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Disky's Daily Rant


Greetings from Brickfair

Posted by Disky , Aug 04 2012 · 526 views

I am currently having fun doing nothing.


Sakka yarou ze

Posted by Disky , Jul 26 2012 · 217 views
Inazuma Eleven
What have I been doing with my life recently? Besides an internship, I've been watching the Inazuma Eleven anime.

I never would have thought that adorable kids who play crazy soccer would make me feel such strong emotions of joy and sadness. It's so many episodes and the sequel is ongoing, but that's good because I don't want to stop watching this beautiful and fun show.

also Brickfair is soon but haha I've barely prepped for it
I'm coming in kind of late anyways, so oh well. I just have to be prepared to have fun as soon as I step into the convention center~


Boston and Long Island: Best Pics

Posted by Disky , Jul 15 2012 · 308 views

I'm not going to bombard you guys with a million photos from Boston, MA and Long Island, NY (I went there about a week after Boston?). I'm too lazy to even sort through and crop/resize them all for internet purposes. But I will pick some silly or pretty shots as highlights.

Boston was a fun city, though the public transportation system could be better. I visited four colleges, and Tufts University and Northeastern University stood out the most to me (the other two were Boston University and Boston College).

At Tufts University, I spotted this bird. A hawk I think?? But let's look at its face:
Posted Image

Also spotted at Tufts was this neat sculpture.

At a Boston seafood restaurant, our waiter showed off a huge live lobster. The restaurant was right by the water, where this island could be seen floating.

And finally, I brought home a new friend.

In Long Island, I really only went for the beach. We stayed at an aquaintance's house, which had cool bathroom windows that I made a composition with.

The beach was actually part of Sunken Meadow Park. Here are some landscape shots: 1 2 3
There was wildlife too. A dragonfly that could barely fly, bunnies!, and seagulls.
We had coffee at the park as a form of picnic, and we drank from these cups. Odessa is where I was born (in Ukraine).

And that wraps up my travels so far! My next destination is Brickfair!
Yesterday morning I also took pictures of my anime figures - Madoka and Luka Megurine.


Soon: Boston

Posted by Disky , Jun 26 2012 · 225 views

Tomorrow I depart for Boston for three days. It's just a trip to check out a few of the universities in Boston with my Saturday program peers, but I've been meaning to visit Boston at some point in my life and thus I am really excited to explore it once we're done with colleges.
I'll bring my camera, but I'm one of those people who gets so caught up in a place that I forget to take pictures. I'm especially bad at this when it comes to conventions (I was recently at AnimeNext. The result? Zero photos...). But I will do my best this time! maybe

Off topic: I've also developed a love for General Iroh (from Legend of Korra) after that finale. He is just amazing *u*


Turn Down The Heat

Posted by Disky , Jun 21 2012 · 357 views
wow, my first entry, in months
It's said that it'll be around 98 degrees here by noon or so.

It's not even noon and I'm melting in my room (fun fact: my room is the only one without air conditioning).

I hope none of you guys are melting, whereever you are.


Excellent Spring Break Kick-Off

Posted by Disky , Apr 05 2012 · 226 views

I got a fever. How exciting!

But in actual good news, my friend lent me her PSP for the break so that I could play Persona 3 Portable. I'll be all over the place during this break but hopefully I can play a good chunk of the game, at least. *v*


Spring Break Is A-Comin'

Posted by Disky , Apr 04 2012 · 181 views

yessss I am actively blogging
sort of

Tomorrow's the last day of school before Spring Break and you guys have no idea how excited I am to get out of school for a while. *v*

....On the other hand, I do have to do a ton of research for a US History paper due in May. And by a ton, I mean 50 index cards of notes. Fun.
I'll also be going on a mini-college road trip, to upstate and maybe in a bordering state, courtesy of my Saturday program. I'm not too interested in the colleges we will be visiting, but maybe that will change. I just need to overcome to huge wave of carsickness that I will likely experience over those few days.

In any case, I hope I get to relax a little. :>


Oh Man

Posted by Disky , Mar 25 2012 · 183 views

wow this hasn't been updated in three months

In any case, I got a new computer monitor for my birthday. And it's fabulous [max]. Rather, more fabulous than my previous tiny, dirtied, white monitor. Even all my programs have yet to adjust themselves to the new resolution.
It's just wonderful. ;_;


Things I Don't Do Anymore

Posted by Disky , Jan 14 2012 · 582 views
yes I am a lurker and 1 more...
  • Update this blog.
I just don't know what to blog about, you know?

Or maybe I just evolved into the next stage of lurking...


2012 Is Here

Posted by Disky , Jan 01 2012 · 205 views

[obligatory new years entry]
Happy New Year, kiddies!

Yes, that includes those of you who are still in 2011 as of this post. It's pretty cool talking to people from the past, you know.

Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


This block is dedicated to ChocolateFrogs who wasn't sure if I could even create this.

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