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Taming A Wild Wolf

Posted by Tavakai , in Random stuff Dec 23 2011 · 308 views

I met this wolf in the forest, and it looked like it wanted to kill me. It probably had a hard life of whatever it is wolves do with their life besides kill stuff and eat stuff and run around in the forest. You know, that's it. It probably just didn't find much satisfaction in killing stuff and eating stuff and running around in the forest, so it probably wanted more stuff in its life. It probably wanted opposable thumbs, too. And maybe vocal cords so it could speak English. And not just English, but French! Yes, this wolf wanted to speak French! But it couldn't because it was a wolf. So he was sad.

Anyway, I found this wolf. I found him in the forest. He was trying to kill me. Lucky for me, I had a bone in my backpack thingy or wherever it is I keep my stuff. So I took out the bone, and I right clicked the wolf, and all of a sudden he didn't want to kill me anymore. He's happy. I turned his life all around just by a click. Now he's going to do so many amazing things.

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Probably just Cholie.
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I should hope not, because after that I right clicked him to make him stay in one place and he never did anything ever again.
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Takuma Nuva
Dec 23 2011 08:36 PM
The subtlety of the reference makes this entry absolutely sublime.
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