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Disky's Daily Rant


Fevers fevers

Posted by Disky , Jan 16 2013 · 390 views

Remember how last year, during my spring break, I had a pretty bad fever?
Well after a few days of minor sickness, I got a fever today. It happens to be the week before a break from school, too. I may have to miss the last two days of school depending on how I feel, but I hope nothing major happens since the semester is ending this Friday and finals finished today.
At least those art supplies I ordered are here to keep me company... and my DSi (aaaaah I want a 3DS for Pokemon).


I just wanted a good player

Posted by Disky , Jan 05 2013 · 732 views

That's what I said to myself as I started down a spiral of madness in trying to recruit a single soccer player in the Inazuma Eleven: Firestorm DS game I got for Christmas.
His name's Aphrodi and he's a fantastic player. To recruit him, I had to beat him in two soccer battles (4 on 4).
Except these battles were 25 second battles where I had to score a three goal lead in each. Consecutively, so if my party was in a poor condition after the first battle, too bad.
And I must have battled him at least 20 times?? I had to do some super tough training before going back and trying again, this time with higher success rates.
But at least twice, I missed the chance to recruit him by one little goal. Just... one... aaaa
But I finally did it earlier today. But it was one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had... But I finally have Aphrodi on my team. Anything is possible. :')
Except I heard there's one player that you can only recruit after three of these kinds of matches... and sadly that's my favorite character so I have to go through that experience again soon...
in other news I just saved $63 on art supplies


College applications

Posted by Disky , Jan 03 2013 · 955 views

Yesterday, I submitted the last of my applications to college. It was difficult and stressful, but I'm glad that I have the whole process over with! Although I don't really feel free, because senior year workload is putting pressure on me. But hey, at least I have one less thing to worry about.
Hopefully I'll get into the schools I selected, especially my top choices. Right after submitting my application, I feel a bit nervous about it all, but I know I'll be able to set aside those thoughts until I get an email or envelope with my results.


Glove life part 2

Posted by Disky , Oct 30 2012 · 461 views

I cut the fingertips off a pair of gloves, so that I have an easier time doing things like typing or using a touchscreen. Behold the result.

Jokes aside, it's not as practical as complete gloves in keeping my hands warm. At one point with the fingerless gloves, my fingertips started hurting because of how cold they were... They felt completely frozen. So at the moment, I interchange between the two types of gloves I have. Sometimes I have one kind on one hand, and another kind on the other. My right hand also doesn't wear a glove when I'm drawing or writing.


Stormy Future

Posted by Disky , Oct 28 2012 · 1,068 views

What with the infamous hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast, schools are closed tomorrow in my area, and for at least two days in parts of surrounding states. Transportation has been shut down here as well, along with other facilities. There have been evacuations as well, though thankfully I don't live in an evacuation zone.

So I hope every one of you living along Sandy's path stays safe!


Glove life

Posted by Disky , Oct 25 2012 · 671 views

I have a reputation among my friends for having ridiculously cold hands all the time. I just have to poke them and they go crazy over how cold I am.

And my hands are even colder when I'm at home, so my mom is actually letting me wear gloves inside the house (well, not when eating and all that, but otherwise yeah) so that my hands don't feel like they're frozen.

So right now I'm wearing these really fancy blue gloves over my hands. My mom offered to let me wear these old gloves that are like 70 years old, but I declined... they were much too nice...
I'll be using these other gloves soon, from my childhood, on which I can cut the fingertips off so that it'll be easier to type.

Either way, this glove thing is working a bit. My hands still feel cold but it's not as bad. So yaaay.


New York Comic Con

Posted by Disky , Oct 15 2012 · 314 views

sometimes I wonder why this is called a "daily" rant and I will wonder about that in every entry

But I attended NYCC over the weekend, and had the chance to see the ever wonderful Kohaku!

Lots of money was spent, mostly on anime merch/art and cute things, and then there's the free stuff I managed to get. Now I have one mess of a desk to deal with for a long time as I hold off on organizing it...


Time sure flies

Posted by Disky , Sep 16 2012 · 390 views

four-day weekend~~
Wow, so I completely forgot about BZP as soon as school started earlier this September (even though I don't really do anything on here already). Sorry guys!

I was suprised at how much school and the college application process has swamped me in just half a month, alongside having hobbies and a social life. I haven't even decided what schools I want to apply to and I already feel stressed about the process! A "welcome to senior year" for me, I guess.
I also fell sick in the past week. Just a cold, but it's not helping me out at all.
On the bright side, my gigantic Art History textbook helped me grow some muscle in my arms as I carried it home the other day. ^^

I'm also still obsessed with magical soccer anime, but I'm sure none of you actually needed to know that.


I love thrift stores

Posted by Disky , Aug 22 2012 · 412 views
T-shirts for a buck each,
Slacks and skirts for 5 bucks each,
and I snagged the Lord of the Rings soundtrack for 2 bucks (I could have even gotten the DVDs for $3 each, but I already own them).

Life is good.


This entry was inspired by Spink

Posted by Disky , Aug 05 2012 · 383 views

...in that we have no good ideas for what to write here while we sit in Brickfair.

Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


This block is dedicated to ChocolateFrogs who wasn't sure if I could even create this.

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