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Disky's Daily Rant


Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

Posted by Disky , Dec 25 2011 · 144 views

I'd like to wish everyone on BZP a happy holiday season, and a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it! Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy~

Alternatively, I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas. First, and most special, is a netbook/laptop/whateveryouwannacallit. It's going to be extremely useful to me. Plus, Windows 7 is a big upgrade from my terrible Windows XP home computer...
Other fun stuff:
- Madoka Kaname figma (action figure)
- Dinosaur Pillow Pet
- a cheap Pokeball
- Collectible minifigs
- calendars (but really cool calendars - Alice in Wonderland and Propaganda)
- clothes??
- cool stuff my brother got was the Blacksmith Attack set, the card game Munchkin, and Captain America on DVD

and the food was delicious

Also I have not blogged in a while apparently?


Hunger Games

Posted by Disky , Nov 25 2011 · 148 views

I finally finished reading the books, and it was a fantastic adventure.

I'm just disappointed that I read through the last two books in three days. Although fast reads are exciting, I wish they had lasted longer.



Posted by Disky , Nov 19 2011 · 128 views
jumping for joy
My internet at home is back!

And apparently faster than it was at my old apartment.

So that means it's time to catch up on whatever I missed~


Lend Me Your Prophecies!

Posted by Disky , Nov 10 2011 · 286 views
So I have been dead the past week or two because of the moving... my house hasn't had internet. I expect to get it back tonight, but who knows.

But right now, I would like you all to provide me with some nice prophecies. Yesterday during a fire drill at school, my friend and I discussed how random numbers like to call our cell phones. Sometimes it's an advertisement, or a bunch of beeps, or actual humans. So we decided that if an actual person that we don't know calls us, we would tell them a random prophecy.

Lo and behold, a random person actually called me five minutes later on the drill. So, rather rushed, my friend told me to say "The sky will fall." So I did.

But I need much more awesome prophecies for next time. Make them up, take them from pop culture (Bionicle prophecies? The best.), whatever.



Posted by Disky , Oct 29 2011 · 157 views
My family is in the process of moving this weekend, from the 2nd floor of our apartment building to the 5th. Pointless? Nope, the space is larger for my family (two bedrooms instead of one) and I get my own room.

my own room

But yes, this will be a tiring weekend. Dx



Posted by Disky , Oct 24 2011 · 137 views
excuse me while I go cry
I got super glue on my fingers from trying to put together broken parts of my clear plastic ruler. :< Clear rulers are useful for arts and drawing graphs, and there several small parts that had broken off from it being in backpack. After a year of living with a broken ruler, I decided to fix it, and a mess-up is what I get. ;_;

It didn't fit together well enough because the glue bonded too quickly for me to adjust the piece so that the edge was even.

Now I'm going to go do my history homework and try to get this glue off....



Posted by Disky , Oct 22 2011 · 177 views
National Novel Writing Month is in ten or less days now, and I'm still not ready for it. ;_;

I have yet to title my novel, for one.
I also need to name my locations (though Blade is helping with that... maybe).
My characters need a little fine-tuning.
My plot has some holes that need filling in.
And I still need to get all my music set up.

This is going to be one fun and stressful month...



Posted by Disky , Oct 21 2011 · 449 views

I got my report today. It basically went like this: Good grade, good grade, good grade, good grade, good grade, good grade.... terrible grade (in physics).



More Con Babble

Posted by Disky , Oct 16 2011 · 112 views

Viz Media photographed my friend and I's cosplay of Kotetsu (me) and Barnaby (her) from the anime Tiger&Bunny.

I feel like I'm going to become famous soon.



Posted by Disky , Oct 15 2011 · 218 views

I'm so tiiiiired from NY Comic Con/Anime Fest ;_;

I'm so tired I'm not even going to tell you guys any stories.

Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


This block is dedicated to ChocolateFrogs who wasn't sure if I could even create this.

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