AP Chem, and a story for Creative Writing. Did I work on this Thursday? No. Did I spend my no-school day on Friday working on this? No. Saturday? No. Throughout the day Sunday? No. I had to wait until about 6 PM, and then get into a Skype conversation with people.

Fortunately that's over now, so I can--hey wait, I'm writing a blog entry. There I go again! D=

EDIT: Oh boy. It's 2 AM, and I'm done. Time to go to bed.


So, I'm Back

Posted by Tavakai , Oct 13 2011 · 431 views
BZP, Back, ICC, TavKorp, comics and 2 more...
So, I had this big speech prepared for me to stick in my comic topic when I reposted it, but I kind of wrote it months ago when I thought BZP would come back at the end of July, so most of it is obsolete. :P

So I'll basically just go with the same thing but update it here and there.

Well, BZPower is back.

And you know what that means.

I have to keep my topic from dying once more.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what I've been up to since BZP's been down.

Well, for a little while I was still obsessed with Pokemon--that ended on May 7, meaning the obsession exactly lasted two months.

So what did I do then? Well, I focused back on school. Then school got out, and I decided to finish up my epic. I finished it at the beginning of July, and I've released most of it on this one place. It'll start to go up on BZP tomorrow. I've considered releasing new chapters every other day when possible. Excluding Sundays; don't ask why because that's probably going to take us into religious discussion.

Then I thought I might as well get back to comics; I hadn't worked on them at all since February. So then I made eighteen comics in a few weeks. I've got a big multi-part filler about Pokemon obsessions and whatnot, and--since RWAM was only intended to go until the end of Tavakai: The Movie, which shouldn't be too far off--RWAM will be concluded in an abridged version with Tavakai narrating most of it. There's also three unreleased Noob War comics. I made a huge stockpile. I'm planning on releasing them every other day when possible; the day that there isn't a movie. Excluding Sundays.

Oh, and originally I had huge plans for what I'd make after the movie/epic. But over time I've become disinterested in Bionicle and decided it's probably better if I focus on making original comics. I'm putting as much of my work into putting that together as possible.

Well, as for now, to merit reposting of my topic (since I wasn't sure whether that was necessary and had a spare comic lying around), I've got the last movie comic, which I made in February and saved in case of a topic-life emergency. Please excuse the lack of unique panels. I spent lots and lots of time drawing masks and recoloring closeups for that one panel. I think I can be excused for being too lazy to pose them more than once.

Link to comic topic


Probably My Last Entry Of The Year

Posted by Tavakai , Jul 26 2010 · 147 views
It was a good week this week. I sure made good use of those rank images. I made about 200 posts. tongue.gif

So that took me up to the 2100s, and I might go Premier at 2600 because that's when the rank images start getting awesome.

Anyway, head over to my C3 exhibit to see some stuff.

So when I'm back here, I'll either have 2600+ posts or BZP will have been around for a decade. Or some other significant thing happened that I decided to go Premier because of.

I'm a bit sad that I got no comments so far this year, but oh well. I suppose that's because there's a ton of non-Premier blogs running now.


Ask This Tavakai Person

Posted by Tavakai , Jul 25 2010 · 169 views
Do you have some questions? Do you not feel like asking them in the other Ask entries? Are you just bored out of your mind and wandering on BZPower? Do you want money?

Well, I can't help you on that last one.

But if you want to ask me questions, go ahead.


It's Back Again

Posted by Tavakai , Jul 20 2010 · 115 views
Yay! I've got my blog again!

Hopefully I'll be on here more than just a couple days and thus get to make more entries. tongue.gif


Bye Bye Blog

Posted by Tavakai , Aug 24 2009 · 129 views
Well, time to say goodbye to my blog. It was a good three entries this year. And here's that logo I promised in a comment on the last entry:

I was going to post a video involving a pile of noobs with googly eyes, but I seem to have forgotten to put it on my USB today. Perhaps next time I get on BZP.

Also, Tavakai personality spoiler:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Also, anyone know how to do a good fading animation? In GIMP, that is. I know next to nothing about animating in there, and I'm at a point in my movie where I need to do some fading stuff to move on.


Should I Give It Away?

Posted by Tavakai , Aug 19 2009 · 197 views
Those of you who read my comics likely know that I will have a new form and a new name in season two. I had created the new form a while ago, but was stuck on the name for some time. At my family reunion a couple weeks ago, I met up with two of my cousins, who like Bionicle. The older of the two writes a ton of Bionicle stories--he's entering the Core War contest--and thought of a name for me to use which I like more and more as I think about it.

However, with upcoming guest star appearances (such as Dark709's comics, though that might take a while) and Gerlicky's new TMU series, I have been wondering whether to use my new form and name for them. It would spoil part of the movie, at least the name, but in the case of PGS spots, the form wouldn't have to be changed later on, and GS spots will be up to date.

This is where you come in. Should I reveal it? Yes or no.

Current Votes:
Yes: 0
No: 0


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