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The Rising Suns


Rising Suns: The Awakening

Posted by Blae Durian , Jul 22 2010 · 207 views

Reception is looking nice over at my C3 Presentation for Rising Suns: over here please Although, I had to shorten it a little and take out an nicely written version of the first comic. Well, I'll be posting it here:

We begin with Blade sleeping soundly on his bead...or at least kinda, what with that cardboard pillow. After playing through Kingdom Hearts until about 4:00 AM, it was about time for him to hit the sack. So either he's gonna dream of some silly video game parody, or something with him swimming in muffins.

Tonight, it was number 1.

So Blade is free falling in this big world of darkness. But instead of just diving down for the rest of the night, he safely lands on an invisible platform, which reveals itself as a large glowing symbol of sorts. The symbol depicts a large triangle in the middle of a circle, riddled with a bunch of mysterious runes. The triangle contains three circles with a different rune in each circle. On the opposite side of the arcane circle is a person in a golden cloak.

"Nice threads. Can't find that in your typical Halloween store."

"...So much to do, so little time. Take your time. Don't be afraid. The sword is still sleeping..."

The cloaked figure disappeared, leaving behind a confuzzeled Blade.

"Now, step forward. Can you do it?"

As Blade stepped into the center of the circle, three pedestals surround him, each holding a different weapon of sorts. A shield, a rod, and a sword.

"Power sleeps within you. If you give it form, it will give you strength. Choose well-"

"Sword, duh!"

"The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the power you seek?"


The sword disappears from his hands. "Your path is set." The cloaked figure's voice says. "Now what will you give up in exchange?"

Blade ponders for a moment. "Meh, I'll give up the rod. Matoran can't even use magic, right?"

"The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. You give up this power?"

"Yeah, yeah, get on with it, this preview is getting long."

"You've chosen the power of the warrior. You've given up the power of the mystic. Is this the form you choose?" Blade selects yes.

Suddenly, the pedestals collapse, and the arcane circle vanishes, leaving Blade sky diving again...

In case you haven't noticed, this is a blatant parody of Kingdom Hearts' opening world, the Awakening. Quotes and all. I've decided to pool in my love of video games, a large cause of my "hiatus" from my original series, and include tons of allusions to all my favorite games. Gamers, prepare to lol. What happens next, you'll have to put into consideration the rest of the Awakening tutorial, and just make any wild predictions from there.

So that's that. This is Starman DX, signing off.



Posted by Blae Durian , Jul 20 2010 · 198 views

Oh look, Premier perks have returned. Well, not much to say, except to advertise C3:

Stay tuned for my little presentation.


Blade Titan974's Comics: Rising Suns

Posted by Blae Durian , Aug 25 2009 · 549 views

Oh my god, I meant to do this days ago...

Anyway, this'll be where all discussion about the next season will go to.

Ok, so I'm currently planning a late Fall 2009 release. During this time, I will have to work like crazy, because I plan to release TONS of stuffs for the premier. There will be:

*Multiple new QFTMS comics. They will mostly be just talking and getting into the place with the Frost Key, but of course, it will be interesting.
*The beginning of Life on Meta-Nui, the side series full of uncanonical goodness, full of spoofs, random Meta-Nui life, and humor. There will also be the occasional QFTMS filler.
*New poster, new info sheets, new kits...
*A little special surprise. (If I manage to make it successfully)

And that's just the premier! In Rising Suns, you'll also see:

*The rest of your favorite slowly-progressing-saga.
*A side series about...THE ORIGINS OF THE COMICS. (Not like how I got my Hau, but how everyone got together and started the series)
*Brain bursting-epicness that aren't as burstful as Merc's comics, but still burstful.

Now, and questions? Comments? Death threats?

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